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Hot rides at the New York Auto Show (Part II of II)

In Part II the show continues …

Qiantu K50

It looks like a concept car, but the K50 is far from a concept. This electric bet straight out of China has an eager fan base and is due to hit the U.S. late next year. While production has understandably been focused in China, production in the U.S. is underway. All-wheel drive, a low center of gravity, instant torque, the K50 is a definite supercar and will be extraordinarily quick. An entry price of $100,000 will keep many at bay (especially considering the Porsche 911 and BMW i8 directly compete), but the K50 should eventually give Tesla a run for their money.

VW Tarok

Nobody, and we do mean nobody can compete with the Ford F-150 in the pickup segment. But the Tarok is not looking to, so who cares, right? VW does not seem to, and the Tarok is VW’s second small pickup concept in just two years. Manufactured on a unibody chassis, unibodies have struggled stateside (the Honda Ridgeline comes to mind), while ladder-framed bullies from the likes of Toyota and Chevy have had considerably more success. The only downside to the Tarok is the 1.4-liter 4 engine. A bit mousey, so to speak.

Subaru Outback

We all knew they’d be there but it’s still rather unbelievable to think the Outback is continuing on the way it has. This car keeps evolving, but takes care to not change enough to lose its base following. However, perhaps even more stunning than the new Outback itself was the show to present the car. Subaru constructed a floor display that transported spectators to a national park where surprise, surprise, the new Outback awaited. The big change for 2020 is the new platform the Outback is built on coupled with a giant in-dash console screen.    

Porsche 911 Speedster

At a cool $275,750, this car could be yours. For many of us that would require selling all assets, including the kid’s bikes, baseball card collections and wife’s jewelry. But it very might be worth it because only 1,948 will be made and collector’s items don’t come cheap. The naturally aspirated flat-6 will sooth you at night, as you contemplate what you’ve done after unloading all possessions which resulted in a divorce and you now living in a rental studio apartment. But with a $275,750 Speedster parked below.

Mercedes GLS

Now, the EQC, an electric car from Mercedes, was displayed at the New York Show. But despite it being electric and a future Tesla slayer, the GLS received all the attention. A hulking, 3-row SUV, the GLS contains all the typical Mercedes touches (voice-recognition, heated rear seats, etc) but the feature that had the show talking was “carwash mode,” which closes the car up and then raises the vehicle for a more complete clean – top, middle and beneath.

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