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It’s all in the soap

This week we’re diving deep into car washing. As someone that has recently taken it up (as a hobby of sorts), there is something very comforting that emerges when washing your car. It’s work, we know, but only you can clean your car the way you want it. And at the end of the day, you’re your toughest client to please.

When it comes to washing, soap comes first. Here are some top brands to consider if you’re thinking of saving a couple bucks each week and launching out alone.

3M 39000

What everyone wants in a soap is a guarantee it won’t cause any unnecessary harm to the car. 3M all but bets their life that the 39000 is 100% safe on all clear coats, and best yet, comes in a super-efficient 16-ounce bottle. An ounce (16 washes) will do, and the formula is also made to rid nasty particles that don’t want to give up clinging to your ride.

Nanoskin NA-CSS640

Quite a title, we know, but this product from Nanoskin flies under the radar. The suds are extremely concentrated, and the thick layers it gives off is great regardless of whether you’re washing with your hand or an automatic system. Available in massive 5-gallon jugs, the soap is biodegradable but if you’re hand washing with this product, do be sure to dilute it.

Turtle-Wax T-79 Zip wax Liquid Car Wash & Wax

A classic in the car washing business, Turtle Wax unfortunately will be closing up shop. But don’t fret, this wash and wax right here is safe on all forms of plastic, glass, rubber trim or paint. Fully biodegradable, the T-79 offers a shine that is unparalleled in the industry. Why are they going out of business? Honestly, beats us!

Griot’s Garage 10866 Car Wash

It’s all in the name. And what a better name than Griot’s Garage! Good lord, talk about an auto-centric message. We feel in good hands with Griot and like some others on this list, an ounce of this stuff is more than enough. It comes in 64 ounces so you can easily get a year out of it. Completely safe for all finishes, the 10866 is streak-free and you will rest easy knowing that your auto’s wax will be in good shape afterwards.

T-472R Ice Car Wash

Also, from Turtle Wax, we aren’t sure why the name isn’t in the title. Perhaps it’s because they’re disappearing and want to rebrand? Not sure, but this product does get favorable reviews and calls on their patented ICE technology. Don’t try and steal this one, ladies and gentlemen, as it’s trademarked and guaranteed to provide an intense shine.  

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