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Cars to avoid (and which competitors to purchase)

It’s no secret that we love, love, love Consumer Reports. One of the most comprehensive companies out there reporting on everything from cars to boats, toasters and skateboards. Whatever you’re into, Consumer Reports have reviewed it and all their information is transparent and available.

The company recently launched a report on which small cars, small SUVs and 3-Row SUVs are best to avoid, which competitors are a better pick, and what are some sneaky alternatives to look out for. On to the results … 

Small Cars

Run for the Hills

In the small car segment, the 2019 Nissan Sentra should be purchased with caution. While a nice and affordable ride, its fierce competitor, the Corolla, is a better bet.

Return from the Hills

The 2019 Toyota Corolla is quite possibly the most solid made car on the market. Sound like a “stretch” statement? It really isn’t, there are more flashy rides for sure, performance rides with crazy engineering, but this car can be driven into the ground and is capable of mileage into the 250,000 range.

Sneaky under the Hills Choice

This is a sneaky one for sure – the 2019 Mazda 3. Looks wise it bests the Corolla (personal taste). It also brings with it an industry-best warranty and Mazda performance. Speaking of Mazda performance, the company is slowing gaining traction in this area and the 3 is leading the pack in many respects.

Small SUVs

Run for the Hills

No surprise here – the 2019 Chevrolet Equinox should be avoided. Not in the “this car is an engineering nightmare,” but the alternatives as you’ll soon read are exceptional. Sorry, Equinox fans, all 19 of you.

Return from the Hills

Yep, all small SUV competitor brands hate to see this car staring them back in the face. The 2019 Honda CR-V is kicking in where a banner 2018 year left off. Could the CR-V get any better? Some say no, it’s already at the top of its game, but the 2019 version does indeed best its predecessor – scary.

Sneaky under the Hills Choice

By this stage the 2019 Subaru Forester should not be labeled a “sneaky choice.” But when you are competing against the CR-V, coming in second is, well, predictable. If this were any other category a car as well-designed as the Forester would lead the pack.

3-Row SUVs

Run for the Hills

We lament having to place the 2019 Ford Explorer in the “take the kids and hit the hills” category. But alas this SUV has dipped a bit in recent years. While still a gorgeous car aesthetically, the Explorer is not what it used to be.

Return from the Hills

The 2019 Toyota Highlander however is also not what it used to be. It’s better! In many ways the Highlander poached all the Explorer’s initial selling points and wrapped them up into a mega-SUV that is at the top of its game. This granddaddy checks all the boxes and the multitude of kids you’ll be able to pile into the Highlander is truly impressive.

Sneaky under the Hills Choice

Kia is a sneaky choice in a lot of categories. While the 2019 Kia Sorento might not look like a car that can compete on the “size” side with the Highlander, its cabin is still remarkably roomy, and plush at that. The Sorento will attract attention from potential Highlander clients, bet on that.

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