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Athlete Rides (Part I of II)

Athletes are genetic freaks. We mean this in the nicest way possible. Their physical gifts are ridiculous, and couple that with insane reaction times and intellectual prowess and the good ones, are in a word, great. When you’re really good at something and that something is valued (the public’s rabid interest), then lots of money awaits. Many athletes earn more in a year than most folks do in a lifetime so it should come as no surprise that they also purchase really cool things. And one of these things is cars.

In this 2-Part series we’re going to look at some of the more notable athlete car purchases/collections.  

Mario Balotelli

Some of you might not have heard of this guy. He’s leading off our list because he’s flashy, controversial, and owns a camouflage car. Yes, a camouflage car. There are lots of cars on this list, but none quite like this. A converted Bentley Continental, Balotelli wrapped this puppy in camouflage and at a base price (no camo included), this ride retails for $200,000. Imagine the price-tag post-military makeover.

Brandon Marshall

This all-star, all-world NFL wide receiver is another flamboyant character. A couple years back Marshall made a bet with fellow wide receiver Antonio Brown that whoever ended the season with more yards would have to buy the other guy a car. Marshall lost and had indicated his Porsche 911 GT3 would be the prize. Problem is – said car has not made its way to Brown yet, and we’re two years in now. Good guy Brown said the car doesn’t interest him, and suggested Marshall donate $100,000 to charity. Nothing has emerged from Brandon’s camp on either end, but the GT3 is still pretty as ever. 

Bubba Watson

With a name fit for an offensive lineman, Watson is anything but. A PGA veteran, Bubba has been whacking golf balls for the larger part of two decades. On top of that he’s also the owner of a Chevy dealership and has a heck of a car collection to boot. Among the prettiest rides in Watson’s garage is a Cadillac C-Hawk Roadster from 1939. Bubba auctioned this bad boy off for charity in 2015 where it went for a cool $410,000. A great guy (and car), through and through.

Maria Sharapova

Tennis ace, model, spokeswoman and all-around fantastic person, when Maria hit the big time, she opted all in for a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. A famed Vanity Fair article spoke to Maria’s love for the car, a true Porsche enthusiast and this 911 likely set her back $200,000 (before options). It’s OK, Sharapova will be fine, and her legacy is safe, Porsche or no Porsche.

Stay tuned for Part II!

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