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Collectibles that don’t break the bank (Part II of II)

You don’t want to break the bank. Breaking the bank means your family is pissed and you’re broke. But if you want to stretch the bank – stretch not break – read on.

Real McCoy Chevrolet Corvette Replica

The 1956 Corvette is an absolute icon. This is nothing new to those Vette heads, or racing heads in general. The lines on this car were so unique that few even attempted to mimic them. They were up to be mimicked, but this car is super unique and completely at its own level. Now, this is a replica obviously, but a darn good one.

Featuring a 307 CI engine and a special cam that is a Chevy secret, this ride went through a battery of tests to get it right. The Vette took a title at Sebring and for a cool $85,000 you could have this puppy sitting in your driveway tomorrow.

1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible

The Beetle had a nice run, wouldn’t you agree? It’s too bad it was discontinued, but the great thing about discontinued cars is the older versions immediately become collector’s items. This 1979 model is a convertible, and as such one of the most sought after of all Beetles. This specific car only has a shocking 174 miles on it, has always been maintained in a climate-controlled environment, and the actual convertible top has never even been lowered! Sounds a bit extreme, that’s a lot of tender loving care. But that has resulted in a highly valued ride, and it will likely go down when all is said and done as one of the 50 most valuable Beetles ever sold.

1911 Ford Phaeton

Experts expect the Phaeton to fetch at a high, $125,000. But it is more likely that it will move in the $90,000 range. Originally part of the Blackie Gejeian Collection, this 1911 ride was even part of the hot rod circuit in the ‘70s and ‘80s. For the gear freaks out there, this car has a Brass Era radiator support, a two-piece windshield, cowl-mounted coach lights and some amazing looking headlights.

The steering wheel pays homage to the mid- ‘70s, but the ride in general is unmistakably 1911.

1964 Peel Trident

Ok, here is something most cars on this list can’t lead off with – the Trident was originally listed in Time’s list of the “50 Worst Cars Ever.” Yet, folks caught on and while silly looking, the Trident has gained a following. Oddly enough, there is a smaller version of this car, the Peel P50. That model is officially known as the world’s smallest car. Roughly 86 of these were built and only 10 to 15 are estimated to remain. For something that scarce you’re looking at a $90,000 – $100,000 price point.

1986 Citroën BX 4TC

It’s not the prettiest gal on the block, but with only 40 around, it’s scarce and that justifies the price with the 4TC. Talk about an odd ride, futuristic in its styling, but the styling does not stand the test of time. This 1986 model looks like a double car from Back to the Future, but not nearly as sleek.

The good news is the 4TC features a powerful turbocharged engine and novel (for the time) four-wheel drive. If you’re into hydraulic suspensions, and have $80,000 sitting around, this is for you.

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