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Driving a car off the lot – no longer attractive

Consider this one of the first questions we ask (or at least consider) when purchasing a car is the motor. Horsepower, torque, speed, acceleration, these are top of mind inquiries and if the answer coincides with what were seeking then we stick around and keep the conversation going.

But if the electric vehicle (EV) future is truly upon us, then the motor wont be an issue. Sure, there will be different types ofelectric options, but people will be seeking an experience more than simply a quick ride. Tailor Made is Ferraris high-end (of course its high-end, its Ferrari) custom design program, allowing customers to create their own car using bespoke materials and a host of colors. The result an experience. Clients log on, create their car and are then invited to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy or a Tailor Made center in Shanghai to see the process at work. The best part about it as the car is being constructed if you dont like something or feel it needs a change, you can guide the direction in real-time.

Ferrari isnt the only player jumping into this sphere. Volkswagen has a program known as Spektrum, an initiative out of Canada where via an online chart, owners of Golf R models can pay an extra $2,500 and subsequently choose between 40 colors to outfit their new ride. Special, Spektrum-only colors such as Prussian Blue, Rasberry Red and Squirrel Gray are only available to members. At Audi, a similar offer is available, but it is not advertised, nor does it have a name like Tailor Made or Spektrum. Rather, Audi owners can pay an extra $3,900 and choose from an array of colors from a oneofa-kind palate. A neat offer with Audi is you can choose a color, any color, and Audi will do its best to match it. Exact matches are tough, but they get pretty darn close.

Over the long-term the industry has its eyes set on using advanced software to manage car control systems. Derive, out of Florida, is tinkering with this and believes that large manufacturers, apart fromTesla, have had trouble adapting their offers to an ever-changing, increasingly demanding public. Tesla is a tech company that chose to manufacture cars. Every other manufacturer is now trying to become a tech company. Future competitors or spin-off factions like that of Tailor Made and Spektrum will need to design with the same language as that of a smart-phone. Thats the road forward, no doubt about it.

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