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What’s an influencer you ask? Although it might appear this term is new (while in our lexicon it is), people have been influencing the decisions of others for thousands of years. As human beings it is natural to gravitate towards others, learn from what they do, share common experiences, and of course, common “likes.” Facebook capitalized on this by giving people the space to follow what others are into, “like” those things, and in turn create their own space to do the same.

Influencer marketing is now big business, using people in society who have an ability to attract attention and followers to talk about brands and products in a favorable light. These folks are paid by the companies to do so (naturally), but believe it or not, many turn down offers from companies or products they would not normally like or use. So, for many influencers, it is commonly accepted that if they are touting a product or service, they would likely use said product or service in their private lives even if they weren’t being paid to do so.

There are a host of popular car influencers working in social media today. Without a doubt, one of the top players in the influencer game is Tim Burton, otherwise known as Tim Shmee. Shmee started the brand Shmee150 back in 2010 and travels the globe covering events and gatherings surrounding luxury cars. Shmee has had the opportunity to drive some of the greatest cars on the planet. He famously drove a Lamborghini LP670-4 Superveloce and a Ferrari 458 Italia, filmed a short review, and his career exploded. Shmee has an Instagram account (@shmee150) as well as a popular YouTube channel. Known for his authenticity and honest experiences, Shmee continues to rack up followers and his videos never disappoint.

Another major auto influencer is a guy named Dan. That’s right, no last name here, just Dan. Dan creates vlogs on his motorcycle experiences and is all over Instagram (@diwd_official). He has already logged over 292,000 followers, posts videos, pictures, teases followers with upcoming reviews and boasts an all-around excellent personality. This last part is crucial. Without a good personality, being a grade-A influencer is not possible. To influence one needs to draw people in. Nobody is going to be wowed by a product from someone reading a written script. Energy, passion and humor are all musts, and Dan checks those boxes.

When YouTube began to take off, this next influencer jumped in early. His name is David is That Dude in Blue (@ThatDudeinBlue on YouTube). More in line with auto reviews on new cars that we could all afford, David (dressed accordingly in blue) opines on a range of car related questions, issues, concerns and cool things in the works. David is like that kid next door, super approachable, and you can honestly get lost in his channel, binge watching one video after the next. It can be addicting, fair warning!

While many of these guys and gals provide entertainment, their videos and posts are chalk full of excellent and timely information. Just be careful not to fall down a rabbit-hole …

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