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2019 Projections (Part I of II)

Whats coming your way in 2019? The million-dollar question. Could it be love, money, adventure, or all three? Well, to cut to it, we have no idea. Perhaps youve found love, have a ton of dough,and get out to backpacking the Guatemalan wilderness every 4months. But what we can tell you is there are several changes in the auto industry that we are certain will have an impact on your auto-related living. Lets get to it!

Keeping it Simple

The title is misleading as things have not been so simple in years past. In our rush to advance the industry, everyday items like interior knobs and buttons have become much more complex. In the not so recent past, the clock in most cars had at least four buttons associated with it. This is a clock, it tells the time. When the hour changes, and if the car is not synced, one needs to simply advance the hour forward or back. Thats one button, maybe two certainly not four.

Nowadays that clock has just 1 or 2 buttons associated with it and buttons are bigger, rubberier, and less sophisticated. Another area is noises. Many cars, especially in Asia make noises. Alerts or even internal noises are commonly combined with beeps. On a global scale this has not gone over well, so look for less beeps and even simpler knobs and buttons in 2019.

Cheap Gas

Oh, lets thank everything that is good and lovely for this piece of news direct from the heavens above. Remember the days of gas hovering near the $4 range? Long gone and coming into 2019 a mind-boggling 10 states (Iowa, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Louisiana) will post average per gallon prices below $2. Overall 50 states are looking at average prices of $2.20. Cheap gas and cheap loan rates (60 to 84 months) are here to stay which means getting your hands on that F-150 just became a whole lot more plausible.

The sales of normal 4-door sedans are slipping by the day and 2019 will see a further increase in market share of bigger rides SUVs, pick-ups, etc. Cheap gas has its own incentives tied to it, make no mistake about it.

Part II has some more predictions that will blow your mind!

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