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Sports marketing is big business. People respect athletes, and even if that statement is up for debate, people might not respect athletes all the time, but they do want to be or be like them every now and again. A great example is Michael Jordan. One might not respect everything he has done or does but being Jordan for a day would be amazing. Marketing people know this, feed on it, and align athletes with us as the consuming public every single day. A story that came out of Russell Westbrook’s camp lately is a great example.

If you’ve never heard of Westbrook, it doesn’t matter. He is an extremely talented NBA basketball player, highly regarded, will make the NBA Hall of Fame and is now playing with the Houston Rockets. Prior to this Westbrook spent his entire career playing for the Oklahoma Thunder and was a fixture for that franchise for nearly a [...]

This week we’re diving deep into car washing. As someone that has recently taken it up (as a hobby of sorts), there is something very comforting that emerges when washing your car. It’s work, we know, but only you can clean your car the way you want it. And at the end of the day, you’re your toughest client to please.

When it comes to washing, soap comes first. Here are some top brands to consider if you’re thinking of saving a couple bucks each week and launching out alone.

3M 39000

What everyone wants in a soap is a guarantee it won’t cause any unnecessary harm to the car. 3M all but bets their life that the 39000 is 100% safe on all clear coats, and best yet, comes in a super-efficient 16-ounce bottle. An ounce (16 washes) will do, and the formula is also made to rid nasty particles that don’t want [...]

Of the 1,100 firms, 60% have fewer than 20 employees. A bigger player ($10 billion in annual sales) struck out on an internal fact-finding mission to figure out how their competitors would perform with regard to three separate technologies – traditional combustion engines, battery cars and hybrids (a combination of the two). Thousands of dollars spent on consultants and 6 months later, the CEO of said bigger player still had no clue. While the world seems to accept that EVs will continue to grow in popularity, by how much and how fast is unclear.

Another major player in the auto parts world posited that by 2030 EVs would occupy 20% of the market. A steady decline in battery costs is an absolute necessity, and coupled with more charging stations that’s when the shift will occur. For suppliers, 2030 is no longer some futuristic point as popularly portrayed in the movies. It’s right around the [...]

A supplier squeeze is at work. This is code for auto suppliers being literally squeezed from the inside out, outside in, and in any other conceivable direction humanly possible. A gentleman by the name of Paul Eichenberg presented this best at a talk at the Forging Industry Technical Conference last year. He took a six cylinder Chrysler Minivan, opened up the hood, and called on attendees to take a glance underneath. What did they see … axles, spindles, gears, pinions, rods and more. All parts used to power 270 million passenger cars on U.S. roads.

Eichenberg then took a step back, peered out at the crowd, and exclaimed (not in his exact words), that there are roughly 107 forgings that bring to fruition a working engine’s unique choreography, taking fossil fuel and converting it to horsepower. But what came out next had everyone simultaneously cleaning coffee off their shoes. An electric car by comparison, [...]

Zoox is a tech company located in where else … Northern California. Working towards the creation of an entirely new autonomous car, Zoox has its eyes firmly set on being the premier robo-taxi provider in the world. While it might seem they have a host of competition in this arena, many companies (like Zoox, but not really) are working on retrofitting human driven cars with autonomous technology. Zoox however is not interested in current car designs. They want to design the technology, and the car, to provide a robo-taxi experience that is not currently being pondered (that we know of). Think of a rolling living room where passengers interact with each other as if they were in a living room, and not a traditional car.

Founded by an Australian artist-designer and a Stanford educated tech savant, in December 2018 the company was the first to gain approval to provide self-driving services to the larger [...]

While we’ve written on Germany’s dominance with respect to their auto manufacturing prowess, it has not been all roses for Europe’s largest economy. The country currently finds itself in an odd position, principally due to climate change. With most industrialized countries re-thinking their role in contributing to climate change, Germany is no exception. Due in large part to more SUV sales, the average emissions of a new car sold last year in Germany was up. Carbon pollution reduction targets for 2020 will likely not be achieved and passenger cars are contributing to 11% of greenhouse gas emissions.

European Union emission targets are some of the most stringent on the planet, and fines for non-compliance are steep. While car-sharing and bikes have caught on in major German cities such as Berlin, SUV sales continue to dominate and like the U.S. in a lot of ways, this is a tough customer group to sway away from [...]

Now that we’ve officially entered the electric vehicle (EV) era, the current objective isn’t necessarily how to fabricate more and more EVs. But rather, improving the value proposition to buy an EV, and that starts with its power. EVs need electricity, obviously. That current comes through power stations. But something we’ve touched on earlier is what if said electricity charge could be harnessed while the car is driving. And better yet, what if it were free.

Sunlight, people, that very ball that emits its light and warmth upon us daily (unless you live in Seattle). But even if you live in Seattle there is enough of it. Toyota in conjunction with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan (NEDO for short), have teamed up to outfit a Toyota Prius with solar panels which would allow the car to never have to recharge … ever again. The biggest barrier to full EV adoption [...]

Family friendly, but not boring. That’s the quandary, right? You are no longer single, a family is either upon you or already there, and you want to keep that BMW coupe, but the car seat is a bit tight in the back. You don’t want to be considered the bad or irresponsible Mom or Dad of the neighborhood, so it’s time to upgrade.

Well, had we written this post 15 or 20 years ago your options would have been rather slim. Most family friendly rids were either mini vans or terrible station wagons with tired aesthetics and little in the way of dynamism behind the wheel. But thankfully ladies and gentlemen, this has all changed. And changed for the better we might add!

A recent story emerged out of Michigan of a family who owned an Audi A4 that suffered an untimely death. The details were horrific, the family thankfully OK, but the car was [...]

In the auto world there are few things more exhilarating to argue about than which is the fastest ride. One could argue the automobile got its start from a practical standpoint. Needing to get from A to B quickly and efficiently was indeed a desire, but as soon as that was accomplished, the next objective – speed!

No matter how conservative you might be, or generally uninterested in barreling down the highway, every now and again that feel of the accelerator blasting you forward is human after all. And because of this, we are all interested in which cars do that the best.

During the early 2000s Bugatti was the first car to cross the 400kmph threshold. Yet, even Bugatti knew this wouldn’t last for long. Here are some of the fastest, if not fastest rides on the market today.

SSC Ultimate Aero

Speaking of Bugatti, the SSC took it down in [...]

Buy or lease, buy or lease, buy or lease. It’s an endless theme, one that has so many positives and negatives on both sides that you’ll see article after article, year in and year out on the subject. Know why? Because nobody has a clear answer. The entire equation depends on you. Your finances, objectives with the car, how long you want to physically use it. It’s an endless list that is so personal that the question, “buy or lease” has no answer.

With that said, if you fall on the lease side, oh do we have some juicy information for you. Now that Labor Day is behind us, “can’t miss” summer savings on cars and trucks have also ended. September promotions are coming but in the meantime dealers need to move summer stock. If you’re up for leasing, this is a prime market to take advantage of.

The cars we’re going to [...]

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