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Getting messy with 5G auto connectivity

Unless you’ve been living in a total bubble, or too wrapped up in The Bachelor or the NBA Playoffs, the Huawei spying allegations have been making some major waves to say the least. U.S. intelligence officials claim that the Chinese telecom behemoth could be exploited by their own government for espionage purposes. This comes at a critical time as the U.S. is building out its 5G, next-generation network. But it gets worse – the Justice Department is also accusing the company’s Chief Financial Officer of violating sanctions against Iran and of Huawei stealing trade secrets.

Talk about some messy business. It is no wonder Huawei would prefer people talking about something else when it comes to their firm, something completely unrelated to this scandal. Well, good news Huawei, you now have that alternative talking point.

The company has recently announced that they have perfected the first 5G communications hardware for the auto industry that will be a fundamental cog in the plans for eventual, ever-present autonomous driving technology. Their MH5000 module rests on a Balong 5000 5G chip that was initially released in January. The 5G speed and quality is what everyone is seeking, and Huawei claims this chip has it. A full module was launched recently at the Shanghai Autoshow and Huawei plans to begin commercializing 5G network technology for the entire automotive sector over the second half of this year. While still tight-lipped over technical specificities, intelligent car testing in Wuxi, Shenzhen and Shanghai have occurred with Huawei collaboration and deals are in place with Changan, Dongfeng and FAW auto companies.

The race to get this right is tight and highly competitive. Next-generation 5G networks are poised to be enormous revenue generators and nearly every technology company has their eyes (and resources) on this. While there is ample evidence to suggest that no company in China is free from Chinese communist party intervention, hard evidence against Huawei has yet to be presented. However, some U.S. policymakers would argue that with something as sensitive as 5G technology, allowing parties to intervene and collaborate that have already been deemed “suspicious” is a risk that is frankly too great to take.

This is a tough one because the company is obviously excellent at what it produces and has the capabilities to advance the entire industry forward which would have positive, lasting effects on humanity. We’re glad we don’t have to decide on this one.    

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