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While this is certainly the wrong forum to be promoting a “car-free” existence, it would be silly to pretend that folks are not considering this reality nowadays. The options to not owning a car are growing by the day and while the auto sector is knee-deep in the individual “car-less” movement (namely through ride sharing and eventual autonomous driving), this two-part piece has more to do with not owning a car rather than not using one.

Before making the decision to go car-less it would be prudent to consider the following points.

Living situation

There is a considerable difference between living in Manhattan versus sprawling Los Angeles. In Los Angeles for example, you can find folks living in the Pacific Palisades and working downtown. That round-trip commute via bus, bike, subway, etc would take days. In a car you’re still in bumper-to-bumper traffic, perhaps up to 3.5 hours per day, but at least [...]

The Chevrolet Corvette has a long history in American sports care lore. A looong history. Colloquially known as the Vette, back in 1953 General Motors executives were seeking a name for what would be a new sports car design. A gentleman by the name of Myron Scott, who at the time was working in the public relations department, suggested the name Corvette, after a small warship present at the time. The name had a nice ring to it and inner GM brass went with it.

The first Vette model made its debut at a show entitled GM Motorama and rolled out to the public soon thereafter. During the first year only 300 convertibles were produced and two years later that number popped to 700. A whole new model was revealed in 1956 which gave way to eventual power windows, a hydraulically operated power convertible top and four speed manual transmission. The second-generation Vette (1963 [...]

In Part II the show continues …

Qiantu K50

It looks like a concept car, but the K50 is far from a concept. This electric bet straight out of China has an eager fan base and is due to hit the U.S. late next year. While production has understandably been focused in China, production in the U.S. is underway. All-wheel drive, a low center of gravity, instant torque, the K50 is a definite supercar and will be extraordinarily quick. An entry price of $100,000 will keep many at bay (especially considering the Porsche 911 and BMW i8 directly compete), but the K50 should eventually give Tesla a run for their money.

VW Tarok

Nobody, and we do mean nobody can compete with the Ford F-150 in the pickup segment. But the Tarok is not looking to, so who cares, right? VW does not seem to, and the Tarok is VW’s second small pickup concept [...]

The New York Auto Show rightly takes on the attitude and personality of this iconic city. More glamour and glitz you couldn’t ask for, and most manufacturers use the show to really turn up the pomp. Another win for New York this year is foreign automakers are passing up the Detroit Auto Show and instead choosing New York for their debuts. This has understandably attracted much press and the show is perhaps at the top of its game.

Here were some of the more interesting debuts.

Koenigsegg Jesko 

Of all the auto shows globally, few can match the sheer number of cool toys that New York brings to the table. This year alone, what looked like a single-seat rocket ship (the BAC Mono), a mix of a SUV and the Batmobile (Karlmann King), and an absolute hypercar – the Jesko. Straight of out Sweden, Koenigsegg arrived especially strong with this 300-mph beast, eclipsing [...]

Car buying tips come in all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day it’s a highly personal choice however. You can reason all you want with someone but if they want that orange used Mustang, there isn’t much you can say about it.

There are however a handful of types of used cars that currently in 2019 are not great choices. 

Crossover SUVs

Indeed, they’re all the rage, but the crossover SUV market is not where you want to be looking today. The used-car market is currently what we call a seller’s market because everyone wants one so the power lies with the owners (potential sellers) of said SUVs. At this point in time experts agree that a hatchback or compact SUV is the better bet. Or, if that’s not to your liking, a new crossover SUV is where you should look. Incentive packages will knock a couple thousand dollars off, but the [...]

Consider this – most U.S. motorists register 13,476 miles on their odometer every year. Sound light? Sound hefty? All relative of course, but if you have a 36,000-mile warranty, that coverage will run dry in just two and a half years. Not too long in the grand scheme of things, and once said warranty wears out, you’re left covering the bill for all fix-its – minor or major.

Bottom line, you want to buy a car with a long warranty because that will save money. Some things are complicated – learning Japanese, becoming a successful football player, curing cancer. This is not one of those things. Better warranties equal a happier you. Let’s now get to the happy brands.


At 4 years, 50,000 miles, to say this is a great deal is in a phrase – something you would not say. In fact, 4 years at 50,000 is quite common (as you’ll see) [...]

Unless you’ve been living in a total bubble, or too wrapped up in The Bachelor or the NBA Playoffs, the Huawei spying allegations have been making some major waves to say the least. U.S. intelligence officials claim that the Chinese telecom behemoth could be exploited by their own government for espionage purposes. This comes at a critical time as the U.S. is building out its 5G, next-generation network. But it gets worse – the Justice Department is also accusing the company’s Chief Financial Officer of violating sanctions against Iran and of Huawei stealing trade secrets.

Talk about some messy business. It is no wonder Huawei would prefer people talking about something else when it comes to their firm, something completely unrelated to this scandal. Well, good news Huawei, you now have that alternative talking point.

The company has recently announced that they have perfected the first 5G communications hardware for the auto industry [...]

As a policymaker, you greet each day with the expectation that the policy you have supported, lobbied for, and in some instances, championed and even authored, is not only enacted, but better yet … works! That’s the holy grail for any policymaker, a policy that works. A policy that positively impacts the lives of your constituents and can be used in the best of cases as a model for other districts.

Policymakers are plowing ahead these days in Europe, seeking to do just that. We all know that highway speeding claims lives. Texting while driving does as well but speeding at excessive rates really ups the ante. So, it should come as no surprise that the goal of any city, worldwide, is to get folks driving at lower speeds, responsibly. The European Union is supporting this motion with a policy objective of requiring speed-limiting coupled with emergency braking technology in all new vehicles beginning [...]

Picture this – you’ve just pulled into work, park the ride, grab your coffee, sweater, apple or whatever whets your appetite and head to the elevators. You hit your floor, exit, arrive at your office and plop down for another productive day. Your company is looking out for you, so they’ve installed monitors that stream live monitoring of the garage where you park every day. You have a new Tesla after all and keeping an eye on that baby is number one priority. In between shifting your attention from your computer screen to the monitoring screen, and vice-versa, you suddenly see smoke.

Good grief, there’s smoke emanating from the sides of your gorgeous white Tesla and then … POW! The whole screen goes blank and there’s no mistake about it – your car just blew up. Sound terrifying? You bet, and for the unfortunate owner of said white Tesla in China, a nasty reality. [...]

We’ve all done it at one point in our adult lives. No, not that. We’re referring to e-signing of course, the type of signature that now holds the same legal standing as a handwritten signature. Now, the level of security that electronic signatures bring to the table indeed does vary. Technically speaking, a qualified e-signature is one implemented through, and verified by a digital certificate. Said certificate has typically been encrypted through a signature-creating device which needs to be authenticated by a qualified trust service provider. Sounds rather layered, right?

A qualified trust service provider is a government approved entity that abides by strict guidelines, providing a valid time and date per signature (the act of signing). Nearly every major industry today has an e-signing component worked in, but some are much more advanced than others. Auto lenders and dealers are no strangers to e-signing, but they are looking to ramp up industry wide [...]

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