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Inclusive vehicles

The car industry has evolved from a clunky, overly cumbersome piece of machinery to lean works of art. Meticulously crafted and technologically impressive, a car in 2019 is honestly light years from where it was in 1969.

With that said however, cars were never historically built with an eye towards folks who occupied them potentially having a disability and requiring additional assistance or features. No, the assumption was said vehicle would be used by someone who would never need any additional accommodations, and as we know, this simply is not reality.

Folks with disabilities need and deserve alternatives and the following are leading brands and models at the forefront of the accommodation spectrum.

Ford Mustang

Despite its sports-car rep, believe it or not, the Mustang comes equipped with lifts, power assisted seats, carriers, hand controls and steering devices. Ford also offers an attractive disability reimbursement program which maxes out at $1,000, just like its competitors. 

Scion xB

Ok, it’s funny looking, accepted. But the xB is highly malleable which is excellent news for those seeking to outfit this puppy with power and/or manual swivel seats for example, wheelchair restraints, hand controls or even wheelchair/scooter lifts. It’s almost as if Toyota had this all thought out ahead of time. Hmm …

Subaru Forester

We all know the Forester well by this point. If you’re an avid camper or outdoorsman or woman, this is the go-to vehicle on the market. But did you also know that the Forester comes equipped with all-wheel drive, auto transmission, and … can be modified to your heart’s content. Foot and hand controls as well as pedal extensions can be easily integrated, and a quick Google search will yield a host of similar modifications that are now commonplace with Forester fans. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ever heard of the Chrysler Group’s Automobility Program? Unless you’re a Chrysler owner, the likely answer is no. But thanks to this program, the Grand Cherokee in particular can be outfitted with everything from power seats, to lifts to running boards and wheelchairs. Couple this with the fact that conversions carry with them an attractive reimbursement of $1,000. Not too shabby …

Hyundai SonataA low-stress, midsize ride, the Sonata maintains a focus on strong reliability ratings, an exceptional warranty, and features that be tweaked, rotated, turned and adjusted every which way. Of all the cars on the list the Sonata might be the most “flexible.” The best part yet is Hyundai dealers want you to experience this yourself so extended test drives are always encouraged.

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