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Great cult cars (Part II of II)

Take a trip down the cult highway …

Pagani Zonda

A Malaysian wrestler? The title of a new Showtime flick? The wine you drank last night? All viable options for the name, Pagani Zonda. But for the true auto-heads out there, the Zonda is well known, a sports car like none other with a distinctive look and a heck of an engine.

Featuring a Mercedes-Benz V12 replica (who knows who copied who, they’re both lightening fast), the Zonda had science fiction written all over it. If you’re seeking a comparison ride here, the Ferrari FXX is your only bet. This car is quite unique.

Mazda MX-5

You knew you’d find this here, didn’t you? This blog in general is a huge MX-5 proponent and this might be the most fun you’ll have in an afternoon, hands-down. What a complete package the MX-5 is! Ever since its arrival the MX-5 has gone on to be a top seller not only in its class, but, throughout the entire sports car class. Couple this with reliability that only Mazda bring to the table, the MX-5 put the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ to shame. Well, perhaps that’s a bit harsh as these are the closest competitors. But there’s a reason folks collect the MX-5 and those other rides, not so much …

Aston Martin DB5

Can you be a thug and a dapper Don Juan all at once? If the DB5 has anything to say about it the answer is a resounding yes. James Bond made this model famous, staring alongside the DB5 in his early 007 days. Fast-forward to the present and the Mustang of course occupies a similar status, as does the Fast and Furious franchise with the Nissan 350Z and Toyota Supra coming ahead strong.

But the DB5 is where it has always been at, and while the Subaru WRXs will always make a run at it, this car is historically going nowhere.

Leyland P76

Don’t feel bad if you’re not in the know with the P76. In fact, mechanically this car had some issues both when it was new, and certainly now that it is old. But, like many cars on this list, the P76 has survived, thanks to hard-core enthusiasts who have never given up on this gem of a ride.

This brand was a giant hit in Australia, and many point to the P76 as the model that killed Leyland down under. Rather odd to be celebrating a brand killer, but the P76 engendered both love and hate, and it is likely more love flew its way. 

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