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Hot, large rides

There are several hot-selling cars on the road today. Some are little, some are big, and on the big side SUVs are moving like gangbusters. Last summer saw some serious SUV sales numbers absolutely demolish previously held records, but some manufacturers didn’t jump into the game in time.

Kia, Hyundai and Subaru started selling large SUVs for the first time and this definitely helped all three. What follows are four big cars that moved some serious numbers over the summer.

Kia Telluride

Kia has long been heavy on the passenger car line. The slump occurred and what followed was a massive revenue hit on anything that was (and is) not a SUV. Enter the Telluride. Third quarter sales alone are 16,918 and it just hit dealerships 2 months ago. Impressive stuff and Telluride demand is outpacing supply by a long shot. Moreover, the Hyundai Palisade, its three-row sibling, is also taking a back seat to the Telluride.

Volkswagen Atlas

This three-row beast entered the conversation in 2017 and quickly knocked the VW Passat, Beetle and Golf off their peaks. Internally rumor is VW employees prefer the Atlas to nearly every other car in the broader lineup, and if third-quarter sales are any indication (40% higher than the previous year), there will be no slowing down for the Atlas.

Ford Transit

One look at the Transit and it’s clear this car is a fleet vehicle. However, don’t tell consumers that as despite being a fleet ride, everyday folks are still snapping them up. The Transit Connect is an electric model and including this electric option Transit sales are up 29% from the previous year.

One interesting wrinkle here is the growth of e-commerce has helped Transit sales because more small delivery trucks are now needed.

GMC Sierra

Growing by nearly 30% compared to 2018, the Sierra was a bright spot for GM who needed some good news after poor sales numbers across other models. Their pickups went on a cold streak and while the Ram truck (through rival Fiat Chrysler) has surged, the Sierra is still hot on its trail. A cool redesign likely didn’t hurt. 

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