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So Tesla has squarely fallen on the radar of the entire world. Similar to Facebook, the electric car maker has taken the industry by storm and as with most things, once something is going well, others seek to cash in as well. A few miles from Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, a Silicon Valley startup with major backing from Chinese investors is ready to challenge Mr. Musk and his cohort.

Atieva, spearheaded by Mr. Peter Rawlinson, a former Tesla lead engineer for the Model S sedan, has said that Atieva’s software is the company’s “secret sauce.” Mr. Rawlinson plans to put oout a premium electric sedan by 2018 which will then open up the floodgates to a pair of luxury cross-overs soon thereafter.  In addition to Tesla, Atieva is also up against three other China-based startups that are working closely with Silicon Valley technologists. In fact, the same Chinese billionaire that is backing Atieva is [...]

The Land Rover Evoque came into play in 2011 in both three and five-door versions. Initially, lower CO2 emissions and fuel economy were the big draw but soon design and styling really began to take shape … and turn heads. The original version was positively received as it had retained the same features, amenities and off-road capabilities of what one would traditionally find in a typical Range Rover vehicle. In its first year alone the Evoque sold 88,000 units.

Flash forward to 2016 and the Evoque is now challenging the BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe. This new model is bigger than the Evoque of old but has some snazzy new coupe styling. “Spy” photographs have emerged out of Scotland with the code-name L560. The rear end is rumored to be coupe-like and visually the car would fall in the Range Rover Sport category – a Range Rover Sport Coupe if you will. According [...]

The Porsche Panamera debuted in 2010, a stark departure from the traditional Porsche the world was accustomed to. A four-door, yes, four-door sedan that of course was luxury in every sense of the word and designed by a renowned eye in Michael Mauer. Similar to the SUV Cayenne, the Panamera also upset many Porsche purists as these two vehicles are clearly not two-door sports cars. Ironically enough the Cayenne has become the brand’s best-selling vehicle so despite this departure demand has clearly not waned.

Three weeks ago Porsche released some teaser images of the new Panamera set to come out later this year. Inspired by the 911, a redesigned rear with brand new LED lights and a LED strip that connects the two has loyal followers buzzing. The new version also appears more “rakish” than its predecessors but one glance at the side shows it is quite similar to this year’s model.

Matthias Muller, VW-Group [...]

Car maintenance is real, it’s a pain, and it’s an absolute necessity. If you can do it yourself, fantastic, if you need to pay a third party, fine as well. But it’s the maintenance, the regular check-ups, and the tracking that counts. So when one country rises above to claim the top spot according to car maintenance metrics, we’re all ears.

That country, that proud nation here in 2016 is drumroll please … the U.K.! The 30 million plus cars that are serviced each year in the U.K. are some of the best maintained cars on our planet. British motorists in fact spend an eye-popping 2.1 billion pounds per year on services and repairs.

Looking more closely, we are talking an average of 695 pounds per year taking care of their car, which is 12 percent more than the global average. As a result it should come as no surprise that the U.K. has fewer [...]

Airbnb for those who aren’t familiar has changed the way most Americans, or any nationality, travels. The concept is astonishingly simple – offer attractive lodging options parallel to traditional hotels/B&Bs/hostels and the like and watch supply expand and prices drop. Add in a ranking system which serves to easily identify the great deals from the lousy ones and you now have a new option for lodging when you travel.

So if humans need a place to “store” themselves when they travel, some other items that don’t necessarily breathe or have a heart beat could also fall into a similar category. Take for instance cars. Many car enthusiasts for example would relish the opportunity to invest and have a collector automobile but lack the storage space to keep it. Enter in This novel offering like Airbnb essentially pairs shelter-seeking car owners with garage owners who can spare the space (or better put, will rent it [...]

Way back, I mean way back in 2008, the then new Tesla roadster was reviewed by a prominent auto critic who will remain un-named to protect the integrity of this blog. His summary finding … a science experiment that was barely running which couldn’t survive a day at the Top Gear racetrack. Sounds rather ridiculous now in 2016 but even Mr. Musk has recently admitted that the Roadster project was a complete mess.

Now a 13 year old company, Musk reported that he thought Tesla only had a 10 percent chance of surviving. “We had no idea what we were doing” was a startling admission that Musk revealed weeks ago at an annual shareholder’s meeting. Musk wanted to put in 99 percent of Series A funding in the early days because he didn’t want to lose his friends’ and investors’ money. Chances were so low that the Tesla general felt a tremendous guilt from a [...]

The big difference between diesel and petrol engines is the petrol has what is known as a “spark ignition” whereas the diesel is an internal combustion engine where the ignition of the fuel has been injected into a combustion chamber. Without getting too technical this chamber is then initiated by the high temperatures that the gas achieves when the whole process is greatly compressed.

Since the 70’s the use of diesel engines specifically in the U.S. have been steadily risen. In the larger European Union diesel sales have accounted for 50% of the total sold within countries like France registering an impressive 70%. So while these numbers suggest a real demand, news out of Volvo is hybrids will now replace their entire (yes, their entire) diesel line … even in Europe.

Tough emission standards, especially on the other side of the pond, coupled with competition from high-efficiency gas hybrids is moving Volvo to an alternative [...]

As many of you already know, Waze is awesome, Waze saves us lots of time, and probably most important, Waze is very user-friendly. In fact, it might be the most user-friendly logistical application on the market and that’s saying a lot because there is some stiff competition popping up on the daily.

But now that Waze has literally dominated its industry the revolutionary app has its eyes firmly set on battling Uber and Lyft in the car-sharing arena. The navigation app is spinning out a carpooling service in San Francisco which will be available to 25,000 plus employees at pre-selected companies. Waze Rider will be similar to UberPool, which will allow customers to share an Uber with other nearby customers. However, unlike Uber which places the driver in a “for-hire” position, Waze Rider will occupy their own community-based navigation data to allow real-time connections between drivers with passengers whose destination lies along the same route [...]


“Lightweight” is what we’re all looking for, right? Light cuisine, light luggage, light laptops, TVs, cels, you name it. We also want to be lighter, no matter how slim we have gotten thanks to that grind of a diet and swimming. Well cars are no different. Lightweight designs have always been fashionable and desirable and when one speaks of lightweight typically automakers such as Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche leap to mind. One company that doesn’t, for example, would be a GM. Typically lauded for rough and tough quality, lightweight isn’t and hasn’t been in their wheelhouse … til now.

In an attempt to satisfy pending fuel-economy obligations, GM has surfaced as a lightweight leader, especially as it relates to mass-produced models that your typical American can afford. To date, seven production models are rumored to be lighter by roughly 350 pounds compared to their respective predecessors. For example, the Cadillac XT5 is a jaw-dropping [...]

If you have a house you probably have one. You say no house, I counter with an apartment, if you have one of those you also probably have one. No apartment? Do you have a rug, a rug for the love of everything holy! Yes, you have a rug so you have a vacuum cleaner.

No what if I told you the world’s premier maker of vacuum cleaners is entering into the world of electric car manufacturing. You’d say this blog has officially jumped the shark. Well no sharks have been jumped and you’re hearing it here first. Dyson, yes Dyson, the vacuum cleaner company has indeed entered talks to produce an electric car.

All culpability goes to the British government. Dyson has remained silent but the U.K. has released a statement regarding the company’s intentions to build what is called a Hoover Mover. Now, the British government has invested millions into this (taxpayer money [...]

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