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How to choose an extended auto warranty

By Dale Roberts


Considering the available options for extended auto warranty plans in the market, it is a bit tricky to find the right warranty which covers your vehicle entirely and for the right price. It is akin to picking the right car because there is an endless choice at the present and not each of them is any good for the client. An auto warranty is insurance by another name, therefore one wants a policy which is going to pay out when the client needs to. A lot of manufacturer warranties expire after about 60,000 to 100,000 miles. The need for repairs sometimes kicks in at the time that the warranty for the manufacturer runs out. As such, an extended car warranty can potentially save one hundreds of thousands of dollars on the repair costs, which provides you with peace of mind.



One should ask what parts of the vehicle that need covering. A number of auto warranties let you customize the things that need covering to an extent. For one, you might just want the power train covered. This would just be the engine, transmission, suspension and wheels. A higher level could go to cover even the electrical and safety systems. Now the whole extended auto warranty package, which is a bumper to bumper warranty, covers all of the vehicle’s systems. A number of companies will offer several packages which cover vehicles of different ages with odometer readings of up to 150,000 miles. A warranty can cover certain types of damage like mechanical failure though not incidental damage caused by overheating.


Claim services

Some of the best extended auto warranty companies may allow you to spread the cost of the payment plan instead of demanding the sum at once. These offer a number of packages from coverage to affordability. A lot of companies may also offer a money back guarantee in the event that you decide on a plan that is not right for you as the client. Some of the best ones here are a direct provider which means the client is able to deal directly with the company when a claim is filed as opposed to dealing with an outsourced company. An outsourced company can provide service adequately but dealing directly is an advantage considering the same company is going to handle the claim for the whole process.



Extended auto warranties should come with excellent service and support. Though a number of companies will be reached during the normal business hours, there are some who are available even during odd hours of the night for inquiries and even claims and help. So you may want to look for a warranty that includes 24/7 service by telephone, live chat or email. It is also important to see contract documentation before agreeing to anything and also to receive answers to questions before signing for an extended warranty to help you make the best choice.


About Delta Auto Protect

Delta Auto Protect is one of the largest and most established extended vehicle service companies in North America. We have been the go to company for customers since extended auto warranties have first become part of after (extended auto warranty) market. When customers want reliable, comprehensive coverage and ASE certified mechanics for their autos, cars, trucks, and vans. Since the start, our goal has been to provide exceptional personal customer service, eliminate headaches and hassles, and develop the gold standard for extended service plans.

And how do we do it? It actually begins with you. We make it our priority to provide exceptional money saving deals and back that up with ongoing professional service. We look at things from your perspective and we do our best to accommodate your concerns and needs. Then, we go above and beyond to deliver exactly that experience to every person that has one of our active plans. For more information visit:


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