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There’s a ton of things on your dashboard. Lots. Most of us know what most of them mean, but many of us don’t. This is going to be a post to keep handy as the warning lights on your dashboard while annoying when “warning,” will save you lots in time and money if adhered to once a problem arises.

Engine Coolant Light

A relatively straight-forward one, when the engine gets too hot this light will come on. What’s the next step you ask? Park your car immediately and turn it off. Give the engine 30 minutes to cool down and you should also review the coolant level in the engine and top it up if need be. If there is not enough coolant, then get the car to a mechanic to have it reviewed. This could spell trouble.

Engine Light

The general engine light warning could mean a ton of [...]

In Part II we continue to detail the cutting-edge of automobiles coming to Geneva in March.

Seat el-Born

A new brand on the market, Seat is arriving to the table with an EV, and while still a concept, this electric family hatchback should not have a problem selling. We’d peg mothers with young kids as a proper fit for the el-Born, but with 260 miles of range it might not make the psychological cut.

Bentley Bentayga Speed

If it’s a Bentley, it’ll catch eyes. With a top speed of 190mph, this will be the fastest SUV, hands–down. The second runner up is the Lamborghini Urus by a close 0.5mph.

Piech Mark Zero

Another odd one, Piech is named after Ferdinand Piech who was a figure in the car industry and transformed the VW Group. In fact, his grandfather was none other than Ferdinand Porsche, and [...]

The buggy. If you remember being a kid (likely so), or are a kid reading this (unlikely, but would be a bonus), then the mere thoughtof a buggy is something infinitely pleasurable. At its core a buggy isthe most lightweight automobile one can put together. There are tons of different types of buggies – the swamp buggy (used in swamps), the moon buggy which was literally used on the moon, a sand dune buggy, outfitted for driving across the sand, etc.

Buggies are cool because some can be manufactured to not exceed 35 mph which makes them safer to drive especially in rural areas. To all kids out there, you still must possess a driver’s license to drive one, but let’s face it, there is more than one 15-year-old who has driven a buggy illegally before. So where are we going with all this? Fantastic question, we’re not talking buggies for the [...]

The Geneva Motor Show is an annual show with a rich, rich tradition. Dating back to 1905, this Swiss standard has been churning out the hottest models, concept rides and overall mechanical masterpieces for over a century. Back in the early days the show was regarded as a level playing field, giving automakers from around the world a neutral site to display their cars and let the public decide.

Every March the show kicks off and these are the cars folks are buzzing about in 2019.

Honda E Prototype

The 2017 Honda Urban EV Concept was a killer, and it’s nearly there with this production-ready E Prototype. Look for this Honda to hit the market, otherwise we’ll be talking about yet another version come 2020.

VW Touareg TDI

A diesel-powered Touareg is coming to a town near you. Sporting a powerful V8, the 4.0-litre twin-turbo is [...]

An easy one, cars are not supposed to make odd noises nor smell bad. If yours does it’s a sure-sure sign that you likely need to swap out the old and opt for a new one. While smells can many times be remedied, odd noises are more of a major deal. 

Smelly Leaks

Noticing anything wet under your car is either a minor issue like water from the A/C unit to something much direr, particularly if they smell rotten. Middle-aged cars will leak from time to time, and old cars leak a ton. If the leakage is a rainbow of colors, get it checked out. 


Another relative no-brainer, excessive smoke can be potentially fatal so at the first sign it’s best to pull over and get the situation assessed. In general smoke comes in three different colors (or a combination of all three) – black, gray and white. While [...]

At the current moment an impending crisis is upon us. But from a number’s perspective, all the doom and gloom doesn’t seem like a crisis at all. Since 2012, only a sprinkling over 1 million plug-in cars have been sold. There are currently 250 million plus cars on the road today which means the percentage of plug-ins is infinitesimal. With this said, when Netflix first made their entry into the rental-via-mail market, Blockbuster Video was just that, a blockbuster success. Their video rental stores were everywhere, and this writer remembers walking every Friday evening with the pup to rent videos for the weekend. Seen a Blockbuster lately?

Electric car sales are up 80 percent from 2017. Last year only 360,000 were moved, but being up 80% with anything – washing machines, platform shoes, mesh hats – year–over–year is unheard of. Correction, it is heard of – Netflix video subscriptions. European and Chinese government [...]

This topic was interesting to research (and now write on) because I hadn’t really thought of where the money comes from to maintain our country’s highways. One assumes taxes of course, and in this case, that’s correct. But taxes derived from whom or which purchases exactly?

Every time you fill your car up at the pump, the price you pay per gallon goes to several different folks. Nearly 50% gets routed to thedrilling companies that initially extracted the oil. Another 25% goes to the refineries that receive the crude oil and subsequently refine it so we can use it as gasoline. Shave off 6% for the distributors and now we’ve reached 80%, approximately. Who gets that final 20%?

Drumroll please … the federal government. And that 20% is then placed into a fund, the Highway Trust Fund, which is earmarked to finance most of the spending on highways and mass transit. [...]

The infamous “7 under 20 club.” But of course, what everyone’s been waiting for. What the heck are we talking about here? Great question, “7 under 20” means nothing without a little context. The “20” here refers to $20,000, and the “7” – 7 car models. Getting a great deal on a car for under $20,000 requires some searching, but this is your lucky day. We did the search for you!

Toyota Corolla Sedan

Coming in just under $20,000 – $19,630 to be exact – the Corolla feels more upscale this year with a more welcoming interior and the steadfast Toyota quality that one can always expect. A worry-free ride is what you’ll get with the Corolla, and for many this is all they need.

Hyundai Veloster

We were pleasantly surprised to see the Veloster coming in at $19,420. A wide stance, low to ground and looks like an [...]

It’s 2019 and ask any young person what they see themselves doing once they graduate and enter the workforce, odds are they’ll either tell you something that you’ve literally never heard of or mention something tech related. Getting my 8–year-old to put down his tablet for a second can incite a fiery back-and-forth that might result in cereal being tossed or worse. Yet, although tech has consumed everything, in many ways there are still a host of traditional jobs out there that will invariably be filled, and the auto sector has plenty to offer.

Car dealerships have seen sales margins decline in recent years. There are many reasons for this, but the path moving forward is human capital centric. People need to work smarter and the talent needs to be greater. Top salespeople, technicians, etc are in great demand and while finding them is the easy part, attracting them to the auto [...]

Picture this – you’re driving along happily in your BMW 5 Series when it suddenly loses power. Rightly so, you steer the car to the side of the road but begin to hear a crackling sound. You then smell smoke. Time to abandon the car – you grab your phone, exit, and suddenly the car bursts into flames. Good lord!

A terrible scenario, but one that was unfortunately real for London resident, Jacqueline Anthonipiillai. BMW has not accepted any liability yet and the family of Jacqueline is still waiting for lab results. But BMW has confirmed that it indeed might be their fault. Last October the German manufacturer promised to contact certainmodel owners surrounding a serious fault (potentially lethal), but only a segment of owners has apparently been notified. The fault is affecting 250,000 plus cars in the U.K., and roughly 1.6 million worldwide. What is occurring is a flammable coolant is [...]

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