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You live in a city, drive a lot to and from work, but also need to zip in and out of said traffic and don’t want to get burned every week at the gas pump. Feel like we’re presenting a situation that could only occur in some sort of parallel fantasy land? Well, wake up, there are options, some are pricey, but others not so much. See for yourself …  

Genesis G70

Clocking in at 30 MPG on the highway, the G70 is an entry-level luxury sedan that is sporty and stacks up well against the competition. You can get your hands on a G70 with a manual transmission but if you want the best MPG you can achieve here then a 4-cylinder automatic is what you need.

Porsche 911 Carrera

A turbocharged 911 is what we’re talking here, and we can guarantee you nobody ever thought this car could get 30 MPG. [...]

It’s a niche area, and perhaps one that doesn’t have a robust following on this blog. But we’ve all seen them, nearly kissing the pavement as they roll through town, slowly but with purpose – the lowrider. What a style, replete with personality the lowrider was invented in Southern California during the 1950s and 60s, an expressive take on Mexican culture transformed and reimagined in an automobile.

Whittier Boulevard was the initial center of the lowrider universe, a wide commercial street in Los Angeles where throughout the 70s lowrider aficionados would gather on Saturday nights to ride not only low to the ground, but also spring up, jumping even, via special hydraulics designed to make them move … a lot. The odd thing with lowriders is for the first time perhaps in the history of car culture, people were not interested in going faster. Rather, slower, real slow.

The principal focus of lowriders [...]

In Part I we covered 3 reasons why buying new in some cases can be a better than used. If you thought those 3 moved the needle wait til we hit on the remaining 6.

Fourth, if you don’t have much or any cash to put down the used option awaits. But if you have something, anything, throw it down. Again, your bank account will be lighter, but a new car comes with a whole lot less stress attached. Fifth, the interest rate. If you have good credit, you’ll get a favorable rate. If you owe money, skipped out on IRS payments and have child support payments spreading from Atlanta to Berlin down to Burkina Faso and over to Taiwan, this isn’t for you. However, with decent credit rating roll the dice and negotiate the rate with a dealer. He or she might be up against it and give you an excellent rate as a [...]

We feel like we’ve been a bit partial over the years regarding the argument for buying used over new. In fact, you’ll likely find more literature that promotes the merits of buying used and why it’s always the smarter bet. The problem with all this is if buying used was always the smarter bet, why are there so many new cars sold every year?!

Moreover, a used car becomes a used car from somewhere. Bingo, from when it was new! OK, enough of that, in this two-part series we’re going to run down the 9 top reasons why buying a new car is better, BETTER, (ha!) than a used one. With that said however, it is important to consider why the rise in the used car market has in many ways not even made this a hot debate.

For years now folks have considered purchasing a used car as the smarter option. By smarter [...]

Brands reboot, brands re-fresh, brands take a good, hard look in the mirror at that brand looking back and often proclaim – I need a new hairdo. But the dark side to any re-fresh is it’s never free. There is a cost to everything and if you’re running a multi-million-dollar brand like Lincoln for example, simply waking up one day and deciding to cut your bangs perhaps isn’t the wisest of choices.

The good news – Lincoln has been cutting its proverbial bangs for some time now, one hair at a time. In fact, they’ve been cutting for roughly a decade, but the recent New York Auto Show revealed some bang adjustments on the American classic. Lincoln was emerging with a couple models that had attendees feeling bullish. But before getting to that, let’s look at how far Lincoln has come.

The Great Recession plummeted the brand, along with many others. They were left [...]

When going wider, most car owners will go from a 7-inch-wide rim, for example, to an 8-inch. This is known as a Plus 1 upgrade (1 inch greater) and on most cars one can go up to Plus 3 before running into problems. Now, grip is improved when this is done which enhances the road feel for some. This is good, but not 100% good. The contact patch ends up converting into something squarer than oval, and in wet conditions, this is great to go hydroplaning on. Side note – hydroplaning might sound like a fun Saturday afternoon activity, but it sucks when you’re in a storm and coming down a hill. Overall, shorter sidewalls (which occur when you increase tire size) will put the rim a whole lot closer to curbs and potholes. Increased wheel damage can occur and then the suspension is compromised because it is working overtime to prevent the car from [...]

When it comes to your ride, believe it or not the most important piece of real estate on your car is not the engine, plush interior or even the complex infotainment center. Nope, it’s none other than your … wheels. That’s right, those four round objects, square inches of rubber, smelly at times and certainly always dirty do more than anything else on your car. They take the engine’s power, harness it, allow the brakes to do their work and are the barrier between a walking and talking you and a hospital bed when whipping around the corner doing 65.

The positive in all this is tire manufacturers are advanced entities, putting together some of the most technologically advanced components on your car. But more important, tires keep you riding smooth and safe. As the U.S. market has evolved towards bigger cars, the naturally trajectory with tires has been to follow suit. In fact, [...]

Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish based manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. Founded roughly 25 years ago, the founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, is still prominently involved, keen on maintaining the original intention of the company which has been to produce world-class sports rides that are second to nobody. Years of development and research finally led to the company’s first car – the CC8S back in 2002. By 2006 the CCX was released, and in 2009 the CCXR was named by Forbes as one “the world’s most beautiful cars.”

The real prize for Koenigsegg however came with the Agera, an absolute hyper car that was revealed in 2010. Since then the Agera has been tinkered on and refined, and today, the Agera RS is officially considered the fastest production car in the world. The first generation of the RS debuted in 2015 and a whopping 25 were built. Small potatoes thought some, why limit such [...]

We’re going to continue in Part II, you’re still entertained, right?

Station Wagons

Audi A4 Allroad

Audi made a name for themselves in the wagon segment with the rugged Quattro AWD system. The A4 Allroad takes a page out of that book, bringing this same ruggedness to the average, everyday family. A heck of a lot of cargo space is really what defines the Allroad, and its off-road ability while present will likely never be needed on the underdeveloped streets of Manhattan, Seattle, Atlanta or Boston. But do know that if you somehow find you and your loved ones lost and aimless in the Canadian Yukon, you’re in good hands with the Allroad. Oh, we forgot, the price – $45,700.

Subaru Outback

Along the same vein, this is a wagon that does a whole lot more than you need it to. Popular in the outdoors circles, the Outback is a steady vehicle, underpriced ($39,605) which [...]

We hope you enjoy these “Best X for X” posts. Of all the blog posts out there, we find these to be some of the highest value. After all, if you’re going to take the time out of your busy day to read a blog or online article, you’ll do it for one (or both) of two reasons: 1) to entertain you; 2) to provide a tangible takeaway. We feel our posts here always, ALWAYS, provide both, wouldn’t you agree?

All kidding aside, this one might not entertain (we try our best) in the sense of leaving you holding your midsection and banging your fist uncontrollably off the head of your poor pup, but it will provide a tangible takeaway, we’re certain of that. So, what are we chatting about today?

It is likely that most folks can afford in one way or another a car in the $50,000 range. Not that you [...]

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