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This would be a fun game to play with a whole multitude of brands. Most major auto brands have a rich history, and among the richest is Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer has been a leader in the auto world for decades upon decades. And so, in paying homage to one of the greats, let’s take a look at some of Toyota’s biggest hits.

1955 Toyota Crown

The first Toyota to be sold in the U.S. was the 1958 Crown. But by that time this model was already 3 years old with a loyal fanbase outside America. The Crown had a bit of a rough start, selling only 2,000 units over a 3-year period, plus the initial rap on the car was it was too heavy, small and underpowered. But over time the Crown shook this prejudice and many feel had it not been for the Crown, the Camry would have been a heck of [...]

You wake up, go to work, head to lunch, swing out to buy something, back to work, hop in your car, home by 7, dinner and repeat. Throughout the day, if you’re like millions of other Americans, you were engaging in all of this in a city. What constitutes a city? Generally, it’s an area with 300,000 plus residents (although that can be argued). But a city is a place where commerce and living intersect, lives are lived at all angles, with multiple offers all available at your fingertips.

The automobile began to be mass-produced in the early 20th century. But this did not simply result in more people with more cars. Rather, the design of cities changed in unison, as the car was beginning to be the primary mode of transport in cities and cities rightly had to adapt. When cars first appeared, they shared the roads with pedestrians, horses, carriages and bicycles. Currently, roughly [...]

If you’re a truck guy or gal, then you likely start and end with Ford. It’s understandable, but you do know there are some other brands out there, hello! “Yeah right,” you’re thinking, Ford does it best, they’ve done it best, what’s the point at the end of the day? Hard to argue with this reasoning, because the Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck … ever. But today we’re going to take yet another critical look at the F-150 and stack it up against a worthy competitor – the Ram 1500.

For some time now Ram trucks have occupied the number 3 spot (behind the Chevy Silverado) in the full-size pickup truck race. Ford of course is number 1. The entire Ford F-Series is a beast, the Michael Jordan of trucks, the Tom Brady of hauling stuff and looking good at that. Another interesting tidbit when it comes to pickups – fans of one brand [...]

You don’t want to break the bank. Breaking the bank means your family is pissed and you’re broke. But if you want to stretch the bank – stretch not break – read on.

Real McCoy Chevrolet Corvette Replica

The 1956 Corvette is an absolute icon. This is nothing new to those Vette heads, or racing heads in general. The lines on this car were so unique that few even attempted to mimic them. They were up to be mimicked, but this car is super unique and completely at its own level. Now, this is a replica obviously, but a darn good one.

Featuring a 307 CI engine and a special cam that is a Chevy secret, this ride went through a battery of tests to get it right. The Vette took a title at Sebring and for a cool $85,000 you could have this puppy sitting in your driveway tomorrow.

1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible


Know what time it is? Monterey time! The Monterey Car Week is nearly upon us and the car collectible world is on-fire once again. Only Pebble Beach and The Quail can compete, and from a vintage racing perspective, Monterey is the place to be.

Over a 60-hour time frame, six auction houses will host thirteen distinct auctions to move these rides. If the $1 million plus club is too rich for your blood, definitely read on. The following cars will go for much less and are solid collectibles to boot!    

1939 Dayton Ohio Grand National Champion Soap Box Derby Car

It’s crazy to think soap box racing is still a thing in 2019. There are few things that are all the rage in 1939, and then again in 2019! The construction of this piece is very rudimentary, as to be expected. However, there is something inherently charming about this soap box, and while this [...]

It’s no secret that we love, love, love Consumer Reports. One of the most comprehensive companies out there reporting on everything from cars to boats, toasters and skateboards. Whatever you’re into, Consumer Reports have reviewed it and all their information is transparent and available.

The company recently launched a report on which small cars, small SUVs and 3-Row SUVs are best to avoid, which competitors are a better pick, and what are some sneaky alternatives to look out for. On to the results … 

Small Cars

Run for the Hills

In the small car segment, the 2019 Nissan Sentra should be purchased with caution. While a nice and affordable ride, its fierce competitor, the Corolla, is a better bet.

Return from the Hills

The 2019 Toyota Corolla is quite possibly the most solid made car on the market. Sound like a “stretch” statement? It really isn’t, there are more flashy rides for sure, performance [...]

In Part II we continue detailing why a cop’s ride blows yours out of the water (no offense).

Another sweet feature are steel intrusion plates. These are built-in (the interior) and protect officers from any foul play by criminals from behind (while seated in the car). Believe it or not the hit show “Cops,” deemed by some to be the first reality show ever, exposed the danger many policemen/women face while in their car driving with a criminal in the back. The sliding glass window can only do so much. What was also needed was steel built into the seats to protect the cop’s back from the naughty figure behind them.

Next is a cool feature made by Ford. This is the Police Interceptor Utility and its original implementation was on a modified Explorer.  Although the title is a bit vague, cars outfitted with the Police Interceptor Utility can withstand crashes in vehicles traveling up [...]

Know what’s necessary in any society? Water is one. Water is nice to have and a necessity at that. Streets are also needed. Paved or dirt, passageways that guide transport and pedestrians are a common functioning piece of any society. Know what else? Cops, the badge, the long arm of the law, the police. That’s right, the police. Why are they needed? Well, if you’re a bad guy or gal the cops aren’t your cup of tea. But for the rest of us, the police’s sole purpose is to protect us from the bad elements in society. Maintain law and order. Keep things working and moving on the up and up. And while cops are necessary, even more necessary are their rides.

A cop on foot can do a lot. After all, they have batons, guns and radios. But a cop with access to a souped-up police ride, now that’s a different ballgame. A cop [...]

We’ve written on this topic in years prior and there’s a reason why it’s always eagerly awaited. People don’t like having their car stolen. It’s right up there with a house being burnt to a crisp, a beloved pup passing away, or even losing your job. These are things that happen to good people and it frankly, sucks.

Now, in years past some have taken what they’ll read in a piece like this and come home that night exclaiming to the spouse that they need to sell Model XYZ because it turned up in the most stolen cars blog. We urge some caution here. Just because your car shows up doesn’t mean it’s got a surefire chance of being pilfered. Yes, the cars we’ll report on were stolen at a higher rate than any other car. But if you’re responsible with where you drive and how you leave your car, odds are you’ll pass through [...]

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. But EVs are also expensive and sort of impractical for most folks. They don’t have great range (as compared to gas-powered cars), but more than that, it’s the cost that gets most people. Like anything, if you had $100,000 in the bank tomorrow, you’d do and/or purchase a lot of stuff. What if we told you we couldn’t ensure you’ll have $100,000 in the bank tomorrow but could give you the details of a company that will swap out your gas-powered engine and install an electric one for super cheap.

The name of said company is Transition-One, and they’ve been operating out of France for a couple years now. What they do is far from easy – retrofit old cars via the addition of an electric engine, batteries and a connected dashboard. Founder Aymeric Libeau launched the company based on a simple premise – people want EVs, but many [...]

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