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Great cult cars (Part I of II)

What makes a cult car? A Tarantino flick on wheels? Well one thing is for sure, there must be some demand, but not too much, because a cult is reserved for a select group. And in this case, these groups can be quite large, but Honda Accord large is stretching it.

Now, a cult car is neither good nor bad. Rather, the cars you’ll read on this list have unique qualities that make them cult classics. Some are downright mechanically unsound. But pay that no mind, a cult car is for collecting, not necessarily driving any longer. Take a trip down cult lane …

Porsche 911

The great thing about a Porsche is no matter the style, year, make or model, the lines alone are classic Porsche. Very few brands can say this. Porsche of course changes with the time like the rest of most major manufacturers, but its changes are subtler and the front Porsche grill does not do a whole lot of adapting.

The 911 is no different, and over the past 53 years this model has aged like a fine wine. Before 1998 air-cooled models were prevalent, and then into the 2000s race-developed hardware kicked in. The latter-day equivalent to the 911 would be a VW GTI. But let’s face it, it will never be a 911.

VW Kombi

You may not know this car by its name, but a Google image search will have you gasping, “ohhh, that car!” The camper version is by far the top pick, complete with beds, pop-top roofs, sinks and more.

Taking the Kombi out instantly converts any street into a street party. People get happy just looking at this bad boy, and because it is naturally air-cooled, it’s open to the public and just waiting for a friendly hello. Now, the aesthetics were incredible, but unfortunately the Kombi’s biggest flaw was it was prone to overturning against a big side-wind plus getting hit head on would be instant death. Not much metal there to protect other metal from ripping your rib cage to shreds. But other than that, party on!

In Part II we hit some classics, some you know, and some for sure you don’t!

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