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These days it’s common to see HID (high-intensity discharge) and LED (light-emitting diode) headlights on the road. They look great, and are brighter and shine a whiter light than your typical halogen headlights. Ever wonder however if they’re better? Consumer Reports engages in tons of testing. You name it, they test it. Headlights are no exception, and the best way to test headlights is outdoors – and at night.

Consumer Reports track specialists set up a range of black targets along a 1,000-foot track – in the dark. They also choose moonless nights to up the ante. When measuring headlight effectiveness, straight-ahead illumination is the most important. This determines how much distance and time is needed for a driver to detect and subsequently react to any range of obstacle – animal, pedestrian, object in the road.

Second, the tests determine if the cutoff of the light at the top part of the low-beam is too [...]

We all know what it feels like to age. Just the other day I was teaching my 6-year-old how to rollerblade. During my late teens and 20s, I was a ferocious rollerblader. In fact, many of the tricks we pulled were probably illegal, one of which (hanging on the back of cars) was. As I searched YouTube to pull up cool rollerblade videos for him, I came across a guy hanging off the back of a car. I quickly skipped to the next video.

Getting back to the aging part, to teach my kid I decided to throw my hat back in the ring and buy a pair of new blades. It’s been years since my initial foray, and as I buckled them up and set out to relive my youth, I felt some immediate aches and pains. My turns, not so crisp, my cross-over, a bit rusty, and the overall feel, not like it [...]

An 11-year-old appears next to a shiny white Lexus. Cue the music, he’s dancing next to the car, rubbing the hood, poking the tires, shrieking in glee, whistling, clapping, you name it. His “mother” appears behind him and asks him if he’s happy. Flashback to the kid and he transforms into an adult. The “kid” is her husband and the camera pans out to show the Lexus with a big red bow on top of it. This is their “December to Remember” campaign, and this year Lexus is bringing out the kid in you.

Created by the Team One Agency out of Los Angeles, the Lexus “December to Remember” campaign has been a staple now for decades. Originally a sleepy month for car sales, December has ramped up in recent years and Lexus has been ahead of the pack. In the premium segment (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes among others), brands annually fight it out to receive [...]

Everything and we do mean everything, comes down to options. Most of us wake up each day with a bevy of options, and each option carries with it a cost and a benefit. For example, not waking up at 5 AM and going on a 5K run, and instead of waking up at 7 provides the benefit of being able to sleep 2 extra hours. The cost is not being able to burn calories which will result in increased weight gain over time.

The autonomous vehicle (AV) sector is currently facing an interesting cost/benefit scenario. The smart folks at Rand broke it down, let’s take a look:

Scenario A:

We’ve arrived in 2020 and you can purchase an autonomous car that is not 100 percent nor 70, nor 50, nor 30 percent safer than your average human driver. But rather just 10 percent safer. That is the number most experts think autonomous cars will [...]

Ok, you’ve won the lottery, just got a starring role in the next Fast and Furious movie, or you’re super successful at what you do and have $2M plus sitting around and waiting to be spent. The important thing here is the latter – having $2M plus sitting around waiting to be spent.

The following are the most expensive cars you can buy today starting at a paltry $2M. Happy hunting!

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Kicking off the list is the Lambo Sesto. It’s almost laughable to put this car “last” on any list, but it comes in at number 10 with a base price hovering in the $2M range. Sporting a V10 engine, the Sesto will reach up to 210 mph and is a two-door coupe to get you noticed, guaranteed.

Koenigsegg One

This sleek design first went public at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. Since then the legend has grown, as has its [...]

Nowadays investment options are endless – 401K, mutual funds, Roth IRAs, etc, etc. A little-known avenue, but one that is gaining traction is vintage cars. Take a 1970 Chevy Chevelle for example. In 2013 this car was valued at $125,000. Four years later the price tag is $192,000. That’s a 54% gain! A 1963 Corvette valued at $147,000 in 2013 is now going for $231,000 – a 58% jump. While you can find dozens upon dozens of similar gains, you don’t have to concentrate simply on the classic collectibles.

Vintage SUVs and trucks have been making a real surge. Millennials and Gen-Xers are 30% more likely to show interest in a vintage SUV or truck than Preboomers and Boomers. Yet, this isn’t as simple as picking up an old truck, sitting on it, and cashing it in five years later. A 1950s Ford or a 1970s Grand Wagoneer SUV are winners. Yet, even if the [...]

We continue with what is likely the best region for custom car shops, the West.

The West

Auto Fashion – San Diego, CA

If you’ve got a Japanese ride, look no further. Acura, Infiniti and Lexus enthusiasts have been hitting this San Diego staple for years now. True boss designs and one look at their website will confirm it.

CNC Autosports – Kirkland, WA

Nice to see Washington state represented on the list. Aftermarket brakes, suspensions, exhausts, body kits, wheels and tires, custom interiors, the list is endless. CNC are beasts in the game, so if you find yourself up north, check them out.

702 Motoring – Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas seems like a natural fit for a custom car shop, and 702 is Top 10 in the U.S. for a reason. 702 likes challenges, like the 1969 Lincoln, they restored that was featured on the Discovery network show, Rides. They are big and [...]

Over the past 25 years, custom car shops have taken off. Folks have always loved to innovate and put some creative touches on their cars, but custom work like we’ve seen since the 80s has taken this genre to a whole other level.

In many ways actors, athletes and musicians have led the charge. They’ve got the dollars to drop, and in some instances, we’re talking close to six figures. But not every custom car needs to set you back for life. However, if you’re considering it, these two posts will detail the best custom car shops per region in the U.S. A curious note – the Midwest did not place with any top custom car shops, compared to their regional neighbors. We’re sure there are some good ones, but if you find yourself in Chicago reading this, perhaps a trip up East, West or South might be beneficial. Let’s get to it!

The South [...]

It’s 1939, and if you were in Germany in 1939, you were likely seeking a quick route out. As Jewish refugees, Peter Werner Schutz, his father, Leopold, and mother, Erna, tried desperately to make it to the U.S. At the time government officials stateside had put strict limits on the number of Jewish refugees, and as such the Schutz’s made their way to Cuba. A couple years later, they arrived in the U.S.

Like many German immigrants at the time, Peter and his family settled in the greater Chicago area. Schutz went on to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology and post-graduation accepted a job as an engineer for Caterpillar. In 1978 a corporate recruiter crossed paths with Peter, discovered he could speak German, and pitched him a position back in Germany. Schutz accepted and initially worked for Deutz as an equipment manufacturer before making his way to Porsche.

The two families that controlled Porsche [...]

Mahindra is quite possibly the largest vehicle manufacturer in India. Never heard of them? Well, if you own a tractor, you might have. They are the world’s largest tractor manufacturer and number 21 overall in the Fortune India 500 List. On the passenger car side, the Indian conglomerate has a range of options. SUVs, pickups, four-door sedans, you name it. Asia, Russian and European markets have had Mahindra’s for years, while South America has seen their presence slowly grow.

In 2010 Mahindra had plans to sell their pickups and diesel SUVs in the U.S. via an independent distributor based out of Atlanta. The plan was to import the trucks in what are known as “knockdown kits” in order to bypass the “chicken tax.” This all sounds bizarre, right? The “chicken tax” was a 25% tariff originally levied on brandy, potato starch and light trucks from abroad in response to West German and French tariffs placed [...]

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