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Got your eye on a BMW? Most folks do, or at least have passed through and either decided to take the plunge or put it off due to the price. But nowadays there are plenty of BMWs that can be had at affordable prices and that’s good news for all.

One of the more popular series is the BMW 3 Series. On the used side, some of their best were the fifth-generation models manufactured between 2006 and 2011. These were widely touted as best in class so keep that date range in mind. Initially offered in the U.S. in 2005 (the 2006 model), the 3 Series sedan featured two naturally aspirated 3.0-liter engines with the base model capable of 215 horsepower and the higher-trimmed 330i whipping out 255 horsepower. Six-speed manuals as well as automatic transmissions were available, and both were compatible with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system.

On the exterior, the 3 [...]

Looking for the best SUVs/plug-ins available, look no further! We have a fantastic list for you, take note!  

Porsche Panamera

An astonishing 6 versions of the plug-in Panamera are available with the most basic being the 4 E-Hybrid. From there you hit the Executive models and then on to the Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo. The performance is otherworldly, but so is the price-tag. Don’t let sticker shock, shock you into a coma.

Acura NSX

The second-generation NSX is here, and the dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive is a sure-fire departure from the norm (a naturally aspirated, 6-cylinder predecessor). The NSX battery and electric motors provide even more power, as if you really need it at 500 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. This puppy features 3 electric motors and can hit a top speed of 191 mph.

Honda Insight

Remember the Honda Civic Hybrid? We sort of do, but no matter, [...]

Even if you’re a staunch advocate for fast, flashy, pricey and showy, at the end of the day, having something reliable is always an added plus. Who likes to live on the edge, always worrying if something you’re using will break down, fall apart, become a heap of nothing useful or worse yet, a heap that is costing you money.

In the car world this is still commonplace unfortunately. The industry has made great strides in terms of reliability but there is plenty of room to go. In 2019 when one thinks of reliability, certain countries leap out. The Japanese are typically first, followed by the Germans and Americans. Koreans are thrown in there, but likely fourth. However, this is all being flipped on its face according to new results/findings from a J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey revealing Koreans have gone from fourth to first.

Now, let’s clear up a couple things before [...]

Part IV, you’re thinking, what’s going on with this site. Again, we’re looking out for you, this is the most comprehensive summary of infotainment systems per car manufacturer out there. We got you covered, no need to search aimlessly online. And with that said, let’s jump right in with none other than Ferrari.


Now we’re talking! Ferrari comes correct with not one, but two distinct infotainment options. The GTC4Lusso and Portofino sport 10.2-inch touchscreen screens replete with navigation, while the 812 Superfast, F8 Tributo and all members of the 488 family feature color displays to the right of the infotainment system controlled via dashboard buttons. While no Ferrari offers Android Auto unfortunately, all support Apple CarPlay and the F8 Tributo can also be made to order with a tiny touchscreen on the passenger side.  


Another player that offers distinct systems for distinct models, Fiat spares no cost. The Cabrio and [...]

We gave you fair warning, this series is going to be a literal marathon. But unlike traditional marathons that end in bruised knees, an aching back, and a hankering for beer and pasta, this marathon will equip you with everything you need to know surrounding infotainment systems of the major auto brands selling throughout the U.S. What better way to make an informed decision than knowing whom offers what and which ones to steer clear of.

And we continue …


MyLink is the Chevy staple and new Chevy owners will be privy to 7 and 8-inch touchscreens on most models. Optional navigation is well, optional, but Bluetooth, USB inputs and auxiliary inputs are all standard. With the Corvette and Camaro, and optional Performance Data Recorder is available which can track your laps, legally of course. The Bolt EV has a cool system that is larger (10.2-inches) and offers more personalized information depending [...]

In Part II we’re going to continue reporting on race circuit inventions that eventually made their way to your Hyundai.

Carbon Fiber

In the late 70s a Formula One team sought to shrink the chassis of a car to make room for aerodynamic elements within the underbody of the car. Increased performance was the obvious objective, but a giant problem stood in the way – a slimmed-down chassis fabricated from aluminum wouldn’t be stiff enough.

A designer by the name of John Barnard was working on this, had heard of something called carbon fiber, dug into it a bit more, and in conjunction with British Aerospace employed the material on a F1 chassis. The result was a McLaren MP4/1, debuting in 1981 and subsequently winning the British Grand Prix. Today, all F1 cars have a carbon fiber chassis and while we see street cars with the same, they are still few and far [...]

Everything on, in, attached to and being emitted from your car was tested, piloted and tinkered on for years prior to arriving to you. Much of this testing process occurs in confined labs, but believe it or not, race cars and the circuits they run in are also virtual testing grounds, giving birth to many innovations that are now simply commonplace in everyday vehicles.

In this two-part post we are going to look at some timely pieces of race technology that have found their way to your garage.


At its core, turbocharging occupies an exhaust-driven compressor to in turn drive air into the engine. In 1962 GM introduced turbocharging to a Chevy Corvair and an Oldsmobile F85. This was a big deal back in 62 as the turbocharging rage didn’t really take form until the 70s when Porsche ran its 917/10 and 917/30 Can-Am cars. By the time the 80s rolled [...]

It is typical to be attracted first to a car based on the aesthetics alone. This is plain human to be honest. We are a visual species, like to look, and in the case of cars imagine ourselves in them, driving about, wind in our hair, kids quiet and obedient in the back seat. But another key component when considering that next great ride is safety.

The view through the side and rear glass is the first stop on the safety check. If you cannot easily and quickly get a good eyeshot of what’s coming your way so you can safely change lanes, merge onto a highway or maneuver safely into a parking spot, you’re dead (figuratively speaking of course).

An interesting twist with all this is as cars have become safer via thicker roof pillars for example, the thickness has compromised the space necessary to achieve a clear view out the side [...]

Breaking off with the “B’s,” Bentley leads the way …


The Mulsanne, Flying Spur, Bentayga … sound like a circus group? Might as well be, driving a Bentley better feel like a circus because the cost alone will have you wondering how the heck you’ll eat that night. Or not, because odds are if you got the cash for a Bentley, you got the cash for lots of stuff. Take it from us, the infotainment you’re getting with Bentley is nothing short than spectacular. But beware, their older infotainment centers are quite dated, and despite the exterior and interior plush, those systems perform poorly. Choose well with Bentley … choose new. 


If you haven’t heard of iDrive by now you must have been living, sleeping, working, and virtually commuting from a cave. BMW’s award-winning infotainment center continues to draw praise from nearly every conceivable entity, and the newer 5 Series, 7 Series, 3 [...]

Buckle up loyal readers. Don’t ever say we never added value to your lives, those of your family, children, grandchildren, friends and co-workers you can’t stand seeing every day, but you work with them, so suck it up. You add value to all their lives too through posts like this one. Know why? Because we’re going to report over the coming month (2 Parts at a time) on every single major auto brand’s infotainment console. That’s right, this blog will serve as your one-stop resource for timely information on infotainment consoles, listed per brand. Don’t believe us, well let’s start with Acura …


The On-Demand Multi-Information Display is a two-screen infotainment system featuring 8 inches on top and 7 on the bottom. Supporting both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Acura has hauled in a handful of accolades over the years for this specific set-up. The newest Acura – 2019 RDX Crossover – comes [...]

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