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Hot rides at the New York Auto Show (Part I of II)

The New York Auto Show rightly takes on the attitude and personality of this iconic city. More glamour and glitz you couldn’t ask for, and most manufacturers use the show to really turn up the pomp. Another win for New York this year is foreign automakers are passing up the Detroit Auto Show and instead choosing New York for their debuts. This has understandably attracted much press and the show is perhaps at the top of its game.

Here were some of the more interesting debuts.

Koenigsegg Jesko 

Of all the auto shows globally, few can match the sheer number of cool toys that New York brings to the table. This year alone, what looked like a single-seat rocket ship (the BAC Mono), a mix of a SUV and the Batmobile (Karlmann King), and an absolute hypercar – the Jesko. Straight of out Sweden, Koenigsegg arrived especially strong with this 300-mph beast, eclipsing the 278-mph Agera which was at one point the fastest car in the land. Featuring a revolutionary carbon-fiber tub, all-wheel drive coupled with 1,579 horsepower (yes, you read that right), the Jesko caught the eyes of all attendees.

Cadillac CT5

In a clear and present attempt to compete head-on with BMW, the CT5 takes the CTS platform, remakes it, and brings this ride strikingly similar to the BMW 3-series. The interior alone might be best in class, and two turbocharged engines will satisfy the gear-heads. The much-maligned CUE system has been swapped out and there are now a host of options surrounding remote rotary-dial, the touchscreen and voice control.

Ford Escape

Think Porsche Macan. Yes, the Macan and Escape believe it or not share a lot in common. The exterior design borrowed heavily from the Macan, which results in a sleek and sporty Escape for 2020. The gadgets, as Ford is becoming known for, are ever-present on the inside and while the Lincoln Corsair also debuted in New York, it is likely folks will navigate towards the Escape in this particular segment as the Corsair is pricing itself out by being $15,000 more expensive.

Hyundai Sonata

Welcome back, Sonata! As we’ve touched on in previous posts, the Sonata is a bit of a wonder story at Hyundai. A fine example of how a re-design can turn around sales and jumpstart a brand from steady growth to rapid growth. The Sonata has taken some detours over the years but it’s back on an aggressive path with this 2020 version. LED lights run across the hood and the rimless grille is a nod to Aston Martin. Kudos to Hyundai engineers for also providing more legroom in the back seat than you might find in a business class plane flight.

Stay tuned for Part II!

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