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Kia Telluride

The Detroit Auto Show brought some sneak peaks at the coming year, and while there were several notable bombs dropped, the Kia Telluride might be the car that keeps most buzzing until its final release come spring. An absolute tank, the new Telluride is Kias response to increased demand for SUVs with room for 6 plus passengers. In the case of the Telluride, that number is 8.

A three-row vehicle, the Telluride immediately captures the eye with its rugged looks. A bit of a departure in terms of styling for Kia, this SUV is boxy and bold with a large hood that appears to rise in a 90degree manner as opposed to a typical car hood that angles down.The headlights are vertically stacked and the whole ride looks to be more off-road than soccer mom.

On the inside the cabin does not stray far from the oversized, exterior theme. An expansive dash and grab handles that surround the console (like the Porsche Cayenne) communicates a firmness that one would only expect in a car this large. A 10.3-inch infotainment touch screen comes standard and the cabin feelsupscale thanks to the brushed wood and metal trim. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included and there are USB ports in every row, something the kids in the third row will surely appreciate.

Now on to some cool features. First, the intercom system. Yes, an intercom system, something a house would have, but in this case, a car. The driver can communicate with third and second-row passengers without having to scream, and another cool feature is Quiet Mode which lets the driver listen to music without the sound escaping the first row. Snow mode helps to optimize traction in nasty weather and AWD Lock simultaneously distributes power to every wheel thus providing optimal traction when traversing rough terrain.

The Telluride is slated to compete with the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder and Subaru Ascent. It sports a 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine and 291 horsepower. With a staring price point in the $35,000 – $47,000 range this vehicle sits well in terms of competitiveness with the previously mentioned models. Look for a spring arrival at a Kia showroom near you.

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