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E-racing (Part I of II)

It’s likely safe to bet we all have either attended or seen on a TV an auto race. Many point to baseball as the American pastime but this blogger disagrees. The true American pastime, more American than apple pie, chocolate shakes, baseball or hanging out at the mall (a sad truth), is auto racing.

Auto racing at this stage in the game is global and growing. Nearly every developed nation has an auto racing circuit and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Folks absolutely love fast cars, daring turns, the thrill of the race and the competitive fire that auto racing brings. As with anything, as time has progressed, the sport has morphed and evolved, and that evolution today is now turning electric.

Electric motorsport, otherwise known as E-racing, is auto racing at it’s finest, but quieter. The first known (recorded) victory of an E-vehicle over a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle was at the Formula Student competition at the Silverstone Circuit way back in 2013. Later on in 2015 an E-car won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and in January of 2017 an E-car took part in the Paris-Dakar Rally, completing a harrowing circuit that was roughly 5,600 miles through Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. The car was equipped with a 250 kW engine (340 horsepower) and a powerful 150 kW battery.

The international Formula E series is now entering its 5th season and for the first time ever multiple Tesla vehicles will be competing in the Electric Production Car Series, a FIA-sanctioned event. Founded in 1904, the FIA’s initial purpose was to govern from a safety perspective all motor sports. The FIA has grown considerably, like auto racing, and now recognizes the pull and prestige that E-racing is generating. A massive win in the E-racing scene was getting the FIA buy-in. Many consider that to have been an initial roadblock that could have been tricky to maneuver.

In Part II we’ll jump further into some of the principal players and where E-racing is likely to go over the coming decade.

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