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Leasing a car Vs Buying a Car

Should you buy or lease a car?

 Leasing a car Vs Buying a Car

When you decide that you want to get a new car, there are a lot of things you need to put into consideration. You have to decide on the amount of money you want to spend, the make and model of your preferred car, additional safety features you will need to invest in, customization among other things. Most importantly, will you buy or lease the car? Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Leasing assures you that you will always be driving a new or an almost new car. However, when the lease period expires, you will have to return the car and be left as if you never had one to begin with. The only thing you are left with are the memories of the time you drove it and nothing tangible. Buying a car on the other hand, [...]

How To Beat The 8 Major Tricks Car Dealers Use To Lure Buyers

It’s a fact that people buy vehicles every day but most will only buy a car roughly once every six years. Clearly, that’s not enough time for you to hone your purchasing and negotiation skills. In the meantime, sales people at the car dealership become quite good at it since they sell vehicles every single day. Meaning the odds aren’t in your favor and car dealers will often take full advantage of your lacking experience. As such, they will pull tricks which make you part with your hard-earned money, fast. We asked a number of experts to share the more common dirty tricks car dealer are usually up to, in addition to some valid misconceptions you might come across at the dealership. This will enable you to get a better deal for your next vehicle. [...]

15 Tips for Driving in Boston

Boston winter driving

If you are new in the Boston area, it is well advised to exercise extra caution while driving, as the streets of Boston are far from your usual smooth rides. Known for its crowded streets with alternative turn signals and colonial styled routes to boot, Boston presents an adventurous and equally dangerous driving experience to any driver. The drivers and pedestrians in Boston make driving in these streets even more challenging due to their aggressive nature. Accidents, though not serious, are a common occurrence here, not to mention the possibility of getting lost in this maze of streets. Be prepared before you venture to take on the streets of Boston.

When asked how one can get round the town safely and efficiently, some Boston residents advised against using the GPS or driving in Boston proper and recommended making plans [...]

Entry-level, as the term suggests, is just that, the most basic offering. But when we’re talking Mercedes and Audi, an entry-level A3 or CLA-Class is miles away from their less expensive entry-level peers. Comparisons abound between the two but there are some stark differences to consider.

Both the A3 and CLA-Class are built on front-wheel drive architectures, feature very strong turbocharged, direct-injected four-cylinder engines, and have surprisingly similar transmissions (from a layout and design point of view). In a nutshell, performance is quite comparable, but it’s the differences that

The ride – score this for the CLA. Less cabin noise, but it should be noted that the A3 handles a bit better. Infotainment – point for the A3. Both count on tremendous connectivity and feature-packed entertainment systems, but the A3 MMI system for example is undoubtedly superior to the CLA. Yet, besides the MMI, the A3 really doesn’t wow you with any additional features or [...]

How Does A Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty Work?

The staff at Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty follows a tried-and-true philosophy; we are here to ease your mind. Auto repair bills can hurt not only your savings, but also your peace of mind. That is why Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty vehicle service contracts are extremely simple to use. Experiencing a breakdown on your vehicle and needing to pay thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses is not an easy experience for anyone. With Delta Auto Protect Warranty, your covered repair costs will be taken care of. All you would have to do, is choose a repair facility.

Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty allows you to go to any ASE certified mechanic or dealership of your choice. That is the extent of what you would have to do. Your mechanic will contact our award winning staff at Delta Auto Protect with the [...]

When you purchase a used car, it may or may not have time left on the original manufacturer warranty. If the vehicle is already passed the terms of its original warranty, an extended auto warranty may be the best way to provide coverage for your auto

    When you purchase a used car, it may or may not have time left on the original manufacturer warranty. If the vehicle is already passed the terms of its original warranty, an extended auto warranty may be the best way to provide coverage for your vehicle. These warranties may also be called an extended service contract.

Every car that comes off the production line is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. The terms and lengths of these warranties vary based on the manufacturer; but when you are purchasing pre-owned vehicle you will only be eligible for whatever time is left on the manufacturer’s coverage. [...]

Buying an extended car warranty does not have to be difficult to do, with the right people behind you. When you go in to purchase a vehicle, you’re looking for something you love, something that is in great shape and that doesn’t cost a lot of money out of your pocket. However, when you find the car, and actually sit down to purchase it, the talk of extended car warranties will come up. If you do decide that you want to have one, then you should be prepared to speak about some of your options available.

Purchasing the Extended Car Warranty

When you sit down with the car dealer, and speak about the specific coverages, you can then get a feel for what is being offered. When you talk with them, make sure to let them know what you’d like to have covered – whether it is the smaller stuff, or just the [...]

Do I Need an Extended Auto Warranty?

Do I Need an Extended Car or Auto Warranty?

Do I Need an Extended Auto Warranty?

Often times this question comes up, because many people are unsure of whether or not they need to purchase an extended car warranty. This is something that definitely depends on what you feel comfortable and the most at peace with when it comes to the coverage that is on your vehicle. When choosing an extended warranty, you’re choosing to have something that is going to cover many different things for your vehicle, that you’d have to pay out of pocket for otherwise.

Consider some of these questions to ask yourself, and then decide if purchasing an extended car warranty is right for you.

Are you on a fixed budget?

Those on a fixed budget may find themselves enjoying the benefits of having the warranty to cover any problems that happen with the vehicle. However, knowing that you have an affordable warranty that covers a decent amount is [...]

Five Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Getting the Extended Warranty

Extended car warranties are offered to everyone, everywhere when purchasing a new or used vehicle off the lot. They might come in handy, since they do cover those unexpected costs that you might not have taken into consideration when purchasing the vehicle. However, how do you know that you’re getting the right warranty? What should you ask them before signing on with it? These are all valid questions, and with these five questions, you can clear up some information regarding the warranty you’re about to purchase.

Your 5 Warranty Questions to Ask

1. Who is Backing the Warranty You’re Going to Purchase?

While this might seem like a silly question, some companies that back warranties might not be as reputable as you may think. If at all possible, you want the automaker to back the warranty you’re going to be purchasing to give you extra [...]

Is an Extended Warranty Different for a Car Than for Recreational Vehicles?

Recreational Vehicle Extended Coverage Warranties

Is an Extended Warranty Different for a Car Than for Recreational Vehicles?

If you’ve ever purchased a new or used vehicle, then you know that the extended warranty is offered and it is in option to cover some of the extras that might need to be done to the vehicle. However, when it comes time to purchase recreational vehicles, you might not have known that extended warranties can also be offered and purchased for these. It is ideal to know more about this type of coverage though, and know what you’re getting when it comes to covering the recreational aspect of your life.

Recreational Vehicle Extended Coverage Warranties

Much like used or new vehicle extended coverage warranties, recreational vehicles are covered in the same manner. They have the same type of coverages with specific ones that cover one thing or another, while also providing different warranty companies to choose from.

However, unlike vehicle extended warranties, [...]

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