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How Does A Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty Work?

The staff at Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty follows a tried-and-true philosophy; we are here to ease your mind. Auto repair bills can hurt not only your savings, but also your peace of mind. That is why Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty vehicle service contracts are extremely simple to use. Experiencing a breakdown on your vehicle and needing to pay thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses is not an easy experience for anyone. With Delta Auto Protect Warranty, your covered repair costs will be taken care of. All you would have to do, is choose a repair facility.

Delta Auto Protect Auto Warranty allows you to go to any ASE certified mechanic or dealership of your choice. That is the extent of what you would have to do. Your mechanic will contact our award winning staff at Delta Auto Protect with the [...]

When you purchase a used car, it may or may not have time left on the original manufacturer warranty. If the vehicle is already passed the terms of its original warranty, an extended auto warranty may be the best way to provide coverage for your auto

    When you purchase a used car, it may or may not have time left on the original manufacturer warranty. If the vehicle is already passed the terms of its original warranty, an extended auto warranty may be the best way to provide coverage for your vehicle. These warranties may also be called an extended service contract.

Every car that comes off the production line is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. The terms and lengths of these warranties vary based on the manufacturer; but when you are purchasing pre-owned vehicle you will only be eligible for whatever time is left on the manufacturer’s coverage. [...]

Buying an extended car warranty does not have to be difficult to do, with the right people behind you. When you go in to purchase a vehicle, you’re looking for something you love, something that is in great shape and that doesn’t cost a lot of money out of your pocket. However, when you find the car, and actually sit down to purchase it, the talk of extended car warranties will come up. If you do decide that you want to have one, then you should be prepared to speak about some of your options available.

Purchasing the Extended Car Warranty

When you sit down with the car dealer, and speak about the specific coverages, you can then get a feel for what is being offered. When you talk with them, make sure to let them know what you’d like to have covered – whether it is the smaller stuff, or just the [...]

Do I Need an Extended Auto Warranty?

Do I Need an Extended Car or Auto Warranty?

Do I Need an Extended Auto Warranty?

Often times this question comes up, because many people are unsure of whether or not they need to purchase an extended car warranty. This is something that definitely depends on what you feel comfortable and the most at peace with when it comes to the coverage that is on your vehicle. When choosing an extended warranty, you’re choosing to have something that is going to cover many different things for your vehicle, that you’d have to pay out of pocket for otherwise.

Consider some of these questions to ask yourself, and then decide if purchasing an extended car warranty is right for you.

Are you on a fixed budget?

Those on a fixed budget may find themselves enjoying the benefits of having the warranty to cover any problems that happen with the vehicle. However, knowing that you have an affordable warranty that covers a decent amount is [...]

Five Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Getting the Extended Warranty

Extended car warranties are offered to everyone, everywhere when purchasing a new or used vehicle off the lot. They might come in handy, since they do cover those unexpected costs that you might not have taken into consideration when purchasing the vehicle. However, how do you know that you’re getting the right warranty? What should you ask them before signing on with it? These are all valid questions, and with these five questions, you can clear up some information regarding the warranty you’re about to purchase.

Your 5 Warranty Questions to Ask

1. Who is Backing the Warranty You’re Going to Purchase?

While this might seem like a silly question, some companies that back warranties might not be as reputable as you may think. If at all possible, you want the automaker to back the warranty you’re going to be purchasing to give you extra [...]

Is an Extended Warranty Different for a Car Than for Recreational Vehicles?

Recreational Vehicle Extended Coverage Warranties

Is an Extended Warranty Different for a Car Than for Recreational Vehicles?

If you’ve ever purchased a new or used vehicle, then you know that the extended warranty is offered and it is in option to cover some of the extras that might need to be done to the vehicle. However, when it comes time to purchase recreational vehicles, you might not have known that extended warranties can also be offered and purchased for these. It is ideal to know more about this type of coverage though, and know what you’re getting when it comes to covering the recreational aspect of your life.

Recreational Vehicle Extended Coverage Warranties

Much like used or new vehicle extended coverage warranties, recreational vehicles are covered in the same manner. They have the same type of coverages with specific ones that cover one thing or another, while also providing different warranty companies to choose from.

However, unlike vehicle extended warranties, [...]

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General. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE. By participating in this contest, sponsored by Delta Auto Protect (“the Sponsor”), the participant acknowledges and agrees to all of these Official Rules. Contest begins on Friday January 15th at 10:00 am and ends Tuesday February 2nd at 5:00 pm. All times in this contest refer to Eastern Time. By participating in the contest, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by all decisions of the Sponsor, whose decisions are at its sole discretion and are binding and final. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification from [...]

Are you buying a new car and undecided on whether to avail of an extended auto warranty? This is a repair coverage that would kick in after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. It will cover most major breakdowns and protect you against the rising costs of repairs, since automotive parts and labors fluctuate over time.

So why should you avail of an extended auto warranty? Here are the top four reasons:

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the top reason why many people choose to buy an extended car warranty is the peace of mind that it gives them. Like in other forms of protection like life insurance and homeowner’s insurance, you hope you will never need the extended auto coverage but you will be glad to have invested in the safety net when an unexpected vehicle breakdown occurs.

When you buy an extended warranty for your new car, you are not hoping for an engine overhaul [...]

When you buy a car, you should also buy an extended vehicle warranty insurance that can give you protection once your manufacturer’s warranty expires. Having an extended car warranty will save you money as you will be protected against costly repairs, and more importantly keep your vehicle in good running condition.

In buying an extended vehicle warranty, there are five things you should look for:

No Small Claim Limits

The extended vehicle warranty insurance that you should get must have no small clam limits. Whether it’s a mechanical trouble that doesn’t cost a lot of money like a faulty spark plug or a leaky radiator, you should be able to make a claim and the warranty firm must cover the expenses.

After all, you are to pay the warranty insurance for a reason and the warranty firm must make good on its promise.


Before you buy an extended car warranty, make sure you understand [...]

Are you preparing for a long road trip? Any responsible driver will prepare his or her vehicle for a long road trip. Here are some of the things that you should do to prepare your vehicle for an out of town travel:

One Month Before

You should schedule a major repair or maintenance work a month before your long road trip. You may think that’s too much of time, but it would help you in the long run as you would still have time to bring the car to the shop in case any problems related to the repair become apparent.

You should also check the coolant if you are headed to a destination that is a lot warmer or cooler than your place. Have your mechanic check the vehicle coolant’s mixture of antifreeze and water to ensure that your car is properly protected.

Check your tires and make sure these are inflated to the [...]

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