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Don’t worry about a Delta Auto Protect Scam

Don’t Worry About A Delta Auto Protect Scam

The Internet is overflowing with content, and every day more and more is added and often without a filter. While a great deal of the web’s information provides valuable tips to consumers, a lot of it is deceptive and confusing. If you’ve read about a potential Delta Auto Protect scam, you need to know how to tell the difference between real reviews and black-hat SEO or online marketing.

But Who is behind it all?

There could be many culprits. The automotive warranty business is highly competitive, and many unscrupulous businesses will go to any lengths to gain an advantage over their competition. Many hire people to post false complaints on popular auto forums and message boards regarding made-up issues associated with one or all of their competitors. Just recently Amazon has admitted that many of their reviews are false and are under internal review. Usually, the authors of these posts have never even worked with the company they’re writing about, but are instead working from a paid script.

It’s no different than when a politician says untrue remarks about his competitor in hopes that affects their “poll” ratings. In this case, the ratings are the search results and the polls are sites like ripoff report which allow anyone to slander anyone without warrant.

Unfortunately, these despicable black-hat SEO marketing techniques can have a chilling effect on the business of reputable companies, such as DELTA AUTO PROTECT, causing many potential customers to turn away for fear that they may fall victim to a supposed Delta Auto Protect scam.

What should you believe?

Instead of believing some random post written by some anonymous author, put your faith in some of the best business evaluating companies in the country:

Consumer Affairs

Trust Pilot

Our commitment to excellence has not been unnoticed by other highly reputable organizations such as the aforementioned. We are also highly regarded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

We are also accredited by the Online Business Bureau.


About Delta Auto Protect

Delta Auto Protect is one of the largest and most established extended vehicle service companies in North America. We have been the go to company for customers since extended auto warranties have first become part of after (extended auto warranty) market. When customers want reliable, comprehensive coverage and ASE certified mechanics for their autos, cars, trucks, and vans. Since the start, our goal has been to provide exceptional personal customer service, eliminate headaches and hassles, and develop the gold standard for extended service plans.

And how do we do it? It actually begins with you. We make it our priority to provide exceptional money saving deals and back that up with ongoing professional service. We look at things from your perspective and we do our best to accommodate your concerns and needs. Then, we go above and beyond to deliver exactly that experience to every person that has one of our active plans. For more information visit: https://deltaautoprotect.com

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