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In Part II we’re going to continue reporting on race circuit inventions that eventually made their way to your Hyundai.

Carbon Fiber

In the late 70s a Formula One team sought to shrink the chassis of a car to make room for aerodynamic elements within the underbody of the car. Increased performance was the obvious objective, but a giant problem stood in the way – a slimmed-down chassis fabricated from aluminum wouldn’t be stiff enough.

A designer by the name of John Barnard was working on this, had heard of something called carbon fiber, dug into it a bit more, and in conjunction with British Aerospace employed the material on a F1 chassis. The result was a McLaren MP4/1, debuting in 1981 and subsequently winning the British Grand Prix. Today, all F1 cars have a carbon fiber chassis and while we see street cars with the same, they are still few and far [...]

Everything on, in, attached to and being emitted from your car was tested, piloted and tinkered on for years prior to arriving to you. Much of this testing process occurs in confined labs, but believe it or not, race cars and the circuits they run in are also virtual testing grounds, giving birth to many innovations that are now simply commonplace in everyday vehicles.

In this two-part post we are going to look at some timely pieces of race technology that have found their way to your garage.


At its core, turbocharging occupies an exhaust-driven compressor to in turn drive air into the engine. In 1962 GM introduced turbocharging to a Chevy Corvair and an Oldsmobile F85. This was a big deal back in 62 as the turbocharging rage didn’t really take form until the 70s when Porsche ran its 917/10 and 917/30 Can-Am cars. By the time the 80s rolled [...]

It is typical to be attracted first to a car based on the aesthetics alone. This is plain human to be honest. We are a visual species, like to look, and in the case of cars imagine ourselves in them, driving about, wind in our hair, kids quiet and obedient in the back seat. But another key component when considering that next great ride is safety.

The view through the side and rear glass is the first stop on the safety check. If you cannot easily and quickly get a good eyeshot of what’s coming your way so you can safely change lanes, merge onto a highway or maneuver safely into a parking spot, you’re dead (figuratively speaking of course).

An interesting twist with all this is as cars have become safer via thicker roof pillars for example, the thickness has compromised the space necessary to achieve a clear view out the side [...]

Breaking off with the “B’s,” Bentley leads the way …


The Mulsanne, Flying Spur, Bentayga … sound like a circus group? Might as well be, driving a Bentley better feel like a circus because the cost alone will have you wondering how the heck you’ll eat that night. Or not, because odds are if you got the cash for a Bentley, you got the cash for lots of stuff. Take it from us, the infotainment you’re getting with Bentley is nothing short than spectacular. But beware, their older infotainment centers are quite dated, and despite the exterior and interior plush, those systems perform poorly. Choose well with Bentley … choose new. 


If you haven’t heard of iDrive by now you must have been living, sleeping, working, and virtually commuting from a cave. BMW’s award-winning infotainment center continues to draw praise from nearly every conceivable entity, and the newer 5 Series, 7 Series, 3 [...]

Buckle up loyal readers. Don’t ever say we never added value to your lives, those of your family, children, grandchildren, friends and co-workers you can’t stand seeing every day, but you work with them, so suck it up. You add value to all their lives too through posts like this one. Know why? Because we’re going to report over the coming month (2 Parts at a time) on every single major auto brand’s infotainment console. That’s right, this blog will serve as your one-stop resource for timely information on infotainment consoles, listed per brand. Don’t believe us, well let’s start with Acura …


The On-Demand Multi-Information Display is a two-screen infotainment system featuring 8 inches on top and 7 on the bottom. Supporting both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Acura has hauled in a handful of accolades over the years for this specific set-up. The newest Acura – 2019 RDX Crossover – comes [...]

If you’re French, please take this as a disclaimer. We’re not saying your automobile industry is sub par or anything of the sort. But let’s be honest here. We’re friends at this point, you’ve been reading us for awhile now. When I say, “French auto performance,” do you nod your head or cock it ever so slightly to the side? You cock it, don’t you. Of course, you do, because unlike a phrase such as “fine French cuisine,” the French are not known for their auto excellence. This isn’t to say there are not some darn good cars coming out of this European giant, steeped in history. But not as many that would warrant a catch phrase like “French auto performance.”

Peugeot for one would like you to think otherwise, and the French automaker has done a lot in recent years to turn some folks around. Having last sold cars in the U.S. in 1991, [...]

In Part I we ended with the Mexican wire harness example. Sure, one could argue that making it more expensive for Mexican wire harnesses would then make it attractive for local wire harness makers to scale. But that would take time, and automakers don’t have a lot of time to spare. In fact, the wire harness is one of the first things you install when putting together a car. Eliminating these or cutting back drastically would have drastic repercussions.

Some argue that as an economy we cannot be so dependent on outside, cheap labor to supply these items. But the counter to that is you can do everything in-house, Stateside, but be prepared to pay more for the end-product because labor costs are higher. Another component that comes from Mexico are finished cars and trucks. Roughly 2.7 million were imported from Mexico last year and this equates to big bucks. This is also 1 [...]

Tariff talk is heating up again. When has it slowed down, you ask? It really hasn’t, and now we’re back to tariff talk with Mexico. As an auto blog we thought it would be prudent to try and clear some things up. Every single auto manufacturing factory in the U.S. depends highly on parts from Mexico to build their cars. The proposed tariff of 25% is rattling auto industry insiders for good reason. At 25% this could raise costs stateside – tens of billions of dollars to be exact. That’s a lot of dinero and many are concerned to say the least.

The big question whenever tariffs are proposed is who ultimately pays for them. In this case, it is likely that those costs will not be absorbed, no matter how small, by the manufacturers. So, who pays? That would be you and me – the taxpayer. A Deutsche Bank analyst posited that tariffs [...]

Car owners are a fickle bunch. We like new and shiny, fast and sexy, but also enjoy reliable and safe, sturdy and inexpensive to maintain. Guess what? You can’t have both! Well, perhaps some models can get close to checking all these boxes, but anything that is over 5 years old in the car world is officially “not sexy,” and not new.

Today we’re going to talk about those rides, that despite having had their heyday in terms of new and shiny, are still sticking around and making a name for themselves 200,000 miles in. It’s honestly quite a feat, hitting that 200,000-mile mark and bulldozing through. Not many brands nor models can achieve this, and as you’ll see on the list, it’s no surprise that many of these belong to the same brand family. And we’re off!

The good people at dove into an absolutely exhaustive research project, pouring over the 2018 [...]

Auto technology has come a long way. Back in the day you’d be lucky to be able to choose your favorite artist or song to listen to while cruising. Nowadays, that of course is possible. Back in the day if you wanted a paint job, the color pallet was rather minimal. Nowadays, you can go metallic yellow, Barbie pink, purple octopus or just plain cupcake cream. Back in the day when you got a flat you had to change the tire or patch and pump. Nowadays when you get a flat, you must change the tire or patch and pump. See what we did there? It’s the same sentence!

Granted, tires have evolved greatly, are much more sophisticated, last a long, long time and most of all, keep us safe. But just as they were filled with air 70 years ago, they’re still filled with air in 2019. Michelin for one however is not 100% [...]

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