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This post will probably only be useful to you if you make more than $50 million per year or are very valuable from a kidnapping point of view. If you do fall into one, or both of those categories, read on. For the rest of us, what we’re going to report on is also darn interesting as well. So … read on!

We’re talking bulletproof luxury rides today, via some incredible insight from Mark Burton, CEO of International Armoring Corporation (IAC). Burton sat down with Forbes to chat on the current popularity of bulletproof vehicles and where the industry is going. Believe or not, this industry got its start on foreign soil. During the 80s foreign governments began to develop a need for armored cars due to kidnapping and murder attempts. Central America and Mexico were hotbeds and Burton and his team started fabricating bulletproof cars for government officials.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand [...]

In Part II we keep the party moving as the options in this pup/pet/cargo category seem endless. On to it …

Honda CR-V

Sporting a total cargo area of 75.8 cubic feet, and a consistently top-ranked compact SUV by publications worldwide, the CR-V is an excellent option for hauling dogs of all sizes. A plus here is the flat load floor is lower in the CR-V as compared to many of its competitors. You will also get much better mileage with the CR-V than other non-hybrid compact SUVs.

Subaru Forester

What does one truly want in a vehicle capable of hauling dogs, pigs, or just plain cargo? The answer – rear seats that fold nearly flat. With a flat surface anything can be loaded and adjusted knowing exactly what floor size you’re working with. The 2018 version offers an EyeSight suite of advanced driver assistance features, and one of these, reverse automatic braking, triggers [...]

We started off thinking this two-part post would be strictly dog/pets centric. Essentially, the best cars for hauling pups, pigs, or any other similar-sized fury companion. But as the list began to develop it became clear that these vehicles are great for hauling anything! The cubic feet are generous in these vehicles, so even if you don’t have a dog or pet pig to haul around, keep reading as the space in some of these cars is truly remarkable.

Honda Element

We’ll kick the list off with a car that is no longer in production – the Element. Proclaimed among dog enthusiasts to be the best dog car ever, the Element featured low step-in height, a ton of cargo space for big dogs in crates and is easy to clean. To top it all off, Honda made a special dog-friendly version which included a built-in ramp and cooling fan. In some markets you could also [...]

It’s not a cut and dry process in defining “most value” in the car world. There are a lot of subjective variables to consider, and of course customer habits are extremely fickle which does not help. A company can be valued at “x” at the beginning of a given year and take a nose dive based on unexpected circumstances over just a matter of months.

Interbrand is a global brand consultancy and publisher of highly followed (and valued) reports such as “Best Global Brands” and “Breakthrough Brands.” Part of Omnicom Group, Inc., a New York stock exchange listed monster, the company has an exceptional reputation in the larger marketing sector. Each year Interbrand puts together a list of the world’s most valuable brands, and today we’re going to focus in on cars of course. To arrive at their rankings items such as the company’s financial forecast and “brand strength” calculations populate the analytical part of [...]

We’re all looking to save at the pump. That’s a fact – no matter the age, income bracket or gender, who doesn’t want to spend less money on gas? If we take that as a given, keep reading as this is one of those posts that if consumed intelligently, and with purpose, will keep some hard-earned bucks in your pocket/purse.

Oil prices have been rising recently due to reduced OPEC and Russian production. We’ve already seen some U.S. cities hit $3 or more, and short-term increases are foreseeable. AAA recently reported that the average price for regular gas was $2.38 per gallon last year compared to $2.66 currently. Doing the math on an annual scale, that’s in the range of $200 more spent on gas this year. Now, the interesting thing here are price variations. When we talk variations, one might think city to city, or state to state. But GasBuddy (an app that helps [...]

One of the most iconic cars ever, the Jeep Wrangler indirectly progressed from the original World War II Jeeps. Over the years it became more “civilian” in nature eventually arriving to where we are today – a rugged vehicle with a welcoming interior and unique style all to its own. Jeep fans continue to line up year after year to grab the latest version, and this year there’s an updated version that has folks literally salivating at the mouth.

Cue the drumroll … it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming … the Wrangler … pickup! Jeep’s first pickup in decades is slated to hit later this year, and aficionados and new Jeep-heads alike are lining up. Rumored to share a similar powertrain as the Wrangler, leaked photos reveal a sporty pickup design with the unmistakable front Jeep grille. The company hasn’t sold a pickup since 1992, the last being the Comanche which eventually went the way [...]

The auto industry does contribute to air pollution. It’s true. But, so do hundreds of other industries, and for development to occur, pollution is a necessary “evil.” One could argue that it could and should be less – a valid and noble argument. But with the technology we have at the current moment, it is not cost effective to do away with all pollutants. Cars will continue to have an effect; the key lies in how to minimize it.

In the 1950s a Dutch scientist by the name of Arie Jan Haagen-Smit discovered that the smog situation in Los Angeles was being caused by photochemical reactions between a combination of unburned hydrocarbons (from vehicle exhaust), nitrogen oxides and the good, old California sun. An enclosed topography, warm climate and a swiftly growing population was all contributing to a dangerous situation.

The Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board promptly issued corresponding regulations and the first vehicle emissions [...]

What’s an American car? Quick answer – Ford. Or Chrysler. Or GM. All valid, but nowadays Honda or Toyota (both with active plants in the United States) are being built with hands in America despite having originated in Japan. One could argue they’re just as American as Ford or even a newcomer like Tesla.

The true “American” car from a historic or perhaps nostalgic point of view is the four-door passenger car. The classic Lincoln Continental or Ford Taurus or Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. It’s not the brand, but rather the style. This style has reigned supreme since the first automobiles hit the public. Most credit Mr. Karl Benz of Germany as the man who brought the first, gas powered automobile to the public in 1885. While not a sedan in nature, four doors slowly evolved and from the mid-50s up to 2005 they were Kings of the road. But no longer.

We’ve [...]

Intellectual property (IP) is a “mind commodity,” inherently human and creative in nature. At its core, IP is a creation of the mind (designs, literary works, artistic symbols, names, images, etc) that is then typically used in commerce (the selling of something). Ray Millien is a former General Electric IP executive who was plucked from a nice position by an unlikely “plucker” – Volvo. The Swedish automaker (now majority owned by China’s Geely) targeted Millien and snatched him from GE making the IP expert Volvo’s Global Chief IP Counsel.
Of all industries, IP is making its fastest headway in the auto sector. Volvo is still quite small in terms of their IP portfolio (less than 1,000 patent families), but most attribute this to their acquisition by Ford in 1999. At that time responsibility for Volvo’s IP was in Ford’s hands, and that transferred back to Volvo in 2010 after the break-away from Ford. In [...]

Chevy has been on tear. The American manufacturer has grown by 0.9% since 2015. You might be thinking, “why are we talking 0.9% growth?” A valid question, but everything is relative in life and putting that number in context over the larger auto industry, it’s greater than Honda (0.7%) and Toyota (0.3%).

Chevy has released eleven new models over the past two years featuring some industry leading design, technology and powertrain options. The Malibu, Cruze and Spark have undergone the most changes and all three are poised to play prominent roles for Chevy over the coming decade.

With a cool new, front fascia and exterior colors previously unavailable, the Spark is a head-turner. Sounds crazy, but this car is quite attractive, and the Low Speed Forward Automatic braking has been lauded by safety critics as a real value added. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will be keying in on this heavily when [...]

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