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Features we can do without (Part I of II)

This is a love/hate series. More hate than love in this instance, but we feel for the features we’re going to throw under the bus shortly. Auto brands are under extreme pressure – pressure to innovate, pressure to best the competition, pressure to literally outperform and keep customers with eyes and mouths wide open and wanting more.

The problem with this of course is when certain innovations (or features in this instance) swing and miss. The wiffs can be really dramatic, and in this 2-part series we’ll take a closer look at the biggest whiffs and the features we really wish would simply go away … for good.

Crap Nav

Sounds like an up and coming rap star on Drake’s next album. We’re not putting that out of the realm of possibilities, but crap nav is no musician in this context. Nope, it stands for what it sounds like – crappy navigation. More to the point – crappy navigation systems. Nowadays with our smart phones, why in the heck would we ever need to confide in nav systems that crash, display “route not found” or take a master’s degree to find the “cancel route” button. Nav systems are terribly behind the times, so let’s be done already.

Overly sensitive seat-belt sensors

Many passenger seats now come with sensors that blow and whistle once they sense someone is not buckled in. The problem – they’re extremely sensitive, and as such will blow at just about any piece of weight that is placed on the seat and not buckled in. For example, you run to the supermarket to pick up detergent, plop it down on the front seat, and if said detergent is not “buckled in” then the sensor will drive you nuts. I don’t care about detergent, “detergent lives don’t matter” stickers litter my bumper in fact. They will never be buckled in and that annoys the overly sensitive seat-belt sensor.

Auto directional canceling

Signaling before turning in 2019 is a must. Not that it wasn’t a must 10 years ago, but it’s more of a must today because there are more than just cars sharing the road. You’ve got motorcycles, scooters, bikes or any new invention in between. Signaling prior to turning can spare you an accident, costly lawsuit or having someone’s untimely death on your conscious. Rather serious stuff. So when you’re about to turn but a small wiggle in the wheel automatically shuts the signal off, that’s a problem, and it’s a problem for millions of Americans across more than a dozen car brands. Auto directional canceling was supposed to be a welcome addition, but it has caused more headaches (and we imagine accidents) than previously imagined.

In Part II you’ll be blown away the continued nonsense we have to put up with.

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