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Dealerships need top talent

Its 2019 and ask any young person what they see themselves doing once they graduate and enter the workforce, odds are theyll either tell you something that youve literally never heard of or mention something tech related. Getting my 8year-old to put down his tablet for a second can incite a fiery back-and-forth that might result in cereal being tossed or worse. Yet, although tech has consumed everything, in many ways there are still a host of traditional jobs out there that will invariably be filled, and the auto sector has plenty to offer.

Car dealerships have seen sales margins decline in recent years. There are many reasons for this, but the path moving forward is human capital centric. People need to work smarter and the talent needs to be greater. Top salespeople, technicians, etc are in great demand and while finding them is the easy part, attracting them to the auto sector is where some tweaks need to be made.

In the car world dealers now speak of something known as the brand tax. Dealers dont have the best reputation, especially among millennials. As such, the pay a brand tax, which often means they are paying over market value on the recruitment side. Yet, what if dealers did more to attract fresh graduates with talent to their respective dealership? Revamping the website so it is external-facing, attractive and compelling. Including information on the site surrounding career opportunities, why the dealership culture is a special place, career paths and benefits. This is something that is currently only being done by a select few across the States.

Second, top talent doesnt review job boards. Theyre top talent for a reason so if you want them to work at a dealership, you need to arrive to them. Job fairs, alliances with universities, many times it is the banking, retail and tech sectors that dominate these areas, arriving to top talent before anyone else and not surprisingly, poaching them. If the auto-sector is to become more people-first, competing at these job fairs and offering internships with universities needs to be a priority.

Lastly, so many times the role of HR at a dealership is administrative. Processing payroll, onboarding new hires, etc. HR needs to go from a processing agent to a recruiting agent, actively seeking out new talent, akin to a sports talent scout. Marketing the position and subsequently identifying the high-flyers is the only way to compete these days. If tech and the others can do it, surely the auto industry can follow suit.

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