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For only slightly more than you would pay for Diamond Plus, the Diamond Premier is every driver’s or car owner’s dream. Diamond Premier is our most valuable and beneficial Vehicle Service Contract very popular among luxury and top of the range vehicle owners. With this cover, you get VIP Access to our round the clock customer care services and emergency assistance whenever you require. As with all coverages, please refer to our sample service program or discuss with an account specialist today to verify all details of coverage. We strive for complete transparency and customer satisfaction.

2016-mercedes-benz-c450-a-30_1600x0wWhat Diamond Premier covers

Dead battery

Low battery charge? No problem. Battery not functioning? OK. We provide emergency battery Jumpstarts or repairs any time your battery runs low or stops working while you are on the road.


If your car keys get lost or damaged, we have a Locksmith on standby who will help you gain entry to your house or car, real fast.

Out of gas

When your fuel runs low when not near a gas station, we have a fuel delivery van on standby 24/7 at your service. And you won’t have to cough up any extra coin.

Air Conditioning

We cover a huge range of air conditioning parts including the compressor, clutch, and evaporator. This is exclusive only to Diamond Plus members and a welcome addition to our cover package.

Mercedes-Benz-ML-Interior-0GPS Repairs

The Diamond Premier Cover also foots the bill for your vehicle’s GPS devices repairs and servicing and includes the most common device makes such as Sony

Seals and Gaskets

We cover seals and gaskets.

Electrical system

Your vehicle’s electrical system including the alternator, voltage regulator and the motor, solenoid and drive starters will be repaired on our bill in case of any damages.

733952-turbocharger-garrett-turbo-733952-turbo-chargers-all-733952-turbos-are-exchange-28200-4a101-kia-sorento-2.5-crdi-140-bhp-02-engine-d4cb-2522-pSuper Turbo Charger

We cover all types of Super Turbo Chargers under the condition that it must have come with the vehicle from the Factory. Basically, repairs to the Housing and all parts within paid for by us, you don’t even have to remove your wallet.


The engine is covered under Diamond Premier more so the internal parts like the pistons, piston rings, connecting rods and their bearings, valves, valve guides and valve lifters to name just a few. Engine failure has never been so stress free.


The transmission case and all lubricated parts within such as Torque Converter, Transmission mount and vacuum modulator are fully covered and all repairs on our bill.


The steering wheel itself and the parts within the steering gear box like the power steering pump and power cylinder are comprehensively covered by the Diamond Premier. Some of the other parts also covered are the pitman and idler arms and the Drag Link.

Brake system

We cover the brake system including the master cylinder, the wheel cylinder and power brake. When your brakes stop working stop stressing and give us a call chances are we will pay for the repairs.

Drive Axle

Diamond Premier cover holders will have their drive axles and parts within fully covered including the Locking Hubs and Drive shafts. The Constant Velocity Joint is covered too except when a contaminated Constant Velocity boot was the cause for failure.

Trip Interruptions

For all interruptions to your travels due to covered mechanical issues happening more than 50 miles away from your home, we pay for you and your family’s food and accommodation for the night.

Rental car

If repairs to your vehicle are not finished in the required time, we will refund you some money to cover car rental costs for some days.


For any problem or when your car stalls during a trip, let us know immediately (our number is toll free by the way) and we will send the nearest towing service your way.

24/7/365 Service

Our customer care team and our specialists are available throughout the day, week and year round and ready to give you the assistance you need every day, holidays and weekends inclusive. In case of anything, we are just a call away.

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