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Hard to move (Part I of II)

The world is far from equal. A daring statement, we know. But lets face it, not everything is valued the same and while a shame from time to time, in the car world at least its an important and everyday reality to consider.

Some cars sell better than others. There, we said it! And some cars take a heck of a lot of time to get moved off a lot. This is bad news for dealers as they are constantly having to adjust depending on existing stock. If they calculate poorly, thats a lot of missed opportunities, or worse, money down the drain. Lets take a look in this twopart series at the worst non-lot-moving offenders.

1. Mitsubishi Lancer

Posting a whopping 195.3 average days on the lot, the Lancer is the poster-boy/girl for the low demand for sedans these days. The subcompact Lancer was halted from production in 2017 and it took 6 plus months to sell the remaining 3,351 units. Despite all this the Lancer lives on in the world rally scene as its a peppy ride still loved by a handful but very few.

2. Volkswagen Touareg

Coming in at a close 194.1 average days on the old pavement, Touaregs made their debut in the States in 2014 and hit a nice sales stride. Positive reviews, great performance, but then something went wrong. VW pulled the proverbial plug in 2017 and it took some time to unload the last 2,022. The three-row Atlas and re-designed compact Tiguan will instead make up for lost Touareg revenue.

3. Volvo 60 Series

A pretty ride, and a Volvo at that, the brand registered a dead tie with Lexus as the top brand in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. A firm 85 out of 100 in customer satisfaction means Volvo owners truly enjoy their cars, but the 60 Series, not so much. These cars spend an average of 177.9 days on the lot and many Volvo loyalists are hoping the 2019 third generation redesign will activate sales once again. Stay tuned

4. Fiat 500

Not exactly a hot brand state-side, Fiats have always struggled a bit compared to most other widely sold models. Fiat topped JD Powers least dependable car list in 2017 and settled in at number 3 last year. This didnt bode well for sales of the Fiat 500, a subcompact car that frankly few wanted. They spent an average of 160.3 days on the lot and 2018 sales numbered a paltry 5,370.

Part II shouldnt be missed!

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