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Ok, so raise your hand if this is the fifth time you’re reading about flypaper today. We knew it, and actually initially balked at the idea of more flypaper content. But we’re stubborn. And you’ll love it.

Automotive safety technology, designed to keep us safe and sound while traversing the world. It is a relatively well-known fact that U.S. auto accidents kill more Americans than wars have since this great country became a nation. An alarming 14 percent of accidents are pedestrians who basically find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. In response, car-makers have begun to fabricate cars with larger “bulbous” hoods or front ends because these types of designs have indeed helped to save pedestrian lives. But the impact is still far from significant.

Enter Google. And flypaper. So, when a car hits something or something, phase one is the impact, which can cause a lot of damage, and [...]

At this point ridesharing is ever present in most folk’s minds. From its nascent stages to Uber and Lyft, ridesharing has taken off as a viable alternative to traditional transportation. In 2016 GPS navigation devices determine location and desired routes, your smartphone communicates to request a ride, and social networks in turn serve to establish trust and accountability between drivers and passengers.

General Motors’ investment in Lyft and their launch of the car-sharing apparatus, Maven, has sparked interest in other auto makers to jump into the mix. Volkswagen is now on board with a $300 million investment in what is known as Gett. Formally referred to as GetTaxi, it is heavy in Europe but certainly not at the level of Uber or Lyft quite yet. Gett operates in roughly 60 cities around the globe (New York included) and with this new injection of capital has a real potential to compete with Uber and Lyft for [...]

The irony is many American bought automobiles are manufactured down south but subsequently must comply by U.S. standards. Those same plants however just manufacturer cheaper versions and sell them locally. There are global bodies seeking to remedy this giant safety gap not only in Latin America but parts of Asia as well, however like most things this is a political will issue that will only be solved via regulatory bodies.

Recently there has been lots of noise surrounding self-parking technology. Up to now it is mostly used for parallel parking, or similar situations to the traditional parallel parking movement. As you should probably be well aware of, parallel parking requires the automobile to be parked parallel to the curb and most folks need roughly six more feet than that of their car to park.

Self-parking cars, contrary to popular belief, are not completely autonomous. The driver still needs to control and regulate the speed of [...]

Although we cringe at the thought, we all have a greater likelihood of suffering a life-threatening accident behind the wheel or in a car than engaged in almost any other activity we take part in. We take for granted how dangerous the road can be especially considering our safety depends just as much on the ability of the guy next to us to control his car as ours.

Down south in Latin America it has been reported than some automakers are compromising safety for lower sticker prices. Sound frightening? It should be. Here in the U.S. we can be relatively assured that our cars will be equipped with stability control systems, anti-lock brakes, airbag systems, crumple zones or structures capable of diverting direct crash forces away from the automobile’s occupants.

In Mexico and Brazil for example some have posited that the car market down south resembles what ours looked like say 40 years ago. Little [...]

Banish buttons! Those were the cries heard from the carriages and fiddlers on horseback through Central London. Sound like something out of a Dicken’s tale? Well, perhaps it was, but as far as this blog is concerned, the banish buttons movement pertains to dashboard buttons and the larger question as to whether we are moving towards more clutter or clarity.

Today, car dashboard buttons (for some automakers) have been revolutionized to mimic the look and feel of our smartphones. Smartphones dictate how we interact with virtually everything and carmakers are following suit. Consumer preferences for vehicle interfaces that are similar to what is in their pocket is on the rise. Nor is this something that is only prevalent among the younger generations. Those 70 and over are also demanding the same.

Preferences in general towards speech and touch recognition are on the rise. Millennials especially are responding more favorably to multi-function controllers or touchpads, like [...]

Fiat is Italian. Italians like Fiat. Fiat likes Italians and as such directs their advertising towards Italian sensibilities. One such sensibility is a light-hearted perspective towards sex. In the U.S. this can come across as a light brushing of soft-porn sometimes, but then again we are the puritanical ones in this equation so it is only natural.

Take the two new commercial spots Fiat put out for their 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. One of them features an Italian couple, over 55, basking in their collective glow during a late afternoon but with a case of erectile dysfunction and a Viagra bottle … that’s empty. It is basically a continuation of the famous Super Bowl 2015 commercial for the Fiat 500X. It is a long ad, more than likely 20-30 seconds too long because we get the gist pretty early on but it works, especially in Italy, as it plays on the light-hearted stereotype of sex-crazed [...]

Tesla has been in the news for all the “right” things up to now, and rightly so. They are revolutionizing the automotive industry with a novel business model and an attractive offer (smartly designed roadsters) as well. They are definitely ruffling feathers which is always a good thing, but how they will respond to these latest allegations have us particularly interested.

Last week The Mercury News published a story surrounding Tesla’s use of foreign workers at a vehicle production plant located in Fremont, California. A specific individual, Gregor Lesnik, a Slovenian national was apparently contracted by a local construction company in Slovenia and subsequently told that he would need to be sent to the U.S. for work because there were no jobs within the company in Slovenia. He was sent with a B1 “Visitor for Business” visa which does not allow one to work with all the corresponding benefits. When Lesnick suffered an injury he [...]

The Best Car Maintenance Advise

The Best Auto Care Advise

Advice, advice, the best advice!

We know, the internet is chalk full of car tips and tricks to keep your most valued asset (maybe not, but sounds good) humming at tip-top shape. While we risk sounding redundant here with our tips, we’ve been in the business for a while and feel strongly that if you are going to follow anyone’s advice stick with ours!

Clean Brake Dust

This is big folks. Brake dust contains an assortment of gunk and grime and leaving it too long will cause some ugly long-term problems. A simple damp sponge and cold water will do the trick.

Tire Pressure

One that most frequently forget. Once a week is ideal, although we understand this can be a lot to ask. Bad tire pressure however will affect your car’s fuel economy, comfort and handling. Over time this adds up to lots of dollars.

Engine Belts

There are a series of rubber [...]

For those who don’t follow the automobile industry that closely the name Magna Steyr might appear to be a mad scientist working on revolutionizing the next Audi coupe, a rouge CEO out to overtake BMW, or a stunt double for Matt Damon in the eighth and final chapter (probably not) of the Bourne series. Sadly enough, all scenarios are dead wrong. Rather, Magna Steyr is the largest contract manufacturer for automobiles in the world. They engineer, develop and assemble cars for other companies on a contract basis with its principal production base in Graz, Austria.

Pretty cool, right? So even cooler, they have just signed on to build a new roadster jointly developed by BMW and Toyota. The successor to the Z4, the car is slated to roll out 60,000 units in conjunction with the Toyota Supra’s replacement. BMW already stated that it will end production of its Mini Paceman and Countryman in Austria and [...]

In a previous post we discussed Mitsubishi’s recent issues surrounding the overstating of fuel-efficiency for some of its fleet for a mind-boggling two decades. When one really digs into the issue, the cover-up, amount of players involved, and the sheer will to continue with this over not three years, seven years, fourteen years, but twenty plus years is a scandal that on paper would absolutely crush a company.

Mitsubishi appears to be weathering the storm quite well thus far. Last week some more news sprung forth which needless to say was a bit more positive. Nissan has announced a strategic partnership with its Japanese competitor in which they will take a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi totaling JPY237 billion. Over the past five years the two companies have aligned and will now extend this alliance into areas such as purchasing, technology-sharing, occupying common vehicle platforms, joint plant utilization among others.

With this purchase Nissan will [...]

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