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Blink too quickly and you’ll miss the point when artificialintelligence (AI) made its entrance into our everyday lives within our cars. A tad scary, right? Well, it’s the natural progression of things and AI-powered voice assistants are here and moving away from smartphones and into our dashboards.

There have been several tactics employed to facilitate their transition. For example, just last week Google announced a partnership with Anker, a company that manufacturers chargers for electronics. The output is the Roav Bolt, a fascinating device that plugs into a car’s 12-volt power port and will allow passengers access to every Google Assistant feature. A similar “competitor” is called Link Drive (through JBL), but the latter runs $10 more expensive than the former.

Other voice-assistant providers have engaged in manufacturing their own devices. Amazon successfully made a car-focused device known as Echo Auto which has been a massive hit. In fact, Amazon reports [...]

If you really want to get to the bottom of the advent of the SUV, you need to blast back to 1935. That’s right, 1935, and the Chevrolet Carryall Suburban, a monster of a car for the time, unlike any of its predecessors and highly popular for families hauling 7 plus passengers. Jeep then took hold for most of the 1940s, eventually giving way to the first-generation Toyota Land Cruiser in 1954.

Jeep took the mantle back in 1984 with their iconic Cherokee, a model that is still running strong today. But it wasn’t until 1990 that the SUV segment really blew up. And it blew up with none other than the Ford Explorer.

Most car historians will point to the Explorer as the Michael Jordan of SUVs (apologies to any Wilt Chamberlain or LeBron James advocates). This car wasn’t necessarily all that different from a design standpoint, but there [...]

As we blog on every year, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas has transformed itself into one of the more sought-after shows for auto manufacturers. Originally aimed simply at the tech sector, cars and their increasing integration with tech has made shows like CES a “must-attend venue” to showcase their advancements and get folks talking as we move into the new year.

This year certainly did not disappoint, read on!

BMW Camper

In alignment with North Face, BMW has created something called “nanospinning” technology which stretches a mesh material around a dome-shaped frame that comes out of the car creating a waterproof tent when you find yourself, well, in need of a tent. An interesting twist on technological camping we’re not sure this feature is going to sway a potential buyer, but it’s certainly cool.

Mercedes-Benz CLA (2020)

From the outside the CLA [...]

In Part II we’ll continue talking safety, saving perhaps the best for last.

Lexus ES

Now, the ES is not an overly robust seller. In fact, it might sell the least compared with the other rides here. But safe it is, a best in-class record in the sedan arena. This is officially classified as a “large family car” so be prepared for a big ride.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

An “A” rating is more like it, just an excellent vehicle all-around and 2019 is going to be a banner year for this model. Top level safety scores, and the only car on this list to reach an overall aggregate score of 90%. A very high-performing driver assistance system is the crown jewel.

Nissan Leaf

When the Leaf hit the scene, it was considered the “default EV.”Now with so many options many in the Nissan camp were worried if the [...]

We’re all into safety, right? Some of us might not lead the safest lives, and that’s another post for another blog, but if you took a sample size of 50 folks off the street and asked them if being safe and living another day was a priority, we gather most would give a hearty thumbs-up.

Now, in 2019 nearly every new car you can get your hands on will likely be a generally safe vehicle. Standards continue to become more stringent by the year which means a 2019 model is much safer than say a 2005 model. But with that said, the good people at The Telegraph wanted to see who the safety stars were for 2019 and came up with a fantastic list that is a must read for those who value their lives behind the wheel.

In no particular order:

Audi A6

This is 1 [...]

There were a host of features and general themes that we want toleave behind coming into this new year. If we can manage to obliterate half of this list that will be a plus.

The dreaded start/stop

If you own or drive a relatively new vehicle, the start/stop button is common. Automakers gained valuable points from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as start/stop technology has been shown to reduce emissions via the shutting down of the engine at stoplights. However, this has also driven lots of us nuts in the process. It gets a bit tiring having to re-start the car off a red light …

Design with no use

And the winner here, hands down … the VW Jetta. Design with no practical use, folks. For example, dual chrome exhaust tips with no pipes behind them. But the Jetta isn’t the only culprit, there were plenty of fake intake [...]

Now that we’ve officially entered electric vehicle (EV) territory and it would appear we’re not going to slow down or shift focus, understanding just how an EV works is a nice tidbit of informationto have on hand. Granted, understanding the ins and outs of a typical car is likely not 100 percent understood by most of us, but we have a general idea. So now on to the EV …

First, the benefits of an EV are relatively well-known – they create less pollution and are much quicker off a dead stop. Now, they’re more expensive and don’t get the type of range that a gas-powered car will get you, but those are the two areas that folks at Tesla and others are actively working on.

Nikola Tesla invented the alternating, current motor way back in 1887. What he didn’t know at the time was that act would pave the way for [...]

n Part I our hour-glass revealed how things should get simpler and what cheap gas will mean for us all in 2019. These next two categories will be sure to peak your interest.

EVs and Plug-Ins

No surprise here, 2019 will be chalk full of new electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-ins led of course by Tesla with Lexus, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and BMW collaborating with some head-turning, fresharrivals. The good folks at reported the Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X were all among the top 20 selling luxury cars in 2018. Although these alternative rides make up less than 2 percent of the market share, sales of EVs and plug-ins have jumped 20 percent since 2017.

Most interesting with this “non-traditional” market is if one plans on keeping a car for say 10 years, the technology surrounding repairs and maintenance, and the eventual re-sale of said [...]

What’s coming your way in 2019? The million-dollar question. Could it be love, money, adventure, or all three? Well, to cut to it, we have no idea. Perhaps you’ve found love, have a ton of dough,and get out to backpacking the Guatemalan wilderness every 4months. But what we can tell you is there are several changes in the auto industry that we are certain will have an impact on your auto-related living. Let’s get to it!

Keeping it Simple

The title is misleading as things have not been so simple in years past. In our rush to advance the industry, everyday items like interior knobs and buttons have become much more complex. In the not so recent past, the clock in most cars had at least four buttons associated with it. This is a clock, it tells the time. When the hour changes, and if the car is not synced, one needs [...]

Every year for some odd reason a handful of cool rides simply fail to sell. There are of course reasons, but to the everyday consumer (you and I), these reasons aren’t always apparent. Here are some of the more mind-boggling non-sellers.

Fiat 124 Spider

Registering a paltry 3,515 sold, this Miata sibling is much more deserving. A fun, quick, peppy ride with the nostalgia behind it, Fiat tried their best to market this roadster, but it was down 22 percent from 2017.

Alfa Romeo 4C

A mixed bag in general, the Alfa Romeo is a niche choice, for sure. But even within its niche apparently only 238 people were interested. A stunning ride (aesthetically), the 4C should have sold more on looks alone. But something happened in 2018 with this car because the year prior they had sold nearly 70 percent more.

Lincoln Continental

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