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Best Cars You Can Buy For Your Money

Car models that not only save you money but give you peace of mind as well

Best bang for your buck car models

By Dale Roberts


Every day, thousands of people visit their local dealership in pursuit of their newest automobile. This journey is filled with decisions such as what accessories to make, should you get the latest model and of course haggling with the salesman. However the biggest is choosing which model of which car company you want to purchase from in the first place.

A good criteria to base your decision on is reliability. Reliability means less repairs, less hassles and a peace of mind that your vehicle will get you from A to B safe and sound. Listed below are a couple of car models that have performed superbly in overall mechanical reliability.

Going into the dealership or the used car lot and duking it out with the salesman over one of these cars would surely be worth it.

Honda auto warranty

Honda Accord

Model #1: Honda Accord

The accord is a flag-ship model for Honda, well known for its durability time and time again. With 1.6% reaching over 200,000 miles, the Accord throughout the many generations has proven its reliability.

Built with a 4-cylinder engine engineered for fuel efficiency, the lowest fuel mileage you’ll receive with any Accord is 23.6 mpg combined and with its latest editions getting 27 city, 37 highway. The interior for the different models of the Accord have also been overall, well received and it is affordable too, with the latest model costing on average around $22,000.

Finding a Honda Accord on the used car lot can be a great steal and if you buy it new, you’ll most certainly have the opportunity to drive it into the ground.


Toyota auto warranty

Toyota Camry

Model #2: Toyota Camry

Well known for its reliability through the years, the Toyota Camry has been a good by since the 1990’s. Currently, about 1.1 percent of Toyota Camrys have clocked in over 200,000 miles. Despite having a standard four cylinder engine, there is enough power in it for good performance with a cool 25 city, 35 highway mpg.

You’ll also enjoy a smooth silent ride while being surrounded by user-friendly audio/climate options for your roomy cabin. Newly available gadgets like pre-collision warning and a wireless charging mat are in the more recent versions. And it is just as affordable as the Honda Accord around $23,000 for a brand new model.

But if you see a 2005 Toyota Camry while sleuthing for used cars, you will not be disappointed in what you receive. Assuming it’s been well maintained of course.

Hyundai Sonata auto warranty

Hyundai Sonata

Model #3: Hyundai Sonata

Although Hyundai as a brand has rough beginnings back the 80’s, their brand now boasts superb models that are super durable. Wielding an average 28 city, 38 highway mpg, the newest version of the Sonata beats out both of the other cars on this list.

It is also the cheapest, for a brand-new model it costs $21,750 on average. Consumers have rated its dashboard controls as easy to use, especially since many of them are controlled from the steering wheel itself. Overall it is a well-balanced car whether you buy it new or used.


These three cars have been standbys for consumers looking for the best of everything including durability, driving experience and price. If you are deciding a new car, look into the minor details of all three of these cars. Some of them have perks that others don’t and vice versa but the point is that overall they are all reliable.
Good luck with your car hunt and remember that as reliable as these cars are, they require proper maintenance to make them that way.


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