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Cars that will get you … (Part II of II)

Continuing with cars that will result in a long-lasting relationship …

2. Renault Clio

Another odd duck, and likely only in Britain, but catch this car at the right angle and it looks like a Benz. It’s not a Benz, but it comes in number 2 which means the opposite sex is certainly into it. The Clio is also light on the pocketbook giving you extra change to blow at dinner.

1. Audi A4

No mystery here, the A4, a beautiful ride, and while not the sexiest car in the world, the women on Tinder certainly enjoyed it the most out of a host of everyday cars thrown into this study. Again, not all cars were included, because if that were the case Lamborghini would have run away with the whole contest. But the Audi was, so if you’re looking for love, look no further – the A4 will take you there!

Now on to the ugly ducklings. The first one will surprise some, mainly based on Ford’s good showing in the most attractive.

5. Ford Focus

With a paltry 45 out of 1,000 swipes, the Focus is a popular car in the U.K. but also one of the least attractive, especially to the female contingent. It’s a rather ho-hum ride, but so in a way is the Fiesta which caught the lady’s collective eye. The Focus is known as the baby version of the Fiesta, and nobody is looking to date a baby. Perhaps this is the reason, or perhaps we’re reading too into this.  

4. Renault Megane

Another model that had the opposite effect than that of its sibling (the Clio) – namely, attraction. An ugly sibling issue here, and yes, the Megane is not the best-looking character on the block. In fact, it should never be included in a beauty contest. This does not mean the Megane is a bad vehicle, just … err, ugly.

3. SEAT Ibiza

Ok, this is not a model offered in the U.S., at least from what we know. And for good measure, similar in many ways to the Megane, another ho-hum offer. Relatively standard, in fact, if Beyonce had a sister who was an introverted accountant with a penchant for rare stamp collections, the Ibiza is your model. Ironically named after the hip European party capital, the only party happening here is when you discover how little you paid for this ride.

2. Mini Cooper

No!!! This is a personal favorite. Honestly, quite a surprise here. What’s wrong with the Mini? Seriously, girls don’t dig a guy in a Mini? The proverbial “size matters” could be lazily applied, but that’s lazy. The Cooper is a beast on the road, so any sly attacks on its size won’t be accepted. But just because I don’t accept it, doesn’t mean others didn’t (enormous sad face).

1. Vauxhall Corsa

Ok, this isn’t good. Not only have we never heard of said brand, it’s officially the least likely to result in a date. This car better possess an incredible heart, a soul that speaks multiple languages and highway mileage that is second to none. Otherwise, why would anyone own this ride. Please, comment on the post if you’re a Corsa owner and are in a healthy relationship. That’s the only evidence we request to justify sales of the Corsa in 2019.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, if you find yourself in the U.K. keep this list handy. But keep it handy in general, folks aren’t all that different worldwide.

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