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Infotainment Marathon (Part VII of Sky’s the Limit)

You’ve stuck with us on this one. We knew you would, after all, you’re a loyal reader, enjoy all things cars, so of course are digging this marathon series. We last stopped off at Jeep, an American classic. At the “Js” we are now officially halfway done. But because this is a blog, you’ll have all these infotainment reviews for every major brand at the click of a mouse. Extreme value added!


The Korean powerhouse was expected to come correct when it comes to infotainment, and correct they arrived. In every single Kia model, all of them, you’ll receive at least a 7-inch touchscreen. Sounds minor, but that can’t be said of every brand. All Kia’s also feature an upgraded UVO3 option that brings navigation alongside Bluetooth, satellite radio, Pandora satellite radio, and best yet – Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible.

The K900 sedan, an absolute gem of a ride, comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and has a rotary controller. Overall, Kia infotainment centers work flawlessly. A lot like their sibling Hyundai, the on-screen graphics are clear and upgrading to the previously mentioned K900 brings the experience to another level.  


Part of the Lambo crew? It’s an exclusive crew, not many members, and those that are in, are rolling in it! The Aventador features a full-digital infotainment structure operated with Audi-esque buttons and rotary knobs if needed. You’ll get Apple CarPlay with this model, but not Android Auto unfortunately. The Lambo Huracan, another popular model within their portfolio of super rides, opted for an original route, eschewing a central infotainment screen and going instead for a full-digital instrument cluster.

The Urus SUV, Lambo’s entrance to the SUV world, has a self-branded system called the Lamborghini Infotainment System (LIS), but those in the know will quickly pick up on the similarities with the Audi A8. You’ve got a 10.1-inch touchscreen on the top, and an 8.6-inch down below. The settings and features are identical to the A8 with the only difference being the name. But who cares, it’s still a kick butt infotainment center and it’s also a Lambo – case closed.

Land Rover

Have you seen the new Land Rovers? The brand is taking it up a notch as if there was any room to go. Aesthetically, Land Rover is on top of the world. Standard 8-inch screens come in every ride with an optional 10-inch available with navigation. The Velar brings some more punch with something called the Touch Duo Pro – two, 10-inch screens! Take that!

Special menus are also standard throughout all models where off-roading information is provided alongside four-wheel-drive status. Now on to the negatives – bloggers have bemoaned Land Rover touchscreen sluggishness which tends to take place when the car is first started. This can be a real pain if you need the infotainment center to activate heated seats for example. The Velar system is rumored to be faster, but only by a bit.   

Stay tuned for Part VIII!

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