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If you like leasing, great news is here

Buy or lease, buy or lease, buy or lease. It’s an endless theme, one that has so many positives and negatives on both sides that you’ll see article after article, year in and year out on the subject. Know why? Because nobody has a clear answer. The entire equation depends on you. Your finances, objectives with the car, how long you want to physically use it. It’s an endless list that is so personal that the question, “buy or lease” has no answer.

With that said, if you fall on the lease side, oh do we have some juicy information for you. Now that Labor Day is behind us, “can’t miss” summer savings on cars and trucks have also ended. September promotions are coming but in the meantime dealers need to move summer stock. If you’re up for leasing, this is a prime market to take advantage of.

The cars we’re going to focus on here should be taken with a grain of salt. If you don’t have the need to drive more than 10,000 miles per year and of course don’t mind turning your car in after 2 or 3 years, then read on.

Toyota Tacoma

First up to bat, the Tacoma. One of the best re-sale cars in its segment, Toyota is offering a lease offer on their base trim SR Tacoma (four-wheel-drive, double cab, V6). The lease runs 36 months and depending on the state equates to roughly $219 per month. Of course you need to plunk $2,999 down, but nobody’s avoiding that. 

BMW i3

A classic entry point for the German luxury brand, the i3 has been the springboard to bigger and better BMWs, and BMW certainly knows this. While the i3 is of course geared at those in the electric car market, its 153-mile range is a plus especially considering if you don’t drive long distances on average. BMW throws in a $7,500 lease credit and with $3,000 down, for a cool $299 per month this car can be yours.

Lexus RX 350

We’re breaking into the low $400 per month territory here ($399 to be specific). But hey, if you’ve got say $300 a month to spend on a lease, cutting back on some food items, Starbucks and perhaps your kid’s clothes will get you this car! If the kid does need more clothes a non-profit could help out. But don’t pull up in the RX 350 looking for the hand out, as said non-profit will likely have their doubts. With $3,999 due at signing, this is a beautiful ride.

Acura MDX

Last but not least, the most expensive on the list, but just by a hair. For $2,590 down, the MDX will run you $409 per month over 36 months. This is a deal that is being seen across the U.S. so if this car is in your sights, act now! Their Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive version is supposed to be a blast to drive. 

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