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Features we can do without (Part II of II)

Continuing down the path of features we can do without …

Start and cue the speakers

Talk about annoying. It’s 6:15 AM, you’re looking forward to a tranquil ride to your yoga class on a serene Sunday morning, step into your car, turn it on, and suddenly … La, la, Oh, Ga-Ga-, la, la, oooh, la-la … Lady Gaga breathing down your throat at a decibel that is surely harmful right before a tranquil yoga class. Just because you jammed out to Gaga the night before doesn’t mean you want to start the next morning where you left off. Stereo systems should all, ALL, default to an off setting where they can only be turned on manually. Nobody is looking to repeat the karaoke session from the night before, we guarantee it.    

Stop and stop the speakers

Ok, just as annoying as Lady Gaga at 6:15 AM is Lady Gaga shutting it down just because you pulled into your garage and turned the car off. Perhaps you don’t want to die of carbon monoxide poisoning but do want to jam out to the last minute of Gaga vocal butter. Some cars allow for this – the engine off and the radio on for a handful of minutes. But many don’t, and what’s the harm in letting the jam … jam.

Nothing, that’s what.

Rolling wheel shifters

Items that are circular and behave like a wheel on a car should be confined to steering or rolling. But in the case of some brands/models, shifting from park to drive to reverse or neutral is done with a round knob. This is counterintuitive, and trust us, nobody was ever clamoring for it. Shifting the old-fashioned way with a knob has always been preferred for a reason – circular items aren’t for shifting, period!

Poorly behaved mouse

Yes, that pet mouse that chews with its mouth open, burps, never says thank you and curses at the elderly. That’s a poorly behaved mouse, for sure, but in this instance we’re not talking pet mice, but rather the mouse pad that some models feature in the center console. It was always a great idea, but any slight movement of the car can send some mouse pads off the rails. Likely best to eliminate these, they aren’t of much use anyway (hint, hint Lexus).

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