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It’s been a big couple of weeks for the autonomous driving movement. The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill that will speed up deployment nationwide. If it passes the Senate, manufacturers will be able to operate nearly 25,000 cars without having to comply with stringent safety standards during the first year. This doesn’t sound all that “safe,” but word is without this measure it would be cost-prohibitive to scale. Lyft and announced a partnership on an autonomous ride-sharing pilot, and Daimler has been moving fast on the “flying, autonomous car” front.

The sector continues advancing and while much of the nation sits on the enjoyable version of “pins and needles,” not everyone is celebrating nor pleased for that matter. Take Mr. Simoncini, CEO of Lear Corp, a seating manufacturer and at times fiery opponent of this tech shift in the auto sector. Mr. Simoncini aired his grievances at a Technology in Motion conference [...]

The EV (electric vehicle) industry is the new “Hollywood” darling. Dressed up, ready to flash, and always part of the conversation. The whole movement started rather humbly, and then, BAM … Tesla, the BMW i8, and on and on. One brand, the Nissan Leaf, has always thought to differentiate itself from the pack. But not in the way you might expect.

While Tesla and BMW seek to dazzle, the Leaf seeks to perform. And perform it does, although dazzle it does not. The new Leaf for 2018 is not an “eco-warrior,” but its features are new and exciting for Leaf aficionados and boasting a 150-mile range, the Leaf sits squarely in the middle of the EV pack in terms of radius (driving) per charge. The Leaf hits 0 to 60 mph in roughly 9 seconds, and the acceleration off the block is notable. But don’t expect crazy acceleration like that of the Tesla. The Leaf [...]

Having your car stolen is a real bummer. That was stated lightly, it sucks! Forget about what your insurance covers. Outside of the economic impact, there is a psychological impact that might be even greater. Worrying about where you park, how long you’ll be, peering out the window for suspicious characters, this stuff takes its toll. Yet, there isn’t much you can do to protect your car 100 percent. But knowing what the thieves are looking for is a good start.

Most stolen cars are older models, those lacking “smart-key” technology and are frequently sedans or pickup trucks. Here is a list of the most stolen rides last year (2016):

1997 Honda Accord 1998 Honda Civic 2006 Ford F-Series Pickup 2004 Chevy Silverado Pickup 2016 Toyota Camry 2015 Nissan Altima 2001 Ram Pickup 2015 Toyota Corolla 2008 Chevy Impala 2000 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

To give you an idea from a numbers perspective, number 10 on [...]

Hurricanes have been ever-present lately, and the destruction, savage. Lives and families are affected in unimaginable ways, and part of this effect is also felt in everyday items/products we all depend on. One of these, and a major one at that, is the car. It is estimated that roughly 1 million cars in Houston have been damaged by their hurricane. The city isn’t exactly a walker’s haven nor is the public transportation all that desirable. So where does this leave residents? In search of a new car!

Arbitrage is defined as the taking advantage of price differences between more than one market. It is typically a term utilized in the finance world, but in this context, it aptly applies. There are wholesale auto dealers in nearby Ohio that have (and will continue to) spent $500 per car to transport said cars to Houston because they are expected to receive roughly $1,000 more per car than [...]

The sheer amount of auto technologies breaking these days is unparalleled. We are approaching a day where every conceivable need we could conjure up will be addressed by emerging technologies. It’s real and now, and the list has just gotten a bit longer.

Luxe is a valet service. Sounds simple enough, right? But this is no ordinary valet service. As a monthly Luxe subscriber, you inform the service where you will be arriving in your city, and a Luxe valet person will be waiting for you, will take your car as you exit, and subsequently store it in one of their “safe lots.” Within said safe lot, your car will be washed and fueled up along the trip. When you’re done shopping, eating, or a little of both, you message Luxe and let them know where you are. Your car then arrives cleaned, fueled and the hassle of parking is a thing of the past.


It’s 2017 and cars are nearly driving themselves. Technology is moving at breakneck speed and 2018 will be no different. Here are some amazing innovative technologies on the horizon, buckle up!

Handing over that steering wheel

The new Volvo XC60 and Lexus LS will both feature what is known as City Safety and Intuitive Pedestrian Detection, respectively. An auto-steering system, an XC60 driver will have the option of leaving the steering wheel control to the internal computer to take command in situations where collisions are imminent. The Lexus system will automatically apply the brakes and steer clear of someone if they represent a clear and present danger of being impacted.

Your wellness in mind

Jumping into a 2018 Mercedes S-Class will change your life in more ways than one. Known as the ENERGIZING Comfort function, you will have the choice of “Joy,” “Comfort,” “Vitality,” “Warmth,” or “Freshness,” among others, which are 10-minute spa “visits” [...]

We continue the post with four more options that were too sweet to leave out …

Toyota Camry

The undeniable “King of the Sedans” (although the Accord might differ), the Toyota Camry XLE has had a heck of a run. At $27,195, not only is this sedan affordable, but extremely, and we do mean extremely, reliable. Couple this with upwards of $5,300 in potential savings and you could pick this car up in the low $20,000s. Unbelievable!

The Camry is easy to handle, has a quiet cabin, a reputation for being boring, but is roomy and comfortable, so if the boring part is a deal breaker, well then this isn’t the car for you. The Camry scores very well in crash tests and will get you 26 mpg (28 mpg with the four-cylinder). Bump up to the hybrid version and we’re now talking 38 mpg.

Buick Enclave

This version of the Enclave will be replaced [...]

September is a great month to buy a new car. Summer is winding down, and starting Labor Day Weekend promotions are ever-present. We are going to go through some of the best options out there currently. No doubt we’ll see some others spring forth, but these are being talked about, so take note!

Ford Expedition

The 2017 EL Limited 4×4 is a monster of a vehicle. MSRP is at $62,930 with potential savings in the $9,200 range. Featuring a turbocharged V6, and 3.5-liter, this version delivers much better fuel economy than the V8 it replaced. It also has some serious towing potential with optional regular or long wheelbase versions. Caution, the Expedition does not hold up in its SUV sector rankings, mainly due to clumsy handling and an interior that fails to deliver. Supposedly with Sync 3 now replacing the MyFord Touch system, the latter has been upgraded.

Toyota Avalon

One of Toyota’s best-selling sedans, [...]

Concept cars are just that – concepts. But odds are that every truly, breakthrough model on the road today was at one time a concept, in one way or another. You look at something like an Audi TT and that wasn’t just rolled onto a showroom floor. That was once a concept, a hair-brained idea, and here are some of Kia’s most unique concepts, some of which saw the light of day (one way or another).

Kia Sidewinder

First displayed in 2006, the Sidewinder features a drift racer design and looks a lot like a Lambo. As part of a LA Motor Show design competition, the Sidewinder has a hydrogen turbine with a super, high torque electric motor which allows this puppy to hold any angle you could possible throw at it. Another version was revealed later but the Sidewinder has yet to make it past the drawing board.

Kia GT

As a concept, [...]

Not so secret – we all wonder what we’d do, how we’d drive, what our strategy would be if we decided to out-run a cop. Have we ever done it? Odds are at least one of our readers has attempted it, and more than likely was caught and either is in jail, or on house arrest and not reading this right now. But this is the stuff of movies, a secret desire that virtually nobody would attempt. Know why? Because you can maybe out-run a cop, but not 50 of his friends who will be waiting for you down the road.

With that said, Car and Driver embarked on an interesting experiment. They tested a handful of cars against a Dodge Charger Pursuit, the most kick-butt of any police cruiser ever built. A 370-hp Hemi coupled with best-in-class brakes and suspension, this car is hardly ever outrun, if ever. First up, a Yaris …

The [...]

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