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“J.D. Power and Associates,” according to “J.D. Power and Associates,” a report by “J.D. Power and Associates,” the marketing firm has been an absolute monster in the automotive research industry. But do you know the story behind J.D. Power and his associates? It’s a fascinating one, read on …

At its core, J.D. Power collects consumer survey responses and based on said responses awards car model rankings. The whole story started in 1968 when Mr. James David Power II and his wife, Julie, started the firm. J.D. Power was J.D. Power, and his “associates” were Julie and their kids. Yes, you read that right. When J.D. started, he had a mix of advertising and auto experience having worked at Ford and the advertising agency, McCann. Power learned at McCann how to conduct market research and of course knew a thing or two about cars while at Ford.

The Power family began [...]

Do we all remember 2016? Let’s jog your memory – Moonlight, La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, Deadpool, just a handful of the best films that year. Starboy by The Weekend, Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes or Can’t Stop the Feeling! by Justin Timberlake. These were your audio treats, bumping in the car, house and Starbucks throughout the year. Why are we talking 2016 you’re asking? Because we can, but also because 2016 was the year cars hit a sales peak of 17.6 million.

Quite a feat, a peak at that, and ever since 2016 sales numbers have unfortunately plummeted. This year is no different with projected numbers expected to close at 17 million, 1.1 percent below last year, and 2019 … 16.8 million. This will be the first time since 2014 that total sales have not at least hit the magic number 17. Most analysts point to higher interest [...]

To round out the year our friends at Popular Science dived into the best auto innovations of 2018. We’ve been tracking this stuff for some time now and it appears 2018 might have been a record year for innovations. This could easily be a 3-part post, so we picked the best of the bunch.

The Quick Charge

The biggest knock on electric vehicles (EVs) – charging time. Electrify America (a Volkswagen subsidiary) came through with an EV charging structure that provides 300 miles of range in 15 minutes. 15 minutes! Crazy right, well not via liquid-cooled cables it’s not, all facilitating a flow of electric juice that is unparalleled on the market today. The group plans to invest roughly $2 billion in rolling out charging stations, something the entire industry is in desperate need of.

Cadillac Super Cruise

This is a cool one, and quite possibly the best autonomous [...]

In Part II we’ll continue detailing some hot collectibles …

Porsche 911

To think that Porsche at one time was considering killing off the 911. The reason – incentivize folks to buy the 944 and 928 (front-engine) models. But this is classic Porsche, who wants a front engine?! There are currently some sweet models in the 1978 to 1983 range, namely the 3.0-litre SC 911 models. Additionally, the 964-series 911s manufactured from 1989 to 1994 are also an attractive investment. The 964 shape, like the Ferrari 308, was once derided but is now coming back into the conversation.

Ford Mustang (1st generation)

Mustangs might not ever go out of style. Sounds like an easy thing to say, but think about it – what things (cars, clothes, music, etc) has never gone out of style? Very little, everything has cycles, but Ford has kept the Mustang relevant thanks to [...]

One of life’s biggest secrets – what happens when we die. A second, little-known secret, but one that keeps us all wondering – what are sure-fire investments that will make me money. Sound a bit materialistic? Perhaps so, but we all need some dough to survive and who doesn’t want to go about it intelligently.

Collecting cars to eventually flip and sell can be a profitable venture. The key is having the storage place, someone in your inner circle (perhaps you) who can work on said car, and the time and resources to seek out future buyers. If you put those altogether making money on the auto collectible circuit is likely less risky and more profitable than the stock market.

In this 2-part series we’ll look at some current hot collectibles.

Ferrari 308 GT4

The very first Ferrari to employ a V8 engine, Ferraris in general (no surprise [...]

Unless you’ve been grinding away in a cave somewhere you’ve probably seen the disturbing footage of the riots in Paris. The protests are spearheaded by the “Yellow Vests,” a middle-classmovement who largely make their living driving or commute long distances in cars to work. They are people who purchase lots of gas and are angry due to the government’s proposed 25 cents-per-gallon increase. The riots have gotten so bad that French President Emmanuel Macron announced he would suspend the tax increasewhich is an incredible move for any President to make. Many believe he conceded due to low popularity and plummeting pollnumbers. Regardless, succumbing to the actions of a few could have disastrous effects long-term.

The “Yellow Vest” movement comes from the yellow vests that are used when one is in need on a roadside post-crash or breaking down. France already has some of the highest taxes in Europe and this tomany was simply [...]

There’s been a lot in the news as of late surrounding German auto manufacturing in the U.S., and more specific, the desire by some to ramp this up. Higher-ups from Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG and BMW AG have been meeting with U.S. officials to discuss existing opportunities and other forms of investment, along the lines of R&D (research and development) and new generation technologies.

Behind all this are tariff threats. Some might think this is new, but auto tariffs and the threat of more have been in play for nearly 100 years. U.S. politicians and those industries that benefit from tariffs on outside manufacturers looking to import lobby heavily, as do the folks on the other side of the aisle. To put this whole thing in order, here is a list (2017) of the German manufacturers that are currently manufacturing in the U.S. per the make and model, manufacturing city, and the number [...]

The “advanced industries.” This might be an area you’ve loosely heard of, but a report put out by the Brookings Institute back in2015 brought the term to the forefront in a clear and matter of fact manner. Advanced industries, as defined by Brookings, are roughly 50 distinct industries ranging from oil and gas to aerospace andenergy, manufacturing and automaking, etc., etc. All involve a heavy dose of technology research and development coupled with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Overall one could say this is the U.S.’s tech sector at the broadest level possible. These are industries that if harnessed and capitalized on properly will lead to sustainable growth and increased inclusivity within the nation (or any nation for that matter) moving forward throughout the 21st century.

So, all this sounds important, right? It is, and as this is an auto related blog, we’re going to center on the auto side of [...]

When the diesel emissions scandal hit the Volkswagen Group the pain and embarrassment was not so much associated to the scandal itself, but rather, the fact an esteemed automaker such as the VW Group would be caught up in something so downright nefarious and despicable. VW took it on the chin, harder than a Mike Tyson uppercut and advanced on a mission to reinvent themselves.

The German manufacturer had staked its reputation on diesel for some time, but now the call was clear – go electric (in conjunction of course with gas-powered vehicles) and try and get to the head of the pack as soon as possible. The last point is key as Germany in general has been lagging far behind Asian and U.S. manufacturers in the electric vehicle (EV) sphere. To their credit, the VW Group has been spending billions on ramping up new EV platforms and locking up battery suppliers [...]

You’ve pulled the trigger, the funds have been liquidated, proper arrangements are in place and everything is set to bring that new ride home. Next to a house, condo or whatever living arrangement one aspires to, owning a car is that second “big deal.” It’s an investment, no doubt, and the good folks at dug into some hard data – two years, 24 million new car sales – to come up with which cars folks do away with after simply one year of ownership.

It seems odd that someone would ditch a car after a year, and while the percentages are not astronomical, considering how many of these models are sold each year even a small percentage equates to a big overall number. discovered that the average resale rate over all models is roughly 1.5%. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are sold at a higher rate than other manufacturers, occupying 6 or [...]

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