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Cop cars rule for a reason (Part II of II)

In Part II we continue detailing why a cop’s ride blows yours out of the water (no offense).

Another sweet feature are steel intrusion plates. These are built-in (the interior) and protect officers from any foul play by criminals from behind (while seated in the car). Believe it or not the hit show “Cops,” deemed by some to be the first reality show ever, exposed the danger many policemen/women face while in their car driving with a criminal in the back. The sliding glass window can only do so much. What was also needed was steel built into the seats to protect the cop’s back from the naughty figure behind them.

Next is a cool feature made by Ford. This is the Police Interceptor Utility and its original implementation was on a modified Explorer.  Although the title is a bit vague, cars outfitted with the Police Interceptor Utility can withstand crashes in vehicles traveling up to 75-miles-per-hour. This is specific to the rear of the car, so if the cop car has this worked in trying to ram it from behind won’t result in much.

If you’re an officer of the law and riding in a Dodge for example, then you’ll be thrilled to know that the Dodge feature, Rear Cross Path Detection, serves as an ambush warning system that alerts cops to movement on the side of their car or behind. Sadly, ambushes have crept up in prevalence over the years. In fact, there have even been some outright assassinations of police while simply sitting in their cars. This feature is a virtual lifesaver, and a welcome one at that.

Getting back to Ford for a second, the U.S. manufacturer also counts on a “silent-mode” system which makes cop rides very difficult to see at night. This is especially helpful as many police rely on the element of surprise to catch bad guys and gals. Sticking out like some Pokemon running down the street is not ideal. Being a bit more stealth never hurt anyone, and in this case, will help many.

Lastly, speed. Many police departments are secretive as to how they have been able to increase the speed in their cars by such dramatic rates. But they have, and many police cars can hit 0 to 60 mph in less than 5.5 seconds. While of course you’ll find some faster rides, this is a highly respectable time and one that is desperately needed when tracking down criminals.

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