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An Extended Service Program is the other half to your car insurance.

Auto insurance repairs your vehicle due to a car accident or in some cases, replaces your vehicle if it was lost or stolen. Extended service programs are very similar to an auto insurance plan. If you were to have your vehicle incur a breakdown, vehicle service contracts are in place to repair or replace the failed component according to the terms of the vehicle service contract.

Delta Auto Protect does just that for you by providing comprehensive extended service programs. Our customers are provided with the ultimate peace of mind with our nationwide team behind them. For example, let’s say that you and your family were on a road trip when all of a sudden your vehicle’s transmission breaks down. No worries!


With Delta Auto Protect getting you back on the road is a simple 3 step process!

When you incur a breakdown, you simply follow the following three steps to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Step 1) Take your vehicle to the nearest ASE repair facility or dealership of your choice.

Step 2) Provide your repair facility with your exclusive ESP member #.

Step 3) Delta Auto Protect pays your repair center directly with a corporate credit card for your covered repairs and just like that you are back on the road!


Broker vs Administrator

Third Party Broker (TPB)

Many extended auto warranty companies are a third party broker (TPB).

A TPB has just one agenda on their mind, sell. But what about customer service?

A TPB has no long-term obligations to the customer. You see, a TPB sells someone else’s vehicle service contract and acts as a middle-man/broker between you and the vehicle service contract administrator. It’s like a stock broker that gets a commission whether you win or lose!

And that also means that you can be assured there will be an extra mark-up on the purchase of your plan!

Once the TPB has made the sale, their job is, pretty-much, complete. They provide your information to the administrator and the administrator will take it from there. After the sale is made, you will file any repair claims with the administrator (a company, you have not even had a chance to research) and hope that they will cover your repair bill.

And if they decide to reject your claim, you have no real recourse with the TPB. The TPB has already made their commission and moved onto another customer.

In this scenario you only have 2 options:

A) cancel your plan with the administrator and receive a diluted, pro-rated, refund or

B) stick with your plan and hope that future repairs have a more fortunate outcome.

Delta Auto Protect does not work with TPBs and provides you with the vehicle service contract directly!

With a Delta Auto Protect Extended Auto Warranty there are no third party administrators. Delta Auto Protect is both the administrator and obligor of your vehicle service contract. This means, you purchased from us, you will call our customer service team and filed a claim with a claims team.

We personally assure you, Delta Auto Protect is committed to providing reliable service to all our customers. Our secret is simple but effective – to provide a positive customer experience and ensure on-going loyalty for all of our customers.

We continually monitor our employees to ensure a positive experience for every one of our customers. We appreciate your feedback and positive reviews! Thank you!

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