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There are cars, and then there are cheap cars. But cheap in this case is not meant to demean, nor harp on the quality of the car. Rather, when cars hit that 10 to 12-year mark, and as depreciation continues to rear its ugly head, cars become less and less expensive until they are downright cheap.

The good news for folks in the market for a cheap ride is there plenty to choose from. But be weary, a non-discerning eye will cost you in long-run. Here are some models you will likely find in your city today for less than $5,000.

2005 Nissan Altima

The wonderful thing about the Altima is the car has a look that is still head-turning today. Its taillights particularly are what set this car apart, and with a 3.5-liter V-6, it’s a great bargain for under $5,000. One point to consider – check under the car, the floorboards [...]

In Part I there were some real doozies, but Part II, trust us, will only continue to surprise.


This author for one remembers the Oldsmobile fondly. Know why? Because my grandparents were proud owners, and they were the biggest champions of this brand that one could find. Fun fact – Ransom E. Olds brought the Oldsmobile to market way back in 1897. In fact, the brand is the world’s first auto manufacturer (although this title has been hotly debated). In 2004, and 35 million sales later, Oldsmobile ran into some tough times and just couldn’t keep stay alive.


Another GM venture, Saturns were quite popular when they first emerged. Dubbed as “a different kind of car company,” that mantra gained the Saturn a loyal following. Problem was people bought Saturns, but never returned to buy them. The loyalty wore off quickly as the competition ate them alive. Production was halted [...]

A funny thing about the car world is we take for granted the participants. Honda, Ford, Mercedes, these flyers have been around a long time and there isn’t a doubt in our collective minds that they’ll remain a part of the auto landscape for the coming years. But believe it or not, there are several brands that were part of our “cultural auto fabric” that in 2018 lie in the car dustbin. The sheer amount will amaze you, let’s take a look …


Mercury, out of Ford, was initially founded in 1983 as a middling option between a Ford (on the bottom) and a Lincoln (on the top). Guess what never worked? Mercury never worked, mainly because younger buyers went straight to Ford and the Lincoln segment gobbled up the middle and the top. This left Mercury bankrupt com 2010.


Strange, right? Hummer hit the scenes in 1992 and you can [...]

While far from earth-shattering news, Formula 1 race cars brake in different manner than a Honda Accord for example. Shocking, we know. But it’s true ladies and gentlemen, however, now something a bit more interesting – that same braking technology is making its way to Honda’s, Kia’s, BMW’s and just about every manufacturer on the planet.

When a Formula 1 driver slams his/her foot on the brakes, the pressure is not being applied to the master cylinder which ultimately controls the rear brakes. Rather, that action, the slam, is sending a signal to the car’s computer to interpret. The computer then gauges how much pressure should be applied to the rear brake, and that is when the braking occurs.

Known as “brake-by-wire,” the goal is to eliminate the physical link between the brake system and the pedal itself. Sensors are employed to measure the amount of pressure, and the force is transferred using [...]

At its core, Pininfarina is a design company. First founded in 1930 in Turin, Italy, Battista “Pinin” Farina had a clear, design-oriented vision for the firm, that via his guidance, took tremendous shape. Pininfarina counts on nearly 600 employees and a range of established customers – GM, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Hyundai, Daewoo and more. The company, like any company, has gone through its ups and downs, and there was a time when Pininfarina was manufacturing cars in conjunction with other automakers. These were known as the golden years, operating auto plants with Volvo for example, churning out gorgeous models.

But the finances were not always in order and come 2011 production came to a halt. Pininfarina returned to earth and centered in on what their core proposition was and had always been – design. Again, like most companies, the goal is always to continue growing and developing, and Pininfarina management in 2018 is [...]

iSeeCars (a great name by the way) is a website – – chalk full with some great information, specifically on used cars. Each year their crack staff come up with a list of the cars people drive the most. For example, an average 10-year-old car is driven roughly 11,500 miles in a given year. The vehicles that head their list this year however, and understandably so, shatter that 11,500 figure by anywhere between 13 and 25 percent. Let’s take a look:

1 Chevrolet Suburban 14,299 2 GMC Yukon XL 14,109 3 Chevrolet Tahoe 13,645 4 Toyota Sequoia 13,525 5 GMC Yukon 13,396 6 Honda Odyssey 13,282 7 Honda Pilot 13,273 8 Cadillac Escalade ESV 13,257 9 Ford Expedition 13,112 10 Toyota 4Runner 13,019


A handful of interesting takeaways here. First, the data pool was extensive – 1.7 million plus car sales. And second, they’re all SUVs! The last point is not surprising in [...]

Aside from an amazing idea, what was the long-term promise/bet of ride-sharing – to optimize travel. Within this larger promise/bet, a lot of variables are involved, one of which is the optimization of travel will naturally result in less traffic. But a handful of studies have proven just the opposite.

Over a period of 4 weeks in late 2017 in Boston, 944 users were surveyed while using ride-sharing services. An interesting 6 in 10 indicated that they would have used a bike, walked or utilized public transportation if Uber, Lyft or a similar service were not available. What does this tell us? That 60% of users would have opted for a mode of transportation that contributes to much less traffic congestion if ride-sharing was not an option. That’s rather notable.

Another study released in June of last year keyed in on San Francisco and found in a typical weekday an Uber or Lyft [...]

We’ve hit the mid-year mark and June was an interesting month in the car world. Auto sales data are in which should tell us a lot looking forward. Here are three fundamental happenings:

GM is moving

Across its entire line-up, GM had a great second quarter. June sales overall registered a 5.2% increase over the prior year which was a bit surprising considering the potential tariff implications, and analysts are still predicting negative numbers for the year. But June was great, and GM gained a half a point (market share) and registered double-digit plus gains on a whopping 14 models. GMC and Chevy were stars, outpacing the entire industry by 7% and 6% respectively. And the best part – Cadillac is not dead yet!

A worry-point, Cadillac is now posting amazing year-to-year crossover deliveries. The XT5 has hit year-over-year sales gains over the past 14 months and the XT4 (a new model) is slated [...]

Horsepower (hp) in 2018 is rampant. In fact, an average sedan’s hp in today’s climate would have been a pipe-dream 40 years ago. In fact, there was a time in the world when a sports car was listed in the under 150 hp group. Crazy talk, we know, but oh have things changed.

One hp equates to 33,000 foot pounds per minute. The term was invented by James Watt while watching a team of ponies pull coal out of a mine. It’s an arbitrary unit of measurement, only applied to automobiles for the most part. The 1960s saw the birth of the American muscle car, and the 1970s saw the death of the muscle car with the oil crisis, Clean Air Act, and insurance companies raising premiums on high-performance automobiles. The 1980s saw gas prices drop, the economy pick up, and the 1990s bore witness to a jump in hp – an increase of 80% [...]

When I took on this assignment more than a year ago, I decided to give up my own car to rely solely on the various mobility services available. The experience has been a real eye-opener. It has been frustrating but also liberating. One of the first insights, from not having a car of your own, is that the car itself becomes secondary. What is important is what you are about to do: to solve, to fix, to explore.”

Some smartly stated, reflective comments by CEO of Volvo Car Mobility, Bodil Eriksson. Otherwise known simply as “M,” Volvo Car Mobility is a new brand within Volvo that will provide on-demand access to Volvo makes and models all through a tap on an app. By taking that next step to becoming what Eriksson coins as a direct-to-consumer service provider, M strives for extreme mobility that is not confined to one make or model.

Utilizing proprietary learning technology [...]

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