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Continuing with cars that will result in a long-lasting relationship …

2. Renault Clio

Another odd duck, and likely only in Britain, but catch this car at the right angle and it looks like a Benz. It’s not a Benz, but it comes in number 2 which means the opposite sex is certainly into it. The Clio is also light on the pocketbook giving you extra change to blow at dinner.

1. Audi A4

No mystery here, the A4, a beautiful ride, and while not the sexiest car in the world, the women on Tinder certainly enjoyed it the most out of a host of everyday cars thrown into this study. Again, not all cars were included, because if that were the case Lamborghini would have run away with the whole contest. But the Audi was, so if you’re looking for love, look no further – the A4 will take you there!

Now [...]

Fair warning, we’re not going to get X-rated here, but we are going to talk romance. A little birds and the bees, spring flings, summer love, whatever terrible cliché you want to throw out. We’re all looking for love, in love, or want to forget about the topic because the last relationship was a real buzzkill. Regardless of your situation, finding that special someone is something we all share. And guess what … what you drive matters!

Ha, how materialistic, if someone is going to be with you simply based on what you drive, odds are that someone won’t be around for long. Know why? Because as soon as someone with a flashier ride comes along, off he or she goes. It’s the sad truth, but we won’t let those minor facts derail our post here. This is going to be a doozy, mainly because the cars we report on here will be linked [...]

When the first-generation Porsche Cayenne made its splash, it proved to all the haters, naysayers, Debbie Doubters and Critical Claudias that injecting a sports car into a utility vehicle was not only possible, but perhaps even preferable. Granted, the Cayenne is no 911, but it was and still is a fast and exhilarating ride. So much so that the Cayenne is thought of as the first sport luxury SUV (despite there being a handful that came before it).

The Cayenne is now embarking on its 3rd generation, and the middle-child – the Cayenne S – is officially out and according to some the best iteration to date. The exterior is as sleek as ever, and while hard to pinpoint, some changes have occurred. The new taillights are one, stretching all the way across the liftgate with the Porsche logo embedded in the middle. On the interior side, the dashboard remains low (as with previous [...]

This one is jumping off with a popular brand!


Our favorite part of the Lexus infotainment offering is the Siri Eyes Free for iPhone users. Super cool, and couple that with USB, Bluetooth, Scout GPS navigation and more, the basic infotainment set-up with Lexus is anything but. Remote Touch interface can be had on a 10.3- inch screen via an optional upgrade, but fair warning, it’s not cheap. Like Toyota’s Entune integration, Lexus also offers their Lexus Enform app suite which can be downloaded to your phone. Now, their remote touch interface is indeed technologically cool, but also rumored to be a bit tough to grasp. Changing settings isn’t the easiest as some features are locked out while driving to keep the driver out of harms way.


When it comes to Lincoln, think of Ford. Occupying rebranded versions of the Ford Sync infotainment system, with a Lincoln ride you can count [...]

You’ve stuck with us on this one. We knew you would, after all, you’re a loyal reader, enjoy all things cars, so of course are digging this marathon series. We last stopped off at Jeep, an American classic. At the “Js” we are now officially halfway done. But because this is a blog, you’ll have all these infotainment reviews for every major brand at the click of a mouse. Extreme value added!


The Korean powerhouse was expected to come correct when it comes to infotainment, and correct they arrived. In every single Kia model, all of them, you’ll receive at least a 7-inch touchscreen. Sounds minor, but that can’t be said of every brand. All Kia’s also feature an upgraded UVO3 option that brings navigation alongside Bluetooth, satellite radio, Pandora satellite radio, and best yet – Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible.

The K900 sedan, an absolute gem of a ride, comes [...]

In Part I we dove into some rather crazy car purchases/collections by exceptional athletes. The hits keep coming in Part II, let’s get it crackin!

Reggie Bush

Perhaps as popular for his on-field moves at USC and later in the NFL, Bush also got wrapped up in the famed Kardashian circle, having dated Kim for a stint. While that didn’t last, his love for cars continues and one of Bush’s most prized possessions is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Grey with black racing lines, a shocking $800,000 worth of work went into this car. Rumor is Bush is looking to sell, but it won’t fetch that hefty amount. Look for this car to move in the $300,000 range. So, if you have 300 big ones sitting around, this might be a good investment.

John Cena

Cena has been a classic muscle car head for some time, but also enjoys breaking the mold and creating [...]

Athletes are genetic freaks. We mean this in the nicest way possible. Their physical gifts are ridiculous, and couple that with insane reaction times and intellectual prowess and the good ones, are in a word, great. When you’re really good at something and that something is valued (the public’s rabid interest), then lots of money awaits. Many athletes earn more in a year than most folks do in a lifetime so it should come as no surprise that they also purchase really cool things. And one of these things is cars.

In this 2-Part series we’re going to look at some of the more notable athlete car purchases/collections.  

Mario Balotelli

Some of you might not have heard of this guy. He’s leading off our list because he’s flashy, controversial, and owns a camouflage car. Yes, a camouflage car. There are lots of cars on this list, but none quite like this. A converted [...]

Take a wild guess as to where Benedict Cumberbatch is from. You don’t even have to know he’s a famous actor, has starred as Sherlock Holmes in the hit series Sherlock, interpreted the controversial Julian Assange in The Imitation Game and was in Avengers: Infinity War as well as Avengers: Endgame. The guy is a bonified Hollywood star, and his name is also entirely … British.

Yep, Benedict Cumberbatch is as British as they come. If you had to invent, off the fly, a British name, this one would appear top of mind. And like most things British, the guy is revered. Auto companies know a thing or two about latching on to revered figures for the betterment of the brand. So, it should come to no surprise that Cumberbatch is a spokesperson for MG, specifically the new MG Hector, a SUV from the Chinese holding group SAIC Motor Corp. The Hector is making [...]

We blast off with Hyundai!


Typically, anything Honda and Toyota does you can be sure Hyundai has noted and replicated in style and practicality. The Korean auto beast equips their base 7 and 8-inch screens with USB and auxiliary connectivity, Bluetooth, satellite radio and optional navigation. The best part about Hyundai however is unlike other brands, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are always supported.

Hyundai infotainment centers are far from flashy, but the speed and ease of use stand out. The graphics are good enough and won’t have you thinking you’ve stepped into a NASA rocket simulator. But honestly, who is looking for that. You need to drive and get from A to B. Flashy graphics can wait, right?


A personal favorite, this brand has taken a proverbial second seat to Lexus and Acura, but Nissan’s more refined older sister is a diamond in the rough. True Infiniti heads know what I’m [...]

We’ve arrived to “G”! You didn’t think that was possible, did you? After all, the title of this series is “Sky’s the Limit,” but you know what, we’re going to make it to the sky and beyond because as we promised this is shaping up to be the most comprehensive review of infotainment centers on the Internet today!

On to the juicy bits …


Its own brand now, the Genesis G90 comes correct with a massive 12.3-inch touchscreen replete with navigation, Bluetooth, satellite radio, auxiliary as well as USB ports. The only downside here – no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support (sad face). Moving down to the more affordable G80 sedan, an 8-inch display awaits, and wait for it … so does Android and Apple CarPlay support (happy face)!

The G70 sedan won the coveted Roadshow Shift Award and uses an 8-inch touchscreen as well. The basic on-screen software for the G70 [...]

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