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Copycats everywhere (Part II of II)

Part I was chalk full of copycats, these cats keep meowing however …

Rolls-Royce Phantom vs Geely GM

This one is too much. Honestly, how do you copy a Phantom? How do you copy a Phantom and then price it between $35,000 to $40,000? First unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2009, the similarities were laughable. The car was then restyled and rebadged as the Emgrand Geely, which is Geely’s luxury brand. The grills on both the Phantom and GE are identical. Identical! But as with the other rip-offs, that’s where it stops. One feel of the GE cabin and it’s clear – you’re not in a Phantom.

Lexus RX vs BYD S7

This one is not as egregious as the rest. Similarities abound, but it’s not in your face, and nothing like the Geely GM/Phantom, that’s for sure. The shared characteristics do jump out however around the same curved windows, the tail-lights, and the spoiler, no doubt. But BYD did a nice copy job here – it’s a copy, don’t get us wrong, but a well-disguised one.

Jeep Cherokee vs BAIC X424

This looks as if the two cars were somehow fused together on the assembly line as they share a lot in common, but not from that initial first glance. In fact, from the side the BAIC looks to have ripped off the Jeep Wrangler, not a Cherokee, which is more rugged than the Cherokee.  At the end of the day it’s a good-looking vehicle however, but it’s not a Cherokee, we repeat, not a Cherokee.

Audi A6 vs JAC A6

Ok, suffice it to say, if you’re going to rip off an Audi model let’s not name it the same, right? Wrong, JAC went full in on the A6 and while the model name is identical, the exterior is the only semblance of an Audi here. It would appear that the 2011 model is what JAC was going for with the grill and headlights being distinctly Audi.

Porsche Cayman vs Eagle

The Eagle is an electric option from the company Suzhou. Known simply as Eagle, this car has been touted as the future of the electric industry in China but it is hard to escape how similar it looks to the Cayman. Now, with full disclosure, this car is rumored to have a tiny battery that can rev the Eagle up to just 70mph coupled with a 160-mile range. But the worst part about this copy is the Porsche golden shield logo. The similarities are scary.

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