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If you’re French, please take this as a disclaimer. We’re not saying your automobile industry is sub par or anything of the sort. But let’s be honest here. We’re friends at this point, you’ve been reading us for awhile now. When I say, “French auto performance,” do you nod your head or cock it ever so slightly to the side? You cock it, don’t you. Of course, you do, because unlike a phrase such as “fine French cuisine,” the French are not known for their auto excellence. This isn’t to say there are not some darn good cars coming out of this European giant, steeped in history. But not as many that would warrant a catch phrase like “French auto performance.”

Peugeot for one would like you to think otherwise, and the French automaker has done a lot in recent years to turn some folks around. Having last sold cars in the U.S. in 1991, [...]

In Part I we ended with the Mexican wire harness example. Sure, one could argue that making it more expensive for Mexican wire harnesses would then make it attractive for local wire harness makers to scale. But that would take time, and automakers don’t have a lot of time to spare. In fact, the wire harness is one of the first things you install when putting together a car. Eliminating these or cutting back drastically would have drastic repercussions.

Some argue that as an economy we cannot be so dependent on outside, cheap labor to supply these items. But the counter to that is you can do everything in-house, Stateside, but be prepared to pay more for the end-product because labor costs are higher. Another component that comes from Mexico are finished cars and trucks. Roughly 2.7 million were imported from Mexico last year and this equates to big bucks. This is also 1 [...]

Tariff talk is heating up again. When has it slowed down, you ask? It really hasn’t, and now we’re back to tariff talk with Mexico. As an auto blog we thought it would be prudent to try and clear some things up. Every single auto manufacturing factory in the U.S. depends highly on parts from Mexico to build their cars. The proposed tariff of 25% is rattling auto industry insiders for good reason. At 25% this could raise costs stateside – tens of billions of dollars to be exact. That’s a lot of dinero and many are concerned to say the least.

The big question whenever tariffs are proposed is who ultimately pays for them. In this case, it is likely that those costs will not be absorbed, no matter how small, by the manufacturers. So, who pays? That would be you and me – the taxpayer. A Deutsche Bank analyst posited that tariffs [...]

Car owners are a fickle bunch. We like new and shiny, fast and sexy, but also enjoy reliable and safe, sturdy and inexpensive to maintain. Guess what? You can’t have both! Well, perhaps some models can get close to checking all these boxes, but anything that is over 5 years old in the car world is officially “not sexy,” and not new.

Today we’re going to talk about those rides, that despite having had their heyday in terms of new and shiny, are still sticking around and making a name for themselves 200,000 miles in. It’s honestly quite a feat, hitting that 200,000-mile mark and bulldozing through. Not many brands nor models can achieve this, and as you’ll see on the list, it’s no surprise that many of these belong to the same brand family. And we’re off!

The good people at dove into an absolutely exhaustive research project, pouring over the 2018 [...]

Auto technology has come a long way. Back in the day you’d be lucky to be able to choose your favorite artist or song to listen to while cruising. Nowadays, that of course is possible. Back in the day if you wanted a paint job, the color pallet was rather minimal. Nowadays, you can go metallic yellow, Barbie pink, purple octopus or just plain cupcake cream. Back in the day when you got a flat you had to change the tire or patch and pump. Nowadays when you get a flat, you must change the tire or patch and pump. See what we did there? It’s the same sentence!

Granted, tires have evolved greatly, are much more sophisticated, last a long, long time and most of all, keep us safe. But just as they were filled with air 70 years ago, they’re still filled with air in 2019. Michelin for one however is not 100% [...]

Continuing down the path of features we can do without …

Start and cue the speakers

Talk about annoying. It’s 6:15 AM, you’re looking forward to a tranquil ride to your yoga class on a serene Sunday morning, step into your car, turn it on, and suddenly … La, la, Oh, Ga-Ga-, la, la, oooh, la-la … Lady Gaga breathing down your throat at a decibel that is surely harmful right before a tranquil yoga class. Just because you jammed out to Gaga the night before doesn’t mean you want to start the next morning where you left off. Stereo systems should all, ALL, default to an off setting where they can only be turned on manually. Nobody is looking to repeat the karaoke session from the night before, we guarantee it.    

Stop and stop the speakers

Ok, just as annoying as Lady Gaga at 6:15 AM is Lady Gaga shutting it down just [...]

This is a love/hate series. More hate than love in this instance, but we feel for the features we’re going to throw under the bus shortly. Auto brands are under extreme pressure – pressure to innovate, pressure to best the competition, pressure to literally outperform and keep customers with eyes and mouths wide open and wanting more.

The problem with this of course is when certain innovations (or features in this instance) swing and miss. The wiffs can be really dramatic, and in this 2-part series we’ll take a closer look at the biggest whiffs and the features we really wish would simply go away … for good.

Crap Nav

Sounds like an up and coming rap star on Drake’s next album. We’re not putting that out of the realm of possibilities, but crap nav is no musician in this context. Nope, it stands for what it sounds like – crappy navigation. More to [...]

Full transparency – we have not driven either of these cars so take this post at face value. But do read on because the good people at Edmunds did drive them and Edmunds is an established player in the car review game. This is their first-hand reporting and they dove deep, real deep …

The small luxury SUV segment is growing gangbusters. Of luxury cars sold already this year the small SUV segment makes up roughly 21.8%. As a point of comparison, in 2009 they were only 8.7%. At the forefront of the segment are two rides that continue to gain traction and as such, compete hotly with each other – the Acura RDX and Cadillac XT4. Both are competitively priced in the sub-$40,000 range and offer a similar set of features. But when two heavyweights step into the ring, only 1 gets to take home the belt. Let’s see who comes on top according [...]

As more and more auto manufacturers are pouring cash into electric rides, the larger racing industry has openly questioned whether fully electric racing will eventually take the place of traditional cars. Formula E continues to be the first (and only) fully electric race to catch major media attention. Because of significant changes to electric power trains, new rules however have begun popping up.

For example, in prior E-racing seasons drivers would need to switch cars mid-race because the batteries simply could not last. If you haven’t seen this in play, imagine an auto race where folks simply stop on a dime, exit their vehicles, enter another, and then keep the party going. Needless to say this wasn’t all that well received.

On the positive side, this issue has improved dramatically. Second generation batteries now enable racers to use just one car per race and the longevity of batteries continues to push the limits. [...]

It’s likely safe to bet we all have either attended or seen on a TV an auto race. Many point to baseball as the American pastime but this blogger disagrees. The true American pastime, more American than apple pie, chocolate shakes, baseball or hanging out at the mall (a sad truth), is auto racing.

Auto racing at this stage in the game is global and growing. Nearly every developed nation has an auto racing circuit and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Folks absolutely love fast cars, daring turns, the thrill of the race and the competitive fire that auto racing brings. As with anything, as time has progressed, the sport has morphed and evolved, and that evolution today is now turning electric.

Electric motorsport, otherwise known as E-racing, is auto racing at it’s finest, but quieter. The first known (recorded) victory of an E-vehicle over a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle was at [...]

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