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Cars that will get you … (Part I of II)

Fair warning, we’re not going to get X-rated here, but we are going to talk romance. A little birds and the bees, spring flings, summer love, whatever terrible cliché you want to throw out. We’re all looking for love, in love, or want to forget about the topic because the last relationship was a real buzzkill. Regardless of your situation, finding that special someone is something we all share. And guess what … what you drive matters!

Ha, how materialistic, if someone is going to be with you simply based on what you drive, odds are that someone won’t be around for long. Know why? Because as soon as someone with a flashier ride comes along, off he or she goes. It’s the sad truth, but we won’t let those minor facts derail our post here. This is going to be a doozy, mainly because the cars we report on here will be linked to your ability to successfully attract the opposite sex. Do we have your attention yet?

The good people at wanted to get to the bottom of this issue, and not simply throw out what we believe everyone already knows – a Porsche will turn more heads than a Civic. Instead, they embarked on something a little more fun. Fake Tinder accounts were created (with the same guy in each) posing next to a variety of cars. then tallied the number of swipes and came up with the top 5 and bottom 5 ranked pics based on swipes. This is awesome, crack research by, kudos and a slow hand clap to all!

By the way, this is a British company so some of these cars are not found Stateside. In descending order first with the Top 5:

5. Honda Civic

Wiping your brow, aren’t you. You knew the Civic was the safe choice, reliable, sturdy, affordable, etc. But that doesn’t mean the opposite sex considers you boring and “everyday.” Nope, the Civic is attractive after all, and thousands upon thousands of entry-level college graduates are officially ecstatic!

4. Fiat Punto

Not sure if this bad boy is offered Stateside. We personally haven’t seen it, and while not a Ferrari, it is Italian, and the ladies seem to dig Italian gents. Now, you are from St. Paul, slightly overweight with a proclivity for Dockers and white New Balances. No matter, you’re Italian in this ride, through and through!

3. Ford Fiesta

Just like the name suggests, and rather stunning to be honest. The Ford Fiesta is turning heads, incredible! In Britain this is a very popular ride, stylish with great fuel economy. Perhaps this is the draw, who knows.

You won’t believe numbers 1 and 2, keep reading on to Part II!

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