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Infotainment Marathon (Part V of Sky’s the Limit)

We’ve arrived to “G”! You didn’t think that was possible, did you? After all, the title of this series is “Sky’s the Limit,” but you know what, we’re going to make it to the sky and beyond because as we promised this is shaping up to be the most comprehensive review of infotainment centers on the Internet today!

On to the juicy bits …


Its own brand now, the Genesis G90 comes correct with a massive 12.3-inch touchscreen replete with navigation, Bluetooth, satellite radio, auxiliary as well as USB ports. The only downside here – no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support (sad face). Moving down to the more affordable G80 sedan, an 8-inch display awaits, and wait for it … so does Android and Apple CarPlay support (happy face)!

The G70 sedan won the coveted Roadshow Shift Award and uses an 8-inch touchscreen as well. The basic on-screen software for the G70 and 80 is all based on Blue Link infotainment software from Hyundai. The menus are all very straightforward and easy to navigate.


This one will be short and sweet because GMC infotainment centers are literally the same ones you’ll find in Chevy trucks or SUVs. Now, they are rebranded of course but that is the only difference. Depending on your trim preference, we’re talking a 7 or 8-inch option with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay included as standard. Higher trim models will feature navigation.


At a base level, a measly 5-inch screen is available with entry level Hondas. No big deal here. But bump that trim up (sounds like a Jamaican dancehall hit song), and 7 or 8-inch displays suddenly emerge. Pandora internet radio becomes an option, as does being able to read text messages on screen.

At a broad level Honda infotainment centers work well and are easy. Because of this however the lack of physical buttons to adjust volume and tuning is an issue. Honda’s response – the screen works so well so what do you need the buttons for. Good point, and valid until said screen stops working so well. Some functions require leaping through multiple windows and that can be a pain if the system gets a bit buggy. A fun feature – new Odyssey, Passport, Pilot, Insight and Accord models come with a tile-based layout that has garnered some positive reviews.

In Part VI we keep the hits coming!

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