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Cop cars rule for a reason (Part I of II)

Know what’s necessary in any society? Water is one. Water is nice to have and a necessity at that. Streets are also needed. Paved or dirt, passageways that guide transport and pedestrians are a common functioning piece of any society. Know what else? Cops, the badge, the long arm of the law, the police. That’s right, the police. Why are they needed? Well, if you’re a bad guy or gal the cops aren’t your cup of tea. But for the rest of us, the police’s sole purpose is to protect us from the bad elements in society. Maintain law and order. Keep things working and moving on the up and up. And while cops are necessary, even more necessary are their rides.

A cop on foot can do a lot. After all, they have batons, guns and radios. But a cop with access to a souped-up police ride, now that’s a different ballgame. A cop car inherently needs to be more powerful than the average ride. If you’re making a getaway in a Ferrari, while a cop might not be able to technically catch you, they better be able to keep up. But more than simply speed, let’s look as to how a police ride is superior to most cars.

First up are the doors. Most police car doors have been modified to stop armor-piercing bullets. Granted, many of us will never be pursued by folks shooting armor-piercing bullets, but U.S. Department of Justice requires cop rides to be able to withstand a barrage of AK-47 rounds. Noted!

Second, something known as StarChase is outfitted on the front of police cars which is a laser of sorts. The system can shoot a device that affixes itself to the rear of the car being chased. High-speed chases have been cut down significantly thanks to this technology because the car being chased can now be tracked thanks to this device. It is no longer necessary to go screaming through traffic while the news helicopter monitors from above.

Stay tuned for Part II as some of these features will have you wishing you’ve chosen law enforcement as a profession.

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