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Infotainment Marathon (Part VI of Sky’s the Limit)

We blast off with Hyundai!


Typically, anything Honda and Toyota does you can be sure Hyundai has noted and replicated in style and practicality. The Korean auto beast equips their base 7 and 8-inch screens with USB and auxiliary connectivity, Bluetooth, satellite radio and optional navigation. The best part about Hyundai however is unlike other brands, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are always supported.

Hyundai infotainment centers are far from flashy, but the speed and ease of use stand out. The graphics are good enough and won’t have you thinking you’ve stepped into a NASA rocket simulator. But honestly, who is looking for that. You need to drive and get from A to B. Flashy graphics can wait, right?


A personal favorite, this brand has taken a proverbial second seat to Lexus and Acura, but Nissan’s more refined older sister is a diamond in the rough. True Infiniti heads know what I’m talking about, and so it should come as no surprise that the Q70 and QX60 have some of the best standard infotainment features on the market today. The QX30 comes with a 7-inch standard screen and the 80 bumps up to an 8-inch.

The Q50, 60 and QX50 all feature a dual-screen set-up where the 7-inch screen sits up top and the 8-inch below. While the single screens compete with the best in its class, navigation graphics continue to be a bit dated as is the general built-in functionality. On the dual-screen side this can be frustrating because the top screen is not as crisp and up to date as the lower screen.


Not a ton of options to choose with Jaguar, all models come standard with an 8-inch screen. You an upgrade like others and get to a 10-inch bad boy, but truth be told, the 8-inch is fine here. The big knock on the British stalwart is responses are sluggish. Swapping between windows and the general start-up time has taken a hit. The tiled layout on the homepage can be reconfigured, but even so, changing radio presets can be a pain and sub-menus are not the easiest to navigate.


Not all Jeeps are alike. It’s true, we’d love to state otherwise but we’d be lying through our teeth. And on the infotainment side this is particularly the case. Now, all Jeeps will offer a 7 or 8.4-inch touchscreen, equipped with Uconnect 4 which is the latest version of the Jeep system. But then you get into the weeds a bit with the Gladiator, Wrangler, Renegade and Compass with a less impressive 5-inch screen. Couple this with older Uconnect software and that equates to no Android Auto nor CarPlay support.

On the bright side, Jeep infotainment center graphics are cool, menus are simple to navigate and responses, brisk. There are no physical buttons if this all fails tomorrow, so for Jeep owners – lets hope your infotainment systems don’t fail tomorrow.

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