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Heads up Tesla

“If everyone who has placed a deposit to pre-order the car actually buys it, well sell it out in its first year of production. Just the type of news any CEO of a major car manufacturer would surely welcome. In this case, the person behind the quote is Klaus Zellmar,and his position Porsche North America President and CEO. The car in question the all new electric sports car, the Taycan.

Dubbed by many to be Porsches most important debut ever, the Taycan is whipping up a frenzy worldwide. A four-door sedan, this is Porsches first foray into mainstream, electrified vehicle territory(not counting the 918 Spyder hybrid for all those gearheads shaking their finger at the screen). The Volkswagen AG lineup (of which Porsche belongs to) will be much more agile in 2019 as a result, smartly poised to compete with the big boys in the electric arena. But more than anything, this is the brands first, direct response to Tesla. Something weve all been waiting for.

Sporting a range of 250 miles (after just a 20minute charge), the Taycan will churn out 600 horsepower and hit 62mph in less than 3.5 seconds. Competitors outside of Tesla are BMWs Vision iNext cars, Jaguars I Pace SUV and Volvos Polestar line. Porsche is throwing nearly 6 billion euros into the ring through 2022, all to finance electric mobility efforts. By 2025 the German roadster company expects to be producing electric (or hybrid) options on half of their line-up. Even the 992 for 2019 will have space for a hybridpowertrain.

But not all is in-house as Porsche has joined forces with direct competitors (yikes!), BMW and Mercedes, to develop fast-charging infrastructures in Europe. The entire continent has been lagging compared to Asia and North America and to catch up getting in bed with unlikely partners is the best strategy. However, the biggest challenge Porsche especially might face is with its own loyalists. Hardcore Porsche fanatics demand the engine be aspirated (air or water) because they want to hear that crumble, that pop! Looks are one thing, but the sound and experience is also desirable.

Back to Zellmar as he didnt share any preliminary numbers, but odds are Porsche will produce roughly 20,000 Taycans per year.Launch is end of 2019, mark your calendars!

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