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A term often used as rating reference for Insurance Companies.
The administrator is the department that accepts your claims and works with the repair facility to ensure that your claim is handled properly. For example, Delta Auto Protect is the Administrator of your extended service program. We are the company that will work directly with your repair facility as well as we pay your repair facility directly for all covered claims. Brokers are not administrators. When you purchase from a broker you deal with more than one party.
A certification developed by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to designate competent mechanics. Prospective candidates must pass at least one exam and provide proof of two years of relevant work experience. To remain certified, those with ASE credentials must be retested every five years.
The authorizations department must give prior-authorization before repairs are started.
Is a term that truly, in our opinion, does not exist. There is no plan that an extended service program company can offer you that is a “BUMPER TO BUMPER”. Any company that will use this term to sell you a plan, is just trying to reel you in by using a term that will make you feel comfortable with the purchase but in essence you will not get a bumper to bumper plan. Steer clear of companies using this term.
Items that are typically not covered under an extended service program or automobile protection contract because they wear out during use. For example, batteries, wiper blades, tires, etc.
An agreed upon amount that a vehicle owner must pay to the repair facility for work to be done on the vehicle. Depending on the program the deductible could be $100, $50 or $0.
The exploration the repair facility performs in order to determine the necessary repairs needed for your vehicle.
The group of components that send power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. This includes the transmission, driveshaft, differentials, and u-joints.
An extended service program that covers parts of your engine, transmission, and drivetrain assembly.
Automobile protection that lists every vehicle part that is covered by the plan. If the part is not on the list then it is not covered by the plan.
A company that insures that the administrator will be able to financially fulfill the obligations for the extended service program and pay for the repairs to your vehicle. Also referred to as the obligor.
Vehicles that repeatedly fail to meet standards and guidelines are referred to as ‘lemons’. There are Lemon Laws set in each of the states to help protect consumers from these vehicles. Please refer to your local, state and federal lemon laws for additional information.

The routine maintenance that is recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle to keep it in top running condition. This includes oil changes, tire rotations, fluid levels, wheel alignments, hoses, belts, tune-ups as found in the vehicle’s maintenance book.

The make of a vehicle is the manufacturer or a division of the manufacturer that built the vehicle.
The company that made your vehicle. Manufacturers often have several divisions of their companies.
The model of the vehicle is a particular type of vehicle made by the manufacturer. This is frequently defined by a particular car body style.
The amount of time in months or the mileage that your vehicle Service Agreement will protect for. Whichever comes first.
A title notation that an insurance company issues once a salvaged vehicle has been repaired and/or restored to operating condition.
The contractual amount you will receive for expenses spent on substitute transportation while your vehicle is being repaired. Generally this benefit is on a reimbursement basis.
The customer may choose a dealership, local mechanic, or national repair facility.
A program that provides the motorist with assistance in the event that their vehicle breaks down or there is another vehicle emergency. Roadside assistance provides a 24 hour 7 day a week toll free number for services such as towing, battery assistance, fuel assistance, flat tire assistance, assistance with keys locked in vehicle.
A notation issued by an insurance company when a vehicle has been in a bad accident or has been damaged to the point of being declared a total loss.
The ability to transfer automobile protection from one owner of a vehicle to a new owner of the vehicle. This adds a huge incentive when selling your vehicle. You may even transfer the warranty to a new vehicle that you purchase. Delta Auto Protect NEVER charges a transfer fee.
If your vehicle experiences a covered mechanical breakdown when traveling more than 100 miles from home, this is the amount you will be reimbursed for lodging and meals while your vehicle is being repaired. Each vehicle service contract will vary on distance for coverage. Not all plans come with this additional benefit, unless that is, you purchased a Delta Auto Protect Extended Auto Warranty!
A unique 17 digit number assigned to your vehicle. The VIN can be found on documentation like the car title or insurance card but a VIN should always be verified by locating it on your vehicle. The VIN generally can be found in the driver’s side dashboard.
Every new vehicle comes with a standard factory warranty. It covers all factory installed parts against defects and mechanical failure. A typical manufacturer’s warranty will cover a vehicle for 3 years or 36,000 miles. The term “warranty” is often improperly used when referring to a vehicle service contract or automobile protection.
Yes you may take your vehicle to any ASE certified repair center that you choose.
The repair center you choose will contact us when payment is due for your repair. You simply have to provide your ESP # to the repair center.

We’ll take it from there. No worries. There is no paperwork, no limit on the number of claims you file, and no need to pay first and then be reimbursed. If you’ve selected a deductible with your Service Agreement, you will be required to pay that.

Your vehicle is a investment. The longer it stays in great working condition, the more value you get from your investment. Vehicle service contracts are designed to protect your investment by keeping your vehicle in good, drivable condition without you having to incur extra repair costs. Labor alone can be a smart reason to have a vehicle service contract. When you consider how expensive parts and labor can be to fix, the choice becomes quite clear.
Several factors go into your estimated auto repair costs such as year, make, model, mileage, and existing coverage. Having existing coverage, lowers everyone’s risk and lowers your cost. If you wait until your current coverage expires, you’re taking a chance.

We can extend your warranty from the moment it expires if you talk to us first. Get a quote now!

Although we’re certain you’ll love your Delta Auto Protect extended service agreement, we are more than happy to offer a pro-rated refund less a $25 processing fee. All Plans may be cancelled within 30 days from sign up for a full refund.
Yes! You can pass your Delta Auto Protect ESP contract to the new vehicle owner. This can be a big incentive for you to sell your car. Just provide the proper documentation of the transfer and Delta Auto Protect will take care of the rest!
Yes! Absolutely! You can rest assured that if you need us, we’ll be here 24/7/365.
The terms Used Car Warranty and Extended Auto Warranty are somewhat misnomers. A “warranty” comes with a vehicle purchase, is included in the original vehicle price and provides specified coverage for the repair of the vehicle within a given period of time. Manufacturers do not provide an extension of these warranty terms. However, car dealers and companies like Delta Auto Protect sell vehicle service contracts or Extended Service Programs which are similar in nature to the manufacturer’s warranty in that they cover repair costs for specific components of the vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Bottom line, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires on your vehicle, you have nothing to protect yourself from expensive vehicle repairs, unless of course you have Extended Service Program.

Delta Auto Protect’s Extended Service Program assures that all covered parts, labor, and sales tax (if specified in the extended warranty) required for replacement or repair of covered parts in your vehicle will be paid on your behalf by the administrator of your Extended Service Program.

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