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Land Rover has someone in their bullseye

The Land Rover Evoque came into play in 2011 in both three and five-door versions. Initially, lower CO2 emissions and fuel economy were the big draw but soon design and styling really began to take shape … and turn heads. The original version was positively received as it had retained the same features, amenities and off-road capabilities of what one would traditionally find in a typical Range Rover vehicle. In its first year alone the Evoque sold 88,000 units.

Flash forward to 2016 and the Evoque is now challenging the BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe. This new model is bigger than the Evoque of old but has some snazzy new coupe styling. “Spy” photographs have emerged out of Scotland with the code-name L560. The rear end is rumored to be coupe-like and visually the car would fall in the Range Rover Sport category – a Range Rover Sport Coupe if you will. According to internal sources the vehicle is referred to as an Evoque Plus.

Range Rover in general is following BMW and Mercedes-Benz in their extended quest for more sporty crossovers. Land Rover has instituted a lower ride and wider stance which is now positioning it as a legitimate river for the X6 and GLE Coupe. Off-road performance is secondary (admittedly based on internal sources) with a focus instead on a sporty, tarmac-focused configuration. The cabin will be a bit more intimate than previous models which is said to resemble a cockpit. This is going to be good folks!

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