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A classic – the Geneva Motor Show (Part II of II)

In Part II we continue to detail the cutting-edge of automobiles coming to Geneva in March.

Seat el-Born

A new brand on the market, Seat is arriving to the table with an EV, and while still a concept, this electric family hatchback should not have a problem selling. Wed peg mothers with young kids as a proper fit for the el-Born, but with 260 miles of range it might not make the psychological cut.

Bentley Bentayga Speed

If its a Bentley, itll catch eyes. With a top speed of 190mph, this will be the fastest SUV, handsdown. The second runner up is the Lamborghini Urus by a close 0.5mph.

Piech Mark Zero

Another odd one, Piech is named after Ferdinand Piech who was a figure in the car industry and transformed the VW Group. In fact, his grandfather was none other than Ferdinand Porsche, and Piechs son Anton is heading up this new initiative. The Zero is a smart ride, 2-doors, 2-seats, an electric sports dream.


Another Tesla rival, Polestars electric SUV is an exciting entry with an impressive 311-mile range. Not shabby for a SUV and Tesla can now officially forget about their monopoly. Those times are long, long gone with the likes of Polestar and others.

Aston Martin Project 003

Outfitted with a turbocharged petrol-electric hybrid engine, the Project 003 is an official supercar, a mid-engined monster that will be side-by-side with the All-Terrain Concept, a new electric SUV from Astons luxury brand, Lagonda.


Up til now we only have sketches. But oh does the drawing look wonderful. The idea is an homage to the Type 57 Atlantic, and if thats the case, watch out Geneva!

Hispano Suiza

In an odd twist, the Hispano Suiza will debut two cars under the same name. Weird. One is an electric sports car and the other is a supercar, a V10, 1,085bhp twin-turbo. We suppose whichever you prefer will be known as the Suiza 1, and the other, the Suiza 2.

Ferrari F8 Tributo

A mid-engined V8 sporty, but best yet, likely affordable for a Ferrari that is. Churning out a ridiculous 710bhps, the rival the springs to mind is the McLaren 720S as it borrows much in the design and mechanics from the 488 Pista.

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