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Now that we’ve officially entered the electric vehicle (EV) era, the current objective isn’t necessarily how to fabricate more and more EVs. But rather, improving the value proposition to buy an EV, and that starts with its power. EVs need electricity, obviously. That current comes through power stations. But something we’ve touched on earlier is what if said electricity charge could be harnessed while the car is driving. And better yet, what if it were free.

Sunlight, people, that very ball that emits its light and warmth upon us daily (unless you live in Seattle). But even if you live in Seattle there is enough of it. Toyota in conjunction with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan (NEDO for short), have teamed up to outfit a Toyota Prius with solar panels which would allow the car to never have to recharge … ever again. The biggest barrier to full EV adoption [...]

Family friendly, but not boring. That’s the quandary, right? You are no longer single, a family is either upon you or already there, and you want to keep that BMW coupe, but the car seat is a bit tight in the back. You don’t want to be considered the bad or irresponsible Mom or Dad of the neighborhood, so it’s time to upgrade.

Well, had we written this post 15 or 20 years ago your options would have been rather slim. Most family friendly rids were either mini vans or terrible station wagons with tired aesthetics and little in the way of dynamism behind the wheel. But thankfully ladies and gentlemen, this has all changed. And changed for the better we might add!

A recent story emerged out of Michigan of a family who owned an Audi A4 that suffered an untimely death. The details were horrific, the family thankfully OK, but the car was [...]

In the auto world there are few things more exhilarating to argue about than which is the fastest ride. One could argue the automobile got its start from a practical standpoint. Needing to get from A to B quickly and efficiently was indeed a desire, but as soon as that was accomplished, the next objective – speed!

No matter how conservative you might be, or generally uninterested in barreling down the highway, every now and again that feel of the accelerator blasting you forward is human after all. And because of this, we are all interested in which cars do that the best.

During the early 2000s Bugatti was the first car to cross the 400kmph threshold. Yet, even Bugatti knew this wouldn’t last for long. Here are some of the fastest, if not fastest rides on the market today.

SSC Ultimate Aero

Speaking of Bugatti, the SSC took it down in [...]

Buy or lease, buy or lease, buy or lease. It’s an endless theme, one that has so many positives and negatives on both sides that you’ll see article after article, year in and year out on the subject. Know why? Because nobody has a clear answer. The entire equation depends on you. Your finances, objectives with the car, how long you want to physically use it. It’s an endless list that is so personal that the question, “buy or lease” has no answer.

With that said, if you fall on the lease side, oh do we have some juicy information for you. Now that Labor Day is behind us, “can’t miss” summer savings on cars and trucks have also ended. September promotions are coming but in the meantime dealers need to move summer stock. If you’re up for leasing, this is a prime market to take advantage of.

The cars we’re going to [...]

Take a trip down the cult highway …

Pagani Zonda

A Malaysian wrestler? The title of a new Showtime flick? The wine you drank last night? All viable options for the name, Pagani Zonda. But for the true auto-heads out there, the Zonda is well known, a sports car like none other with a distinctive look and a heck of an engine.

Featuring a Mercedes-Benz V12 replica (who knows who copied who, they’re both lightening fast), the Zonda had science fiction written all over it. If you’re seeking a comparison ride here, the Ferrari FXX is your only bet. This car is quite unique.

Mazda MX-5

You knew you’d find this here, didn’t you? This blog in general is a huge MX-5 proponent and this might be the most fun you’ll have in an afternoon, hands-down. What a complete package the MX-5 is! Ever since its arrival the MX-5 has gone on to be a [...]

What makes a cult car? A Tarantino flick on wheels? Well one thing is for sure, there must be some demand, but not too much, because a cult is reserved for a select group. And in this case, these groups can be quite large, but Honda Accord large is stretching it.

Now, a cult car is neither good nor bad. Rather, the cars you’ll read on this list have unique qualities that make them cult classics. Some are downright mechanically unsound. But pay that no mind, a cult car is for collecting, not necessarily driving any longer. Take a trip down cult lane …

Porsche 911

The great thing about a Porsche is no matter the style, year, make or model, the lines alone are classic Porsche. Very few brands can say this. Porsche of course changes with the time like the rest of most major manufacturers, but its changes are subtler and the front [...]

An auto recall occurs when a manufacturer or governmental entity determines that a specific model (or models) has a safety defect that is not in line with a safety standard at a state or federal level. Once a recall is established, owners are alerted, and the typical response is a free repair. 

The recall repair letter will contain a description of the defect, the hazard or risk that the problem poses, warning signs, how the manufacturer is going to remedy said problem, and finally, instructions on what you should do next. This all sounds rather involved, right? You bet, so when a car is recalled, it is sort of a big deal.  And if we told you that for every 6 times you road in an Uber or Lyft you’d be riding in a recalled car, how freaked out would you be? Extremely freaked? You bet!

An investigation by Consumer Reports in May of this [...]

There are months of the year that mean more than others. To you, March might be the most important month of the year, perhaps because March 10th is your birthday, March 21st is your wedding anniversary, and March 29th is your grandma’s birthday. Yet, for others, March means nothing – no birthday, no anniversary (the marriage never worked out) and grandma celebrated her 91st birthday in November.

But one thing (two things) are for sure – January and August are special months. January is a special month because it marks a new year. New beginnings, positive changes for a new and exciting year, everything ahead of you and nothing left behind. August for kids especially is the same, principally because it is the beginning of a new academic year. Most kids return to school in August, embarking on a new academic adventure, one hopefully that is more positive than the previous year, and for many [...]

In Part II we have some other surefire ticket grabbers, take note!

Dodge RAM 2500

Our first truck on the list! While pick-ups are far from a speedster’s first choice, there is something about the 2500 that makes folks hit that gas pedal more aggressively than perhaps they should.  Reported horsepower after all is just 383, which is above average but not worthy of this list. Prepare to shell out close to $30,000 and get hit with a speeding ticket at least once every year.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Another odd ball, the Wrangler was made to traverse rocky trails and certainly not compete with the likes of a Mustang on the highway. But Wrangler owners tend to prefer to push this car to the limit, pressing 90 plus on the open road and getting nabbed as a result. We break the 15% mark here – 15.35% of Wrangler Unlimited drivers arrive home with $250 less [...]

Ever wonder which cars are going to get you into trouble? By trouble we mean, speeding tickets at a much higher rate than other cars. Well, you can put your worries to rest because this 2-part post is all you will need to orient yourself moving forward.

Now this isn’t to say you should stay away from these cars but do know the cops will have their eyes on you at a higher than average rate.

Hyundai Veloster

Part of the “hot hatch” series, the Veloster looks fast. And this can be an issue even if compared to other cars in its general class, the Veloster isn’t all that fast. Now, the 2019 version is the “N” version which means overall horsepower is jacked to 275 coupled with 260 lb.-ft. or torque. The objective, per Hyundai, of the N is to give the driver a race-inspired feel. That all sounds quite aggressive, which means you [...]

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