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Don’t Worry About A Delta Auto Protect Scam

The Internet is overflowing with content, and every day more and more is added and often without a filter. While a great deal of the web’s information provides valuable tips to consumers, a lot of it is deceptive and confusing. If you’ve read about a potential Delta Auto Protect scam, you need to know how to tell the difference between real reviews and black-hat SEO or online marketing.
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FORD Auto Warranty Review

This is Ford’s auto warranty meant to pay for the expenses of any unforeseen damages or breakdowns that your car has over the period of the warranty.

Below is everything you need to know about this warranty.

Toyota Extended Auto Warranty

Ford Auto Warranty

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Toyota Extended Auto Warranty Review

This is Toyota’s extended auto warranty meant to pay for the expenses of any unforeseen damages or breakdowns that your car has over the period of the warranty.

Below is everything you need to know about this extended warranty and a last word on whether a warranty is truly worth it or not.

Toyota Extended Auto Warranty

Toyota Extended Auto Warranty

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Mercedes-Benz Factory Auto Warranty Review

Buying a car is the one thing and finding ways to learn about automotive is another? Cars are just like contemporary online business, many companies set up online businesses and it all collapsed. This all goes down to such individuals not finding ample the time to know what encompasses the dos and don’ts of online business.

Mercedes-Benz S Class Auto Warranty

Mercedes-Benz Auto Warranty

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Which Car Models You Should Have an Auto Warranty For?

When deciding whether an auto warranty is the best choice for your car, the biggest and most important question is whether or not the cost of the warranty itself will either be smaller or larger than the repairs it pays for.

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Chrysler’s Extended Auto Warranty

From the general to the nitty-gritty, the why’s and why not’s of an extended auto warranty for Chrysler vehicles.

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The difference between an Automobile Warranty and an Extended Auto Warranty / Extended Service Program


When you buy a vehicle you will be provided various options to buy along-side of it and one such choice is that of extended automobile warranty. Sometimes referred to as a service contract, or extended service program, an extended automobile warranty is designed to offset repair expenses following the purchase of a new or used automobile. In essence, an extended warranty is a safeguard against costly, unforeseen repairs. Not to be confused with manufacturer’s warranties, an extended warranty kicks in subsequent to the expiration of the manufacturer’s bumper to bumper warranty. An extended auto warranty is typically sold as a separate contract, and – unlike a manufacturer’s auto warranty – is not included in the purchase price.

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BMW was sued for selling dealership “demo” cars as new. According to the suit, BMW failed to provide extended auto warranty coverage for demonstration vehicles sold by BMW dealers as “new”. Essentially, the auto warranty was being activated once sold to the dealerships as opposed to being activated once sold to the customer.

The case was settled via mediation and BMW will extend the length of its auto warranty on those vehicles for at least three months. Buyers of over 104,000 dealership demonstration vehicles also received settlement after a class-action lawsuit against BMW of North America.

The total coverage BMW was responsible for equaled between $12.2 million and $12.8 million, excluding reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for any class members who were denied warranty coverage.



With Auto Companies changing their warranty policies such as GM going from 100,000 miles covering the powertrain to 60,000 miles covered on model-year 2016 Chevy and GMC, drivers should consider other options to maintain coverage to 100,000 miles and beyond.



Labor Day is historically one of America’s busiest driving holidays. Gas pumps ring throughout the weekend, but this year the cash registers will be a bit more silent as national gas prices are expected to fall near $2.40 a gallon, according to an analysis from gas-pricing site GasBuddy.



Chrysler has announced that with the 2016 model year, the 5-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty will become a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty in the U.S. market, parent company FIAT CHRYSLER reports. The decision affects Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles with gasoline engines.

Talk to Delta Auto Protect about an extended auto warranty plan to keep you driving and covered.

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