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The Diamond Plus is a more advanced upgrade of the basic Diamond Cover and is especially for high end vehicles. This cover comes at a slightly higher price but you get value for every extra cent. The Diamond Plus Cover will cover all your repair costs and entitle you to quick emergency response any time you need it not forgetting that extra polish in all our services. As with all coverages, please refer to our sample service program or discuss with an account specialist today to verify all details of coverage. We strive for complete transparency and customer satisfaction.

2016-audi-a7-tdi-quattro-photo-646577-s-986x603How the Diamond Plus Covers you

  • With the plan, you will be able to maintain and increase your vehicle’s resale value.
  • Saves you a lot on abrupt and unforeseen repair costs.
  • Reduces the vehicle lease or hire penalties you could have been charged for cosmetic damage to the vehicle.

Advantages of the cover, based on your Location


You will be assured of 24/7 Locksmith services when and if you can’t get access to your vehicle due to lost or damaged keys.


In case of any issues with your vehicle, give us a call on our toll free number and a towing vehicle will be dispatched your way covering all repairs, on our bill of course.

Trip Interruption

In the event that the covered repairs will not be completed on time and you are forced to spend the night from home, we will reimburse you for food and accommodation.

Out of gas

When your fuel tank runs dry while you are traveling, give us a call and we will deliver the fuel to you at no extra cost.

Dead Battery

You will be able to call for and get emergency battery Jumpstarts round the clock for those moments your battery life comes to an abrupt end.

Rental car

If you bring your car over for covered repairs which will take more than a day, we will reimburse you up to $50 per day for a rental car.

24/7/365 Services

Our customer care and emergency services are available round the clock all through the year even on holidays. With our cover, you drive without any worries because you know we got your back any time, every day.


EPS_Belt_Drive_2013-001We Cover all the internal parts of the steering gear box including the Rack and Pinion Box, Power cylinder and the power steering pump and will pay for repairs for damages arising from internal faults. Other parts within the steering which are covered under this cover include the steering wheel itself and the Rack and Pinion Gear Housings.


The Diamond Plus package covers damages to the engine and all the internal lubricated engine parts such as the pistons and piston rings, connecting rings and connecting bearings, the crankshaft, timing gears and valves, valve guides and valve lifters. The dipstick and oil tube also goes on our bill if damaged.

Electrical System

You won’t have to worry anymore of when your vehicle’s electrical system does not function properly or stops functioning altogether from internal faults, we got you covered, literally. We pay for alternator, starter, voltage regulator, A/C heater blower motor.

Drive axle

Diamond Plus covers the drive axle and the internal lubricated parts within from damage or failure. Locking hubs and drive shafts are also covered in the plan.

Brake system

It offers more coverage on most parts of the brake system like the Master and Wheel Cylinders, Power brakes, Compensating valve and fittings. We undertake to pay for all repairs to these parts which may be caused by road hazard or related causes at no extra cost to you.

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