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Ford Auto Warranty


Summary by Dale Roberts

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Under New Vehicle Limited Auto Warranty authorized Ford Motor Company dealers, without charge, repair, replace, or adjust all parts on the vehicle that malfunction or fail during normal use during the applicable coverage period due to a manufacturing defect in factory-supplied materials or factory workmanship. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers also tire defects in factory supplied material or workmanship for 100% of labor costs and on a pro rata adjustment basis for parts.

Types of warranties under New Vehicle Warranty:

Type of coverageYears in service / miles drivenWhat is covered
Bumper to bumper3/ 36 000Non-engine-system parts: fuel system, brakes, power steering, sensors, audio system, lights, climate control
Powertrain5 /60 000Engine, Transmission with all internal parts, Front and Rear-wheel drive, Four-Wheel/All-Wheel Drive
Safety Restraint System5 / 60 000 milesThe safety belts and air bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
Corrosion (Perforation)5 / unlimitedThe vehicle’s body sheet metal panels
PowerStroke Diesel Engine5 / 100 000The vehicle’s direct injection diesel engine and certain engine components



Damage Caused By:

  • accidents, collision or objects striking the vehicle
  • theft, vandalism, or riot
  • fire or explosion
  • using contaminated or improper fuel/fluids
  • customer-applied chemicals or accidental spills
  • driving through water deep enough to cause water to be ingested into the engine
  • misuse of the vehicle,
  • damage caused by alteration or modification


Roadside Assistance

Type of coverageYears in service / miles driven
Roadside Assistance5 / 60 000


Under this program, Ford Company covers:

  • Towing
  • Flat tire change
  • Fuel delivery
  • Jump starts
  • Lock-out assistance
  • Winching


Emissions Defect Warranties, Emissions Performance Warranties and Noise Emissions Warranty

Ford Motor Company provides the Emissions Defect Warranties and Emissions Performance Warranties which cover emissions control systems, and Noise Emissions Warranty which applies only to medium/heavy duty trucks over 10,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Type of warranties for passenger cars and light duty trucks:

Type of warrantyType of coverageYears in service / miles driven
Emissions Defect WarrantyCertain Emission Parts8/ 80 000
Passanager Cars &Light Duty Trucks3 / 36 000
 Heavy duty vehicles5 / 50 000
Emissions Performance WarrantyCertain Emission Parts8/ 80 000
Passanager Cars &Light Duty Trucks2 / 24 000
Heavy duty vehicles5/ 50 000


Both the Emissions Defect Warranty and the Emissions Performance Warranty cover:

  • catalytic converters,
  • electronic emission control units,
  • onboard emissions diagnostic devices

if these parts contain an emissions-related defect

Noise Emissions warranty covers the vehicle as designed, built and equipped by Ford Motor Company, and is not limited to any particular component of the vehicle as manufactured by Ford. Defects in design, assembly or in any part, component or system of the vehicle, which, at the time it left Ford’s control, caused noise emissions to exceed Federal standards, are covered by this warranty for the life of the vehicle.

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